Met these two girlz use to be ATL’s finest mattress from back inna di day dem use to run wild when entertainers come to town all di way down to sleeping wid other people man now dem turn wife anything possible HO to Wife

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  1. As mi dun seh, Shannon ah good girl…as for Kimmy Special now!!…she ah LONG TIME BIG NAWSTY STINKIN WHORE weh love gwaan like she ah smaddy fe anybody…STANK ASS ATTITUDE and love walk and scorn up ar nose afta people as if she ah nuh di biggest f**kist pan di Atlanta dancehall scene…man wife ar up and she STILL ah f**k pan ar husband weh fava Jay Z ugly long lost bredda

      1. Quena…ugly yuh fuhck ie si and di two ah dem love gwaan like dem ah di Jay Z and Beyonce of dancehall….nigga please!!

  2. Kimmy special suck off GQ and slauter tone they both said kimmy suck cock like she has no teeth kimmy found a real clown …As for Shannon it was time for her to stop selling pum pum on Craigslist she found a sugar daddy on Craigslist to take care of her you go my girl all get breast n ring kimmy need some stick to hold up her titty dem

    1. Kimmy was THE biggest fuhck box on the dancehall scene back in the days…any and every artiste weh touch Atlanta use tuh slam it, #FACTS AGAIN!!!…all ooman she sleep wid tuh…ok, so we all have a past, but this muthafuhcka wanna all of a sudden act like she brand spankin new cause smaddy weh nuhbady inna dem rightful mind woulda wa deh wid *ugly big lip Robert*, wife ar up and dust ar off clean ar up likkle bit suh now nuhbody cyaah chat tuh Mrs. Kimmy “suck dick” Special…girl, if yuh mek mi roll out fe yuh file it long dan di Hollywood red carpet so jus cut the shit and stop yuh acting cause yuh naah fool none ah wi roun ere…Big up yuhself Shannon !!

  3. Didnt shannon get her breast done them still hang down like her puzzy the old man married atlanta matress shannon the fat man know seh you sex off yard man at Club xpose on xpose bed shannon is pretty woman saved by fat albert … no sah lol.. Robet is a clown hom deserve dry up kimmy them two hoes will never change

    1. Yardman and Shannon were dating back then, suh if him want fuhck ar on Expose bed, floor, bar counter top, roof top, inna bachoom, roun ah bush back…then so be it :nerd…Yardman use tuh fuchk NUFFFFFFFFFFFF gal…and?????

  4. which one is Kimmy and which one is Shannon ?
    can we get some throwback dancehall pictures of them
    Dont know her past the girl in the 1st picture is very pretty like a model
    pretty dark skin girl

    1. Shannon is gorgeous…trus mi pan dis one…yuh nuh wa si Kimmy throwback nutten; she was tow up from the flo up :hammer

  5. di person weh a defend Shannon mus be Shannon di whole a Georgia man dem dun yuh…every man a xpose slam yuh so nuh badda come a gwan like yuh goody….pls bitch….Kimmy mi not even ago badda chat.

    1. And if you have been reading anything said about Shannon, from the get go, you would note that I am *NOT* Shannon so BITCH F**K YOU BITCH!!! yuh ah one ah dem ugly bad mine gal weh nuh like di gal Shannon ca she fuhck who she wa f**k PLUS tek fe yuh man tuh and yuh couldn’t duh ar NUTTEN and she still kept it gansta and pretty….tell you bout ya’ll hat in ass bum bitches….love chat unu shit but cyaah defen it :hammer

  6. If di man want a good f**k then he’s smart to marry a Hoe. If he wants loyalty then I hope his money don’t run low cuz she’ll be GONE to di next. But sender a no your worry if di man wah marry a Hoe.

  7. Why would stink Slata even talk say Kimmy suck him wood. Yuh see Slata is big pussy fi go chat dem private business. Yardman was f**king everything moving back den ok. But Kimmy please please go a one tire shop an tell di people dem to pump up di breast dem. ITTTT DONTTTT LOOOK GOOOD. Stop come a road bare chest it look like 2 raisin pon board.

    1. Slaughta should be grateful seh any woman willing to even sleep with him, let alone stand beside him…mi nuh know who shape worsa…him or Patrick from Spongebob Squarepants…everytime mi si Slaughta he reminds me of dem big ole greasy oil drum…

  8. @where is that you carla? she is 1 of yardman ugly big teeth baby madd a dem. or is it another one of his ugly big teeth babymaddas? of all the girls yardman use to f**k shannon was the prettiest best he ever had. carla where is yardman? he still on the run from the feds? let’s talk about that

  9. what a way yuh a bite,mi nah argue wid waste like yuh…shannon is a hoe an kimmy an you an di rest…idiot so nuh badda a come defend ooman bout f**king sadamite…

    1. And bitch you ain’t even got to respond to me…mi can bite anyting mi want bite…yuh nuh like it come suck mi….whore, nuh worry bout my pussy mileage cause it undo PROPA management SO F**KK YOU TOO!!…BRITE!

