0 thoughts on “HIM TINK DIS FUNNY?

  1. Mi blood boil fi dis deep trecth out battyole here damn evil him must memba in life ur once n adult n twice a baby dem will live fi haffi feed him n I hope they are just as nice as he is r double

  2. Mi cudden even watch de whole ting caws mi wudda cry. Him wicked, and he will pay for it. God say every tears him count… him better pray them baby tears nuh fall back pan him.

  3. Good morn metters! Same so I’m with u my child couldn’t finish watch it either! Met u site a blaze mi ago go call di fire truck.

    1. yes oooooooooooooooooo di people dem velly bad dont it?
      dem shudda get a whip fi dis bwaay and beat him real wicked

  4. A hope him f**king bine up wid di food wha him a eat.. I wish on you nothing but explosive diarrhea afta the constipation yuh wicked rass

  5. Theway this man evil not even the devil want him ! what a wicked man and imagine people did feed him when him was a child. Im sure if they knew this dem woulda starve the nasty crassis.

  6. Dat one mus be not his or he’s not sure about something! regardless him mus can give di baby little food smh!!!

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