I don’t know if you follow the illuminati thing but if you look at a lot of famous artistes they always have someone around them die before they reach to a certain level. I found it strange that her friend died and she won the voice. Was her friend the sacrifice? Think about it. Look at Mavado as well…..

It’s kinda sad that tessanne had to go outside of the country before she got some kind of recognition. This cartoon is so argument. Jamaicans are jumping on the bandwagon but when she was making songs in Jamaica she was being overlooked. Jamaicans too foreign minded. If it no in a foreign or if it no hype dem no bizness.

***** a doe falla lumi wadeva it name but tessanne was gwine win from beginning****

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  1. i always wonder about that Illuminati sacrifice thing too

    alot of celebs have people around them die or is it just coincidence ?

    jay z- his nephew
    kanye – his mother
    rihanna – her grandmother
    drake – his uncle
    nicki minaj – her cousin
    beenie man – father , brother
    mavado – friend
    jennifer hudson – mother, nephew, brother

  2. Finn enough I just said this last night. Hope Tess nuh guh join nuh illuminati
    The music industry is their puppets & soon you will see Tess throwing up the signs
    Met you should put up some videos on this topic because it is real! Tess was always in the background no one recognized her for real & it’s so sad that it took something this major & she was in ja trying all along! Tami did done Mek it who knows how she got where she did but why never bring her sis in .. Why it tek suh long fi she get d lil fame???
    I hope she stays true to her roots & don’t sign her name in blood! Congrats Tess but don’t do it !

  3. #bigsigh……
    So if u doe “lumi wateva” den why u use u ill brain to write an sen in this sh!t?

    People please use ur brain for something more productive. :hoax2

    1. No Honeybee, Ah tink is Met write di pawt bout di ‘lumi wateva’……. Dat was her response to wat di senda wrote…..

      Met correct mi if mi wrong plz

  4. Ole nastiness dem, uno can’t tek away the shine from Tessanne, neither can u rain on her parade mi nah look pan dem :hoax2 :selamat mi happy, big up Tessanne, to every thing there is reason, and there is a set time under the sun, nothing never happened before the time, so let’s stop the speculation about what, if, or why. it’s her time now.

  5. Bless METTERZ

    WTF wrong with these people. Conspiracy theories are just what they are – opinions or speculations that have no little or no facts to back them up i.e. stories. Illuminati may be real, but we can also argue that its the Illuminati that sent me here to comment on this, or made Met create this site, or made Porta rise to the top of the ranks. I can go on and on and…

    Tessane won because she was good. She has a stronger musical background and better vocal talent than most of the competitors and she made it count. Her family has been in the business for more than 60+ years. REAL TALK, do onnu research.

    Secondly, she had a very wide support base – don’t take it for granted that there are 2+ million in the disapora in the US, and we aint counting the impact of the brand across the rest of the world.

    Tessane was kinda the underdog who came out victorious and would have gained support from other emerging (third-world) countries like ours.

    1. Please , you can try and explain on all angles they won’t believe u. Now-a-days when anyone is successful it’s because they sold their sole to the devil. Gone are the days when you’re phrase for your hard work. These theories fools gets on my last nerve.

  6. KMT…sender everybody in Jamaica know Tessanne…please siddung wid u crap bout illuminati…she certainly stepped up her game when she went on the voice, b/c she wasn’t going so hard when she was only performing in Jamaica.

    1. Stepped up her game? She sang songs that were given to her. The show is called the voice. Lol

      When she was in jamaica making and writing songs and using that same “voice” to create music that is hard work. If you go back to her music she ALWAYS had a powerful voice.


      1. Of course she stepped up her game…she had a powerful voice, but her performances before were not always as perfect as when she went on the Voice. BTW, how was Jamaica going to give Tessanne the exposure that she needed? Did you want Jamaica to send in an audition tape for her to go on the Voice or go hunt dung an international record deal for her? Would you have liked to see that all the Jamaicans who voted for her on the voice not give her the support, since you made a bandwagon comment. Either way good for you Tessanne… #teambreadanbuttah

  7. Yow!!! I are the SENDA!!!

    Listen it was just a thought not a fact! Certain things happen that seem similar so if it is or it isn’t who is takin away the fact that she can actually sing? Unuu love trace before unuu reason. When did I say she can’t sing and she only win cuz a this?