    2. Sadamite bitch like yuh ah yuh dutty stink in mumma weh shoulda gargle ah swallow yuh from yuh daddy buss ah nut…I can and WILL defend anyting weh me wa defend PUSSY, gwehhhhh!!….YU JUST MAD cause the girl is pretty and it ah mad yuh every time yuh si ar face…hoes like you STAY HATIN ALL DAY EVERY MUTHAF**KIN DAY but get use tuh it cause yuh ago tyad fe si Shannon face HA HA DWMFL :hammer

        1. But Metty, dis gal well rent fe come pick up argument wid me of all people who fa mout nuh tame…mi seh mi nuh know Shannon but she is a very very cool chick weh nuh chubble NUHBAADY and that was all I said and dis big ole ape wa come jump dung mi neck back cause ah dat?…dem georgia girls love walk inna pack ah bully bully people and tek people simple but dem fe mindful of who them looking trouble wid cause ah nuh any ah everybody yuh can fuchk wid ah get weh wid it….mad cause she ah watch ar man ah watch Shannon, ah dat! :hammer

          1. Metty, gunshot or str8 tump tuh dem face, any way dem want it….from dem nastiness si certain big ooman step up in the building dem H.A.F.F.E hole ah PROPA seat!!!!!

          2. Metty, all I said was the girl chill and doe f**kx wid people and that is the truth whether she like it or not, but cause Shannon f**hk Yardman she ah carry belly fe the girl cause ah dat…I doe business bout who or what Shannon f*k cause Shannon cunt front naah pay my bills suh mi nuh business bout dat..she fe guh tek up ar cocky argument wid Shannon see if the girl nuh haulk up a big sticky one spit right eena yuh left yeye…

    3. Ey gal, talk it why yuh HAAAATTTE Shannon suh much?..ah weh she duh yuh suh why yuh cyaah forgive and forget?..mi nuh know Shannon personally but mi have links weh know the girl well well suh mi can vouche fe ar character *ar pussey galangings ah fe ar business*…like i’ve said before and i’ll say it again…THERE IS NO COMPETING WHEN THERE IS NO COMPETITION…why can’t some ah ya’ll birds get that thru ya thick ass skulls?? :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  10. @YEP ain’t this Shannon out of site out of mind?? That girl not even on the Atlanta dancehall scene anymore?? Who making she an kimmy relevant could it be them send this in to be relevant? And you big an bad to put up gun shot punks like you won’t even last 1 week a prison so dumb bitch go send threat so people can put yuh dumb ass behind bars. Who gwan be the big bitch then IDIOT

  11. Nuff a dem weh a write in a do worse tings an feel like true nobody knows them a saint. Some of y’aal be doing strange things just for a phone call or a ride inna car. Shannon a big ooman now and she have bigger and better things to do and think about. Get a life.


  12. Hop aafa mi now yuh f**king tick ah huh look ah bloodclaat life you dirty dancehall slut..you’re boring me now *yawn*…bye bye bird; have a wonderful evening :ngakak

  13. Shame on you hateful bitches
    Hoes always trek unu man Caz unu too busy INA di next hoe business Kimmy n Shannon a whore but man a wife dem wid real ring an married inna church mek everybody si,unu nu shame?

  14. @YEP I guess that bloodclat and all the dumb talk suppose to scare someone like I said dont nobody know a shannon dont care about dem gal the shame is on the person that sent in this useless story. Is this story should make any next gal mad or upset. These gals not even on the scene so where is the threat out of sight out of as you say BLOODCLAT mind who cares. Sips Henny getting head from my nigga night night #unbothered

    1. And you’re still a lame hat in ass bitch; stop sweat mi cause I don’t give a fuhck about none ah you dancehall dirt bags…if ah me yuh have it out fa yuh salt bitch cause mi nuh fren dancehall females suh nuh even badda try huh toe tuh toe wid me…guh suck yuh man dick ah choke dead pan it…i’m use to bitches like you hatin on me, but you STILL don’t get my attention…and you STILL gonna be upset and STAY hatin LOL!:maho :maho :maho :maho :maho :maho :maho :maho :maho :maho

    2. NOW!!!…stop harping on the same thing and move on to another thread, relax, keep sipping on ya Hennessy and enjoy ya self…it’s not a good look to carry so much grudge and envy, especially while sipping on your Henny and getting head…if you thought that was suppose to impress us it didn’t cause it shows that you STAY BOTHERED!! :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer…I’m gonna leave you alone now and stop embarrassing you….enough now sweety…move on…LIVE< LOVE N'LAUGH :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

    3. P.S…I don’t think you’re scared of me because you have no reason to be…You are intimidated by me, but I don’t like female groupies always sweat in me *kinda creepy, wouldn’t you agree hun?*…oh well, still showing love to ALL ma haters :kiss :kiss :kiss :kiss :kiss

  15. We are wives now shym shym shannon and kimmy shym shym need to park that pusse danga marcus and him wife she trying to get all the food stamps in the world them welfare reggaescene bitches party every night who watch these kids niquil n white rum how much pickeny she have now I see 5 kids in the pics

  16. I know danger marcus live in a 2 bed room apartment so theres no way lol low lige nighaz n bitchez sleeping on floor n blow up beds

  17. Danger marcus robert n shannon fat albert all clowns danger marcus wife is from missippi so thats a out of town whore breeding her way to the welfate line EBT queen .. shannon is a slut dash weh yard man belly butler from the unit beat har fi call him wife n mek har dash weh belly kimmy suk puzzy shr love ooman too



  20. If these 3 are hoes ah wah yuh woulda seh bout dog face shante now that’s a bitch who been f**king since she was 2 and her sisters they some pretty broke hoes u knw the types thank lurk and wait for dudes to come in and but a bottle cuz they thirsty . She got a couple states covered ijs

  21. Kimmy or Shanon probably don’t even look at this bullshit that you people write about them at the end of the day say what you want both of them are married and probably a lot better off than the people writing these things as a matter of fact I know for a fact that they are .so jealous ,so bitter ,so angry . But what is obvious is that it is clearly people that know them personally that laugh and smile with them that are saying these things. This same men and women that you see you running up when the bottle opens in the club and laugh and smile.

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