MANDEVILLE, Manchester — Nineteen-year-old student of the Holmwood Technical High School, Jevaughn Daley, died in the Mandeville Regional Hospital on Saturday.
A footballer at the institution, he is reported to have fallen ill after a tackle during a practice match between Holmwood and Munro College in late July at the Kirkvine Sports Club in Manchester.
“Jevaughn got a tackle and fell to the ground. He (then) left the field and started to vomit. He was feeling weak and a few players helped him to my vehicle,” Holmwood football coach Dave Anderson told the Jamaica Observer yesterday.
Anderson said that in the first instance Daley was taken to the Percy Junor Hospital in Spalding, on the border of Clarendon and Manchester, before being transferred to the Mandeville Regional Hospital.
Anderson said that it was found that during the fall, a cyst that the young footballer had on one of his intestines since birth had ruptured resulting in internal bleeding.
Daley, called “Tuffy,” has reportedly been unwell since the July incident and was also at the University Hospital of the West Indies for a short period during his illness.
Following his second surgery at Mandeville Hospital last Sunday, however, Anderson said that there was hope that he would gradually recover although he was unable to eat and had deteriorated significantly.
“He was always a fit youngster. It is very rough for me; the footballers are distraught. I visited him in hospital on numerous occasions. I was looking forward to visit him this afternoon when I got the news yesterday evening,” the coach said.
Anderson said that Daley served well and was going into his third year with the football team.
He was also involved in track and field.
The youngster, who is from Osbourne Store in Clarendon, reportedly boarded at the institution most of the time to facilitate his activities in sport.
The North East Manchester-based Holmwood Technical High School, renowned for its prowess in sports, has been beset by the tragic death of students, particularly in road accidents.
At the beginning of last school term four students were killed and several injured in a motor vehicle collision on their way to school.
The latest of other serious accidents, the incident last September prompted the move for a long- discussed dedicated rural school bus system to take students to and from school to be finally put in place.


  1. No man, dah school ya name Holmwood Curse High School. Dem need fe do 2 tings to da school ya.(1) Move it to another location, and (2) change de name of de school. Holy shit, is there anything ever good that is associated with this school? As far as mi see, a pure bad vibes and negativities happen on a continuous basis wid dis school.

  2. So true Met, and mi feget fe say dat dem need fe bun dung de building flat when dem relocate… Bun out all a de rass evil spirits dem wey a harm people innocent children fe so long.

  3. Good morning MET, unno tektime talk deh duh cause one a me pickney dem a go deh and everyday me a fret. Something np rght up pon dah hill deh at all, may God be with them all

  4. Rest in peace football star.
    He dead from POOR health care obviously. A ruptured cyst on intestine is very treatable. It should have and could have been remove from birth. Hospital and bad healthcare go kill off jamaica people. STop it wit d spirit F**ERY

  5. He sure died from poor healthcare and poor diagnosis. If they located the ruptured cysts in time before it caused sepsis, maybe he would still be here. As fi di spirit part, im skeptical. We can only pray, my cousin pickney goes there and he’s a track star too..we affi pray fi we pickney dem. It could happen at any school. Look what happen to the 13 year old at Muschette high in Trelawny?? Jamaica on a whole NEED A CLEANSING.

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