    If you read the second part you see that I acknowledged that she was putting in work from jamaica. How much a unuu know her song dem from years back? Unuu prolly know her as tami sister. I said that people overlooked her and it had to take this outside influence for her to get noticed in her own home. That’s the point!

    The other thing was just a “wah you think bout this?” No one knows if it real or not, but the similarities are eerie.

  8. People knew of her they never endorsed her like the sender said.

    The illuminati is real, I didn’t believe before certain shit is just not based on coincidence !
    It goes deeper than just this.. Idk what the sender motive is but I know I said I hope she don’t go in no illuminati shit n just continue rep JA. Unu need fi open up unu big eye dem & open unu fass earzole n see what the world around y’all is up to! Don’t be so quick to cuss ppl bout dem a try thief shine from tessanne like how?

  9. Why can’t we bask in the glow of jubilation, why do we consistently have to drag one another down. I don’t believe in no blasted Illuminati foolishness, every Monday for how much months now we watch tessanne a bawl out har chroat hole and you want to come tell we say our eyes were deceiving us as we sent in those text and made those phone calls, nope@fashionpassion you and the sender conspiracy theory is not warranted not now. You as a Jamaican should know better and you as a Jamaican if you are Jamaican should know our patriotism is through the roof we always rally fi our own just because tessanne didn’t buss in a bigger way in Jamaica doesn’t mean god didn’t have a plan for her look deh god put her on the world stage for a reason NEXT.

  10. Luk ere a nuh every song mi sing an dance tuh so who wah sell dem soul a fi dem quente. Rite now from wah mi se Tessane represented herself and Jamaica positively and Lord knoe we need more a dat. Granted she talented an a do har ting from long time an shoulda buss from whappi kill filo but mi nah question God. Soooo until i SEE anything negative from Tessane, mi in True Waggonist Syle seh CONGRATULATIONS AND WELL DONE.. BIG UP U GOODAS SELF…. WOOOOOIIII RAAAAY. JAMAICA JAMAICA TUN E UP TIL IT BUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!

  11. Thank u Anony 5:00pm…We a Jamaican,mi nuh believe inna obeah muchless,suh a illnana mi fi believe exist..FOH wid dat shit,its just a mere coincidence with the death dem inna dem family

  12. Look like only famous people families die. People that don’t have famous people in their families won’t die. Guess mi a guh live forever. I understand it clearly now. Unuh siddung and name out from JZ to Movado. A wha duh unuh man. Everybody have families who die famous or not. Look how long some of these people are famous before a family member dies. Mi Neva know seh because u famous yuh family can’t dead. Damn ridiculous

    1. All dun to Ri Ri granny, them mention d woman goodly old n barely cuddan move, I dont know if there is any truth behind d untimely death of the others but probably a just time fi Ri Ri granny time fi go meet har maker. Mi nuh waan she go si dis an come cuss me out enuh Metty, lol.

  13. Its a shame that after all her hard work something like this is posyed on the website… this should of never been posted… it stinks of BADMIND… While the owner of the website is also accountable for promoting such negativity…

  14. Tessane’s songs were played regular on the radio .Her hide away tune was release more than six years ago .Tessane was touring with Jimmy Cliff one of the biggest artiste in the history of music .How can it be said that she was overlooked when all her music was played on radio and she had such good connections
    Tessane ,Sean Paul,Usain ,Shaggy and all of them benefit from being Jamaican and not the other way round .Jamaica is one of the most popular countries on this planet long before my granny was born .

