AS PER ABKA-UPDATE: Real estate agent opened fire on a security guard during an altercation in the Braemar Avenue area of St. Andrew. Video below has gone viral. Condition of the security guard not immediately clear. Police probe underway.

Real Estate agent fires on security guard..stay tuned

Real Estate agent fires on security guard

Posted by Pinkwall on Tuesday, July 3, 2018

44 thoughts on “HIM SHOT DI MAN JUS SUH?

  1. weh the man a run up pon him and a try take him gun from him for? By the looks of this video he was heading to his car… Jumpy security bwoy rush the man who had his back turned and a a try disarm him, real estate dude should a kill him. Idc what happened before this video security too bright and disgusting. Hope that shot leave a painful memory so every time him move him feel it.

  2. Great job mr businessman, the video clearly shows the individual who was shot tried to disarm him from behind. If the assailant was a security guard why wasn’t he in uniform as per the others? We can only imagine what his intentions were, whatever, I’m happy he is the one in hospital and not the businessman. I wish this was the result of every person who tried to take another’s life. When the devil fool unnu into thinking unnu smart/bad/wicked Remember unnu a human too ole crosses.

  3. Met, weh yuh mean “shot di man just suh”????? What on God’s EEEEEEARTH was he doing and why????? Dat nuh mek NOOOOOOOOOO SENSE!!!!! As far as I can see, his dumb ass asked for it!

  4. lucky him still alive because in most case he would be dead…stupid move as a matter of fact he can be charge with assault with intead

  5. Met u ever have a friend weh do sumn bad yet? And hear ppl a talk bad bout dem, and u would love to defend them, but know you’d be lying? This not the case with Andrew, when I say he’s a good youth, trust me, he’s a debater, one weh will argue till him win; not a fighter. This man clearly went to disarm him, and he should be lucky it wasn’t a head shot

  6. Clearly self defense. Happy it was videoed cause as you can see the man was outnumbered I can just imagine what the report would have been if or was not on camera. The female security guard needs to be arrested too, don’t know how to professionally handle a dispute situation. Sue dem too.

  7. Good the video out there, this was self defense. Blue polo shirt lucky to be alive. Security company need to do more training with these guys. Dem need training pon de-escalation. U can’t just attack man wid dem gun just suh. Happy he is alive, but tuff way to learn

    1. All of dem too f**k bright. All de king alarm gal whe step pon the big man face should a get a shot too.

  8. Met:

    I believe in fairness. However; there is no need for a prelude as to what led to the altercation, the security guard was very very wrong to try and disarm Mr.Woolery. It was not the security’s place, why didn’t the security guard allow King Alarm to apprehend him? And even so KingAlarm does not have the right cuz Andrew did attack anyone.

    Met, believe me, this lawsuit against King Alarm is going to be a big one. Andrew is a well known respectable person and it was very dehumanizing of King Alarm to step on him repeatedly, hit him in the head and face.

    As for Mr. Vegas he is a big batty man who is too nuff. Him nuffi call Andrew or nobody ediot cuz gyal f**k pan him bed every night and day in front of him pickney and him come pan social media a bawl.. Him need to usher himself out people business

    This lawsuit gonna be a big one, I wish i was Lawyer right now cuz mi wuda nice affa this.

    Only thing Andrew wrong for is to not kill that pussyhole security…. Mi glad mi never follow my friends and go get gun cuz mi wuda end up a prison more while…. King Alarm reputation is very questionable at this time. Security bwoi shudda deh and bury, no apology fi dat!!!

      1. From the get go I wondered what caused the initial confrontation. Security would not just walk up to any man n disarm them for the sake of disarming

    1. As far as I am concerned Is Gaygas caused di whole thing n shoulda pick up a fat shot inna him kakafart hole!!Suck yuh Mumma Gaygas ,yuh think Andrew a punk gal clown softas like yuh…hot lead we sey fi a Guy/Gay like yuh who inna pusci move fi jump man from behind.All crotches know fi do is video n don’t tek action dats why Suzie talk the truth sey yuh baby mother fuk pon yuh eyetop n inna yuh bed. Yuh too facking evil n disgusting and bet any money is u escalate the situation! Suck yuh mumma battyfish gaygas !!!!

  9. He does a lot of business in Liguanea – Sandhurst & Paddington. Like him have a link with Money Mike who buying up the whole of that area and building apartments

  10. I agree he shouldnt have tried to disarm him. But what mek mi uneasy is how everybody thinks he should have died because of it. I guess thats the level we’re at now. Just kill, kill because he was stupid, kill him because maybe he had good intentions but went about it the wrong way, kill because thats the only thing we seem tovthink cam solve a dispute. Im happy he’s alive even to feel like an idiot

  11. Lawd Jesus mi did Affi watch the second vide pon mute! Vegas annoy the shit out a mi!! He is every f**king where. N a call the man idiot.

    Where exactly did he get the shot?!
    My cousin just told me the guy died. But I see no reports of the sort.

  12. Met let’s commend Vegas for the video,without we wouldn’t see so much details.
    As for him i can’t stand the damn clown,naw wish no bad for him,but him chat too rass much.

  13. Did anyone listen to the voice notes explaining what led up to the security rushing Andrew?
    Two wrongs don’t make a right.Andrew brought 2 men and they gun butted the youth.
    What we are seeing is the after effect.

