Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro sits at inauguration of the ´Vilma Espin Guillois´ school in Havana
I have often wondered how Castro unlike many others have evaded the attempts to end his life by the CIA and others,and also his love for Africa.
To date there have been over 600 attempts to end Fidel’s life none of which materialized. One most memorable attempt was when his ex-girlfriend was asked to poison Fidel using a creme she was giving an ended up confessing what she was sent to do to him. During many overhead conversations by my great-grandmother one of the things she said about Cuba’s president was that as much as his enemies tried, they could not locate him. It was rumored that he never slept on the island but after knowing what I know now, I am certain he slept there but the ”forces” made sure his enemies could not locate him.
Cuba unlike many Caribbean countries, celebrate the vibrancy, richness and prowess of the African culture in it’s entirety. It is the home of many Santeros and Paleros. Castro in his fight, called upon the powers of his ancestors to fight his fight, a fight that he knew he was incapable of doing alone and that help is what has kept him alive until today.
Here are some excerpts of what has been written about Fidel and his inclusion of the powers of Africa
Fidel is to Cuba as Nanny was to Jamaica

Both in Cuba and Miami, circulate stories that refer to Fidel Castro’s relationship with African religions. Otherwise, say the Santeria and drainers Miami, does not explain how his “nemesis” has survived dozens of assassination attempts by the CIA and military organizations in exile. Nor explain how he has survived hundreds of psychic attacks and rituals of Palo Mayombe held against him.
On a trip to Cuba also several leaders of African religions, they confessed to be completely sure that Fidel is a ‘initiated’ and is protected by powerful priests of the post, which becomes something like the darker religion of how many exist in the Americas, as practitioners perform blood pacts with the dead and evil beings.
According to some drainers in exile, is an open secret among practitioners of this religion, that Fidel Castro was “broken”, ie ‘started’ at bat to land at the age of 6 years. Apparently, the future president was born on a farm on the outskirts of Havana, was very weak and ill, so a black conga, a friend of a servant mother, persuaded Mrs. Ruz for “scratch on a stick” and thus save his life.
During the ritual, Castro was subjected to a “record”, ie, a magical study on its future by drainer, to find out if healing is allowed by the orishas. Since that time, Fidel Castro is under the protection of Ayaguna, one manifestation of the great divinity. From Ayaguna Oggún, Chango, Argayu and Ochosi derive all the gods warriors. Of course, we are not certain that this really took place or simply stand before a legend, like many other circulating about the person of Castro.
However, Fidel himself, in a series of interviews on religious matters granted to Frei Betto, one of the leaders of the so-called liberation theology, refers to the magical and supernatural atmosphere that existed in the place where he spent his childhood where certainly the belief in Santeria and the stick was greatly extended.
In this book, Fidel and Religion, Castro says… “Those families had different types beliefs really remember how was the atmosphere of the field on this issue believed in God, believe in different saints Some of these saints were in the liturgy, saints were officers, others not. ” Certainly, it is refieron the Saints of Santeria.
Later he says that “in the Our Lady of Charity, patroness of Cuba, all had great belief. In addition, they believed in some saints who were not in the liturgy, as San Lazaro. Practically no one of those who did not believe San Lázaro. Many people also believed in spirits, in ghosts.
“I remember as a child hearing tales of spirits, ghosts, apparitions Everyone did stories but also believed in superstitions For example, I remember some… If a rooster crowed three times and no one answered, that could be a degracia, if an owl night and went flying and croaking was heard, then that could bring misfortune, if a salt shaker fell and broke, was bad, had to collect soil a little salt and toss it back over left shoulder …
“So the world in which I am born was a fairly primitive in the sense world, because there were all kinds of beliefs and all kinds of superstitions. Spirits, ghosts, soothsayers, all animals That was the room, saw it in all families and partly also in my own home. ”
When asked whether Frei Betto at home were images of Our Lady of Charity, Castro responds: “Many images of santoos, of Our Lady of Charity, patroness of Cuba … In my house also had a St. Lazarus, which was not within the official saints of the Catholic Church. ”
Indeed, San Lázaro, the most popular saint of Cuba, is the representation of Babalu Aye, the orisha of contagious diseases and one of the most revered deities of Santeria. Along with San Lazaro, another major Orisa is precisely the Our Lady of Charity, which represents Oshun, the goddess of sexuality, grace and beauty.
It is not surprising, therefore, that in this environment the child’s mother Fidel take him to a session stick with intent to heal. In this sense, Castro said that “even after the triumph of the Revolution, a day here in Havana, the went to visit (her mother and grandmother). They were the two. The grandmother had health problems, and the fourth It was full of saints, more promises. Because in this period of struggle, of great dangers, both my mother and my grandmother made all kinds of promises for life and security of us all. ”
Another passage from the book Fidel and Religion suggests some affection for the mysterious and supernatural the Cuban leader.
-Frei Betto: In what year were you born?
Fidel Castro: I was born in 1926 in the month of August, 13 August, if you want to know the time, I think it was around 2 in the morning. It seems that the night could have influenced my guerrilla spirit, in revolutionary activity; the influence of nature and time of birth …
-Frei Betto: Yes, in the conspiracy.
Fidel Castro: Some in the conspiracy.
-Frei Betto: At least the number 26 has some coincidences in your life.
Fidel Castro: Well, I was born in 1926, is true. I was 26 when I started the armed struggle, and he was born one day 13, which is half of 26 (…).
If I get to see, there could be some mystery around 26.
Taken from the hidden keys Book of world power, of Spanish journalists José Miguel Lesta and Pedrero. Editorial Edaf, 2006.
Photo: Representation of Palo Mayombe or Rule of Congo, in the Historical Museum of Guanabacoa, Havana.
castro's orisha-Optimized
One of my favorite hobbies is to dive in history, go to the roots, studying Religion and melt into the idiosyncrasies of the Cuban people about their religious beliefs. Our religious beliefs.
Since I started in the Religion of the Orishas, ​​many years ago, I asked my godfather Osha (despite being drainer, clinging to the Regla Conga with all my heart and all my being, I have also received some consecrations Osha) about what happened in Cuba of Fidel Castro and religious beliefs, he always answered me with amazing stories about the protection of the president and all that had escaped.
No doubt you have an army, but these soldiers are not military, they are religious: Paleros, Santeros and Babalawos, with its infallible weapons. The weapons of magic.
Today, remembering the words of my godfather Osha – Cuban tremendous Babalawo who ended up living in Spain for things of fate, I wanted to rescue the memory lane anecdotes of attorney, which are fully known by Cubans residing in the large green alligator.
It is well known that Fidel Castro has been advised by Paleros, Spiritualists, Santeros, Babalawos and that many of the decisions it has come to adopt has been carried out because of what the Saints, Dead and Spirits, have dictated.
For many Cubans did not go unnoticed exotic animals that arrived on the island from Angola, transported by military aircraft and never reached any zoo. Tigers and lions, among others, were torn from the heart of Africa to serve in eboses Fidel surreptitiously performed in full Cuba.
And is that if something was worried the president was his future and his personal protection. I imagine also the future of Cuba and the protection of its people, but surely that religious army was more for personal use than for common use.
It assumes a July 13, Fidel dressed in white, publicly, