1. You know when religion blinds your judgement and clouds your common sense it’s a recipe for disaster. This damn idiot pastor really articulated that he’s against giving condoms to inmates? What a damn idiot!
    Religion doesn’t mean that one should be an idiot and delude themselves into thinking that prayer will rid all the ills from the world.
    The fact is, there are many homosexuals in prison who are extremely susceptible to the contraction of HIV. Many of these men re-enter the communities to continue relations with women. Is it not logical and sensible to offer these fruit loops the necessary prophylactic to reduce the transmission of the disease and the long term implications of their re-entry as well as their medical burden on society?
    When religion or any other belief that one may hold causes one to lose their capacity for critical thinking, it’s time to reassess those beliefs.

    1. I think the pastor/excon is referring to predators who will feel the prison officials are supporting this and may take it to the extreme. If it is not legal outside of prison it is not legal inside of prison.

      1. @Real, I don’t believe that one’s interpretation of the situation holds any weight against the actual reality of it. That’s not to say that infected predators will choose to protect the people they are assaulting, however, if they so desire it should be made available.
        Side note: I’ve been away from Jamaica so long I actually forgot homosexuality is a criminal offense. That fact does put an entire different spin on things though.

        1. The prison is just a mirror of what goes on on the outside. These men have no discipline and will abuse who they can. They need to have them working…but that will not benefit politics.

  2. I know of a friend who went to prison for fraud and was raped there, became HIV positive and eventually died. Is there a way there seggregate the violent ones from the non-violent to protect them from those homosexual vultures?

    This was a guy who had a good job before going to prison n was not a hardcore person. I couldnt believe it when I saw him after his release from prison. I could just imagine how dem big, tusty dutty battyman did tek set pon di poor bwoy

    1. may sound harsh but that’s why some of us follow the law n DONT go to prison ….him shouldn’t a been frauding….frauding cost him a DEATH sentence being he was a wimp/un-hardcore

  3. Foxy… I agree with everything u said! I find it shocking the Jamaican GOV doesn’t either give out condoms or have some sort of Policy & Procedure in place that addresses this issue.

    To Badbreed… U have got to b kidding me!!! U r not serious about your comment r u??? I can’t stand people who commit any kind of fraud; however, that doesn’t not mean a person should b RAPED because they went to prison. That’s like saying if a woman dresses a certain way and is raped… She deserves it. R u kidding me? Just keep yuh mout SHUT if yuh cyaa chat wid sense!!!!!!!!!

    I swear is like some ah unnu peeple drap unnu pan unnu hedtap!!!!!

  4. Some of these people get released into society and it then becomes a problem for the community!!!!!! People who have never been to prison will b exposed… What say u regarding the community??????????

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