Reports are a bus carrying Holmwood Technicals students in Jamaica has crashed and the bodies of two students are still in the vehicle. The names of the students have not been revealed…


      1. Mi ah tell yu…dats why me tell my yute dem EVERDAY say mi love dem. Cause yu send dem to school not knowing if they’re gonna return home 🙁

        1. Mi get goose pimples just thinking about this…… An ppl sey mi gwaan like mi frighten when mi tell dem sey mi ALWAYS kiss an tell fimi likkle prince sey mi love him EVERYDAY. Each fone conversation affi end wid I LOVE YOU caw you never know…… If sumn should happen at least I would feel better knowing that he knows that Mommy loves him.

          Mi heart ah bleed fi di parents…. I pray that God will comfort their hearts in this their most difficult time….. Rest In Peace babies

  1. Met a work mi deh and one a mi co-worker just get di call 10 mins ago…Mi tell har mi ago verify and refresh di page and you get it…….RIP so sad

      1. Met Ah race de coaster bus race enuh…ah try ova tek another vehicle an neva mek it in time…kill off de ppl dem pickney.

        1. What the Hell is wrong with the drivers out there,especially the bus drivers when will they get it to stop the damn racing,overtaking and stay on your side of the road.Too many car accidents happening on that little Island something need to be done.make more road safety commercials and road signs. OMG R.I.P

          1. Sorry bout the deaths, but pon ah real note to enuh….some schoolers and adults alike love de “hype” bus dem. Fast and loud vulgar music HAFFI gwaan or else dem nah tek certain bus/taxi. If Jamaica so bruk right now can you imagine de parents dem weh haffi bury dem dead. Prayers and love is needed to make things right. Cause if de driver just for a second replace the passengers, with images of there children or family members a bet yu say dem drive with caution…but no dem tink bout money fuss.

  2. Sososo sorry. This is heartbreaking. Alicia and2cents, de 2 a oonu right, every single year to rawtid, there is always a horrific motor vehicle accident wid de kids dem who go a da school ya. Someting nuh right somewhere.

  3. @ALICIA yes, my sis said every year after they win champs there is a blood sacrifice, what is going on with these evil powers in the school system.

    1. That is terrible..I would not want my child going to that school then and seriously that school ground need to be blessed if that’s the case.

      1. Apparently the road is accident hotspot that requires extra precautions of drivers. Holmwood lose regular n Manchester high as the schools are close. Dm say the driva had ova 100 tickets, so I put it to unoo, how a reckless driva wid so much ticket still has a license. Blood on the hands of the authorities too for failing to revoke said license. It’s a damn shame tht parents lose dem pickney soo. Reckless driva Neva get he memo, cauz the loosed him o keep him rass license kmt……..sigh RIP babies……

  4. Every year this always happen with Holmwood students, I am starting to believe the rumors now. This is so sad send yuh child to school only to hear this. Parents please pleaseeeeeeeeeeee pray and cover them up with the blood of Jesus please!!!!!!!!!!

  5. my belly bottom is burning me from i hear the breakings news about the accident,i cant imagine the pain that these parent are going through right now.EVIL IS AMONG OUR CHILDERN! My prayer is with the family and who are injure.

  6. Bwoy only if we know when Mr. Death come knocking :sorry Sleep With Angels little ones…don’t know why unnuh time cut short but Fadda God knows…ahh Him ah we pay master.

  7. Prayers for the families. Comfort them Lord in a time of loss and mourning. Let them be strong in a time of weakness Heavenly Father, in Jesus” name I pray. Amen.

  8. Just saying to myself why is it that it’s always Holmwood students, Jesus my heart goes out to the parents something is amiss though

  9. RIP .my prayers are with the family in this time of sadness ,,I don’t know if its me alone but why every year buscrash holmwood something wrong man unno no think so they say it has something to do with the principal maybe I could be wrong

  10. SIP to those kids that die…OMG its so sad. Being a mother and loosing a child is not a good feeling. But why these drivers in jamaica have to be driving so fast a reckless knowing that some of these roads in jamaica are not good…Jah know…

  11. Met, off topic this morning it was on the news that four Jamaican in NYC got arrested for the Lottery scamming business, one addi man them name Corey and have a B surname and a woman included in the arrest party as well. Investigate please !!!!!!!!

  12. Met, Holmwood High is curse. Every yr students get killed in moto vehicle accidents. I remeber last yr The Observer ask d skool principal if the skool was curse after another bus accident tht took d life about four students n she said no. Every yr its d sameting.

  13. I feel so bad because I go to school with one of the deceased sisters here in NYC (friend of friends) and she was devastated !!! She got the call at school smdh…..her sister was only about 15yrs old…

  14. This is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE. Who is accountable here? Who is taking the responsibility for the tragic deaths of our nation’s children on the road. 3 years in a row AT HOLMWOOD and NOTHING UP UNTIL NOW has been done? We need ACTION NOW, RIGHT NOW, NO MORE TALKING AND EMPTY PROMISES. There is an OUTCRY. Please Listen.
    Condolences goes out to the parents, families, teachers and friends of the loved ones lost.
    Our prayers are with you. May God Bless the school family and ministering angels comfort your hearts.

    1. I cannot even look at the observer today two pictures are there of the children smh I cannot imagine how their parents are feeling

  15. R.I.P guyz…..ahhh bwoiiii….sumthn iz rlly goin on at tht skl n sumone needz tew find out quickly b4 any other child dies!!!!!!! sad story!!!

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