      1. Not true….. I heard her songs on the radio and that’s how I know of her and her voice
        Maybe not all stations, but they were played

  15. Listen everyone its not about talking bad or not wanting Tessanne to win or not giving her the props the lady has a beautiful voice……. but even if any of you didn’t vote Tessanne would have still won this was known from before you even tuned in to watch its a lot of things about this world and the world we can’t see that we don’t know about you are not in control even if you think you are most people are still asleep so of course they wouldn’t understand your programmed to only see what’s in front of you but if just for one second try to look or think out of the box you would be shocked some of these people are only victims because we only want to be someone or just be successful until you get there then your eyes are open if I tell you everything I know it would take a lifetime….. just try to push your minds a little further and never think a person is crazy NEVER because you can’t or don’t understand some have to go and be where they are but many times they give us signs and try to tell us things we just need to LISTEN and just remember its a difference cause you can listen and not remember what a person said and then when you listen and its locked in your brain just don’t be blind

    1. exactly she would of…just as president Obama did…its no surprise…..people need to wake up…most Jamaicans are very stuck in their traditional ways but life is changing and the people now a days are not what they use to be…PEOPLE WILL KILL NOW A DAYS FOR FAME AND MATERIAL THINGS…BELIEVE THAT!

  16. idk but i agree about the Illuminati crap! only because its very close to home (family personal experience) i am a born jamaican and i dont believe in certain foolishness only god! but ppl need to open up their minds and see what the world is coming to..god is very near…and its not what you believe in its to see the reality of things. it is real, and very possible for the things thats going on in the world today to happen the way it does….unno please dont cuss mi off fi this because not everybody will have the same opinion. GOd mi seh

  17. The best way to combat these illuminati idiots is to completely ignore their crap. It just shows how stupid they are. If we ignore their nonsense then eventually they will have no choice but to give it up as they realize it garners no attention for them. Stupid people really pi$$ me off.

  18. Bwoy I really don’t kno where dem get some dark ppl who swear say dem kno it all fe come talk all kinda stupidness. Illumi wa look how much ppl a dead everyday ina d wol den a mussi illumi a kill dem. Mek me start mek my way straight cos me might get a big buss offa d next person who dead in a me fambily. Mad ppl n dem nonsense theories r on d loose here comes another cult” Gwaan through ya Tessane you r very deserving of being d “VOICE CHAMPION” dem caan hold u again my girl – a wa do some eediat!!!!!

  19. I’m sorry fi mi ears and eyes nevah come equipped with Illuminati dog whistle @ LATTY until then Big up tessanne she was all over TV this morning from Today show to Kelly and Micheal, and Hoda and Kathylee a drink Jamaican rum, I will reiterate no devil nuh innah dis this is all god’s doing and once you strong in your faith and is a strong believer in god your mind could never look at this hardworking lady or any other hard working person and utter Illuminati it’s silly and baseless.

  20. Tessane n har sista a reach fe de stars n aim high from dem yeye deh a dem knee. Memba da 1 here illumi theorists – The heights of great men reached n kept were not attained by sudden flight but they while their companions slept were upward toiling through the night!!! WATCH DIS
    Ms. Met pls mek sure say dis link play fix it up fe me…..

  21. Oh Latty, I really hope you get the help you need. That comment reads almost like a plea for help. So my question to Latty is this: Since it was programmed from the beginning that she would win, where is it documented that you said that? Since you are clairvoyant and can apparently know what will happen before it does, show me the evidence of you saying it would have happened before it did.
    We need to stop with these silly superstitions, conspiracy theories and ridiculous beliefs that we have. As far as I am concerned perpetuating these things is also a form of mental enslavement.

  22. When god was being crucified he could have shown proof that he was powerful but he didn’t he wanted us to just BELIEVE. Most of the time you tell a lie its more believable than the actual truth so why not put the truth in front of you and make you think its a lie hence the phrase ( wool is being pulled over your eyes) and the right word is being said mental enslavement that’s why I used the word programmed what better way to get humans to do what you want than to mess with the MINDSET. We all have our lives to live and we are gonna live whether or not my comment struck a nerve hopefully that nerve will awake spiritually. We are being dumb down where our brains becomes mushy just so we will forget what really matters in life (LOVE)

      1. So Wicked, people are controlling your mind? How does that mind control work exactly? Please enlighten I and I darkness. What it is really called is Education. Were we better equipped with the necessary critical thinking skills we would not utter such stupidity. But the education system has seemingly failed us thus leading to stupid beliefs about how the world actually works.

