Met mi have a story fi submit this gal act like shi descent and a hide an f**k mi man in di same building ,an live wid har husband there,now am not perfect but is just how shi gwaan like shi perfect,i was a former dead dog but miss Kenisha am puttin u on blast because ONU tink ONU tink Unu a style me.text messages and recordings coming soon

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  1. Hurry up cause my name is Kenisha and I don’t live in a no building plus I’m not married is a whole bunch of Kenisha out there so hurry and stop give the people them by that name bad name

      1. Picture one…lololol…seriously. That’s as close as one can get pon that question. Lifeless, down in the dumps, no chance of upliftment, rotten in character, decomposing…etc.

        She honest because she lay out her former position and one that may still be attributed to her by the accuse- Leverage gone…dwln

  2. Roll out senda! Me love underdogs, cause me is a bootstrap gal meself yah! If yu fight fi reach whey yu dey- fight fi stay a dat ratid to! Come mama, mek met bag and box up de “patty” dem fi de weekend! lololllllllll

  3. Wait MeT….how u nu dash out the tea…bout Sherece Aka Stink Barbie corn mashhh Dougie one up ar a Dubai….that likkle 3 day battylicking a London..Dougie sey his batty is betterrr first class flights too Dubai n pure tingzz…

  4. Kenisha is how u so jumpy,if yuh no have no skeleton in ur closet calm down,mi a sen in last name, picture ,recording , then anybody Waah lip off dem mouth jump in

  5. It late yah now, but Monday can be great, thank Gad my name is not Kenisha, and the man in my cornas fi years now, sender dash it, nuh gi Kenisha no time to recover.

  6. Not fightin fi stay,just want dem know that am on to them,just had a six month old for this nigga and it’s not like he can do shit for me ,i have no problem gettin a man,it’s the principle.

    1. Sender, no matter what you have been through in life please do not classify yourself as a “dead dog” you are someone’s child. we all make mistakes in life, some times its best to do so when we are young , as times goes by we learn from those past mistakes. As you have stated that you have now changed, commend yourself and don’t dwell on the past, its what it is, just think about the future, and where you would like to be. In regards to this girl fu—ng your man, it takes two to tango, she never rape your man, I am sure he went there willing, therefore your issue should be with your man, if you still want to call him that after what he did. If it were I, my mindset would be thinking that this is not a relationship I would want to fight for, principle or not, baby or not, The bottom line is, this man has violated the relationship with out an ounce of remorse by having an affair with someone who lives in close proximity to where you live, he also did not consider that you would have been embarrassed if you found out. Therefore you were not important enough in his eyes. Start making plans for you and your child to move on to the next level without this zero, you can do better, don’t never allow a man through because of his behavior let you hold down your head in shame. This girl is nothing. Good luck, and please do not do anything stupid that you may regret later.

  7. Thanks for ur words of encouragement ,i must first say,i referred to myself that way because people are gonna have negative stuff to say wether they know u or not ,i have not done anything that any woman haven’t done,and have messed up relationships before but people would stereotype me as a home wrecker and not her,one would be quick to judge me,i am moving on without a doubt ,just wanted everyone to c that not all that glitters is gold and i decided am leaving,that’s just my way of venting,puttin her on blast,she lives for this site and is quick to past judgement ,so urs is coming

  8. Ps they claim they’re friends,and the think the only ones left in the dark is her husband and i,just thought i will enlighten him too.

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