Lil Kim just announced the name for her mixed tape..with Nicki Minaj on the cover……..identity theft to be released next month! …Remember Remy Ma is back as well…Errrybody want a piece a dis yere pie…


  1. Kim yuh get the cratchiz pose and now is whole new millennium mek Nicki get the batty pose nuh. dem say imitation is a form of flattery so humble yuhself and tek care of dat baby girl. nobody cyaa figet yuh.

  2. Minaj have no competition in her category suh its a breeze for her to get all the awards, need competition it is getting boring….one time gone Lil kim, Foxy Brown, Charli Baltimore, Eve,Lil Mo, Amil wondering who is gonna win….Its a good strategic move on Kimmy part caz it will get a buzz and keep ppl talking..I like the idea

  3. That is funny but I think their style is different. She need to leave the girl alone.
    Afta naked neva mek fi she alone

          1. Mi doe look like but it mek mi start tink..remember true biggie madda a jamaican das how kim did bring our little culture ina di ting..minaj do di same to

  4. Nicki get way too cocky. I won’t be surprised when these female white rappers dethrone her. She’s already feeling the heat which is why she stated the other day that she writes her own lyrics, trying to throw shade at Iggy. I’m all for female power and particularly black female power but she’s forever throwing shade at Kim. Enough of Nicki already.

  5. It wud take a new rapper fi over throw nicki no hasbin can’t do it cuz dere time pass already, dese kids cannot relate to Kim an remy dem it’s a different time now, studio manufactured hype a run tings over talent suh nuh mount a lyrics can’t help dem against nicki don’t hate di player hate di game.

    1. a de ‘don’t hate the player hate the game’ nonsense that undermines true talent and have blacks looking “egOnorant” (dats right it spell my way,lol).
      Kim isn’t a “has been” she is a “will always be” she earn har stripes. mange and har barbie doll crap :hoax2 IS Lil Kim in disguise :alay

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