    1. The only nerve your comment struck was that it’s incredibly stupid. Talk about God all you want and about wool being pulled over eyes, but it doesn’t stop that comment from being ignorant and silly. It is instructive that you should mention religion while talking about wool being pulled over eyes. Quite the irony there, but unsurprisingly that is totally lost on you.
      Always funny to see people like yourself who seem to have everything “figured out”, but can’t seem to figure out when they are espousing stupid notions. I will reiterate that I hope you find the help that you need. Did you really type: “We are being dumbed down…”, while professing belief in the existence of the Illuminati? Is that for real? Typically I would find that as high level sarcasm and laugh at it, but I won’t laugh now as that’s just sad.

      1. How ignorant? stay in the dark, you don’t have to believe. BECAUSE YOURE F*CKING RETARDED EVIDENTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. Yeah I am retarded for not believing in the Illuminati? What’s next? Are you going to tell me up is down and down is up. Blue is black or that red is green? Get your head out of your a$$. Why would I go around believing such stupid crap? Wouldn’t believing stupid crap actually make me retarded (as you put without much eloquence)?

  23. MI naw go lie still but a few things puzzle MI and it look like it go deep fi chute 1 why all the Celebes Dem have a picture wid one hand cover Dem eye and Dem do the signs Dem too even Obama MI see dweet and another thing MI see vybez kartel wid the same mason ring mi just a say anyway mi ago back to work lunch break done mi affi come back come peep big up Tess!!!!!!

    1. I suspect that if all of us who read this esteemed blog her were photographed every moment of everyday of our lives, we would all have a picture with our hand over one eye. Would that then mean we are all in the Illuminati?

  24. O lawd mekkaint tek it I just cant. Den a really dis some ppl come to u kno how time is precious n ppl a walk bout n a promote this idiocracy. No time for foolishness I repeat no time for foolishness. Granted the theory may exist but I will not waste my time researching or believing in such a fallacy. One time it was Lodge, De Laurence, n now illumi. We all have our own beliefs but nobody nah get me caught up in a dem buffoonery so I will forever remain illiterate and retarded. Me mother send me to college fe come 2 sumn n me couldn’t go waste har hard earned money n d likkle govt financial aid wa dem gimme fe go study this crap hence my illiteracy. Memba when Jim Jones convince n mek d whole a d ppl dem a Guyana dead off if u dont stand up fe sumn u will fall for anything. Me dont mind nobody call me illiterate cos me no study foolishness…..We know that’s how Jamaica is d island is too small for so many people to get exposure plus Jamaica goes by what’s trendy a lot of artists had to gain an international fan base b4 they realized a certain level of success that is common assault. Shaggy, Burning Spear, Aswad, Sean Paul n many more. As I’ve said dancehall artists have the yard recognition Kartel, Beenie n Bounty a icon but even Bob Marley back in d day is when him start travel to Europe him get buss cos Jamaica ppl dem time deh neva like rasta ask me granny. Some Jamaican artist will tell u how much support n forward dem get when dem travel go other countries n when dem deh a jamaica nobady dont even fawt pon dem. Den no must Tessane u large a u talent mek u win my girl n d blood sweat n tears a d ongle sacrifice wa u n ur family mek pls give credit where credit is due!!! Plus is how Tessane n dat deh word end up inna d same sentence I just cant comprehend…A me fe tell u c d illiterate right here!

  25. Anuh one time it was Lodge still is ! Lodge exist same way !
    There are people who are free masons. Lol tall man are you kidding me even if all of us had pics with one hand over our eyes we saw it somewhere & started following (in the media) the illuminati is real do I dwell on it no I do not but I know it’s there & I will not be controlled by them or fooled. De Lawrence is obeah .. & there is good & then there is evil!
    I believe in GOD but darkness exist & everyone In the music industry are subjected to this! Go watch RAZ B from b2k tell how dem rape off him and the rest of boys dem

  26. People are saying Jamaicans didnt recognize Tessanne before the Voice, that;s not true. We loved her and supported her before the voice… I knew about Tessanne and her music career as well as her sister Tami. Its just time, not all Artiste are gonna be current all the time…sometimes they fade . That’s why she entered the competition to get global exposure…perhaps it was just not her time then. So critics please lay off it ….we supported her then and now!

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