    1. Thats what the police is there for. Report it and let them arrest him. Him don’t even just jump the man n fist it out. Nearly tear off him jacket to get the gun. What him was going to do with it

      1. He was going to shoot him there is no dispute about that part . The gun butting was a few moments b4 n the security out of shame n anger wanted to shoot him.

  14. Big dutty mixup is what this is complex wrong to lock him out, him wrong fi bring bad man, man wrong and dumb to try jump him, kingalarm female security wrong fi buss shot sideways, king alarm wrong fi kick him up but andrew is wrong first and foremost but because he is upt ppl want to act like he is all right. Andrew should take the strata to court or whatever or just f**king pay how about that but no see what happen here big dirty mixup but andrew will prevail this is jamaica and andrew is brown with connnections

  15. In the longer video Vegas makes the claim that they brought men to beat up the security and Woolery says “me?” And he replies no. So how the story change now to support the colourism campaign he’s been on?

    King Alarm did everything wrong:
    1. Preventing him from leaving is false imprisonment
    2. Point gun in Woolery face
    3. Discharge a shot in the crowd
    4. Didn’t do much to stop the green shirt guy from tackling Woolery

    No security guard is given power of arrest. If JDF has to operate with police presence, security worse can’t detain or handcuff citizens.

    He owes maintenance – sue him in court

    He beat up or causes the guard to be beat up – report it to the police.

    Green shirt feel brave because King Alarm is there and get frig

    1. I dont care about people and their color..I can never agree that King Alarm did anything wrong when the management give them instructions which led to the altercation. The security nuh have no business wid di complex money whey dem owe and dem tenant so they should have not brought the security into what should have been a court matter. A lot of times these people ask di people dem fi go out a dem line a work and because they do not want to be reported they do it ..It would be unfair to blame King Alarm about something that should have been prevented by the management taking their tenant to court in the first place..10 years worth a maintenance is too much. I dont believe the guy was trying to arrest him and Ive said this more than once..there was a situation and yes the guy was trying to shoot him but all of this could have been prevented by the management

  16. To the above only one question are u implying that because andrew said me that means he didn’t bring bad man to the complex. I agree with u regarding security and powers of arrest but i have seen time and time they arrest but u know how ja run loose. I also think licensed firearm holders behave like they are the police and that is also wrong u see what u belirve is a crime call 911 or the nearest police station but nah most of them feel empowered and draw it and intervening in a lot of things that is not their business.
    Colorism campaign? Nah andrew brought bad man on the complex because this security would not let him in which he ought not to have done.

    1. Not because he said me, but because Vegas replied “no”. Then change his story. My first reaction was that the shooting was a result of arrogance but on further examination that guard is a mad man. And Vegas better hope that his allegations are proven because him put that out in the public space and may get sued if there’s no proof

      1. Im sure Vegas has more sense than to make false accusations . He was right there when things went down so tell me what why he would need to make something up on the man?

  17. Because Andrew asked Vegas”Who me? ” does not mean he did not bring the guys to gun butt up the security.
    He had the hammer at the beginning of the video yet he denied having the hammer after the red shirt took it.
    As I said before 2 wrongs don’t make a right but he dissed the guy and the youth ego kicked in.
    I am glad he did not die

  18. Met how you fi say cant agree that King Alarm did anything wrong when there is a video with them stepping in someone’s face and boxing him? No one is disputing that Andrew is wrong but so is the King Alarm reps..

    1. Is King Alarm mek dem security do wha dem do? They had a an altercation with the man..how fi company fi get blame? Im not talking about king alarm’s representatives mi a talk di company itself..wha bout that mi neva mek clear?

  19. It is a well established legal principle that Employers can be liable for the actions of their agents/Employees.Look no further than the case involving an off duty policeman wanting to use a payphone in the 90s,got impatient n shot the person in the Booth. Absolutely nothing to do with the Jamaica govt but the state was found liable n taxpayers had to foot the $multimillions bill.

    I will agree that if a KFC worker spit on my fries in my meal deal combo …that is wholly unfair to then project That KFC as a brand/employer did anything wrong. However now u go into was the employee evaluated and deemed fit n proper to act on king alarm behalf.. Did they receive proper training and acted outside the ambit of same?What could the Employer reasonably have done to prevent what transpired??Should gaps be found n systematic weaknesses then yes King Alarm is liable to face a civil suit.

    Brilliant moves n leadership by the owner Azar to get ahead n on top of this cuz he knows what is coming n he saw enough to warrant reaching out to THE VICTIM (suitman Andrew)…as we speak/type I can bet u any money an out of court settlement is being ironed out with an iron clad confidentiality clause.. But an announcement will be made that the matter is resolved/being resolved.King Alarm as a brand based on what we saw in the videos didn’t do anything wrong since in no way shape or form could such conduct be condoned,endorsed much less expected of a professional service provider with the good repute King Alarm is known for.All but one of those king alarm agents acted way outside their scope legally n professionally.

  20. Actually you weren’t clear Met and you still don’t have a point. If you work with King Alarm you represent King Alarm which means you are the company its self and they were definitely wrong the head of King Alarm can fire those reps and apologize on behalf of the company but as it stands it is what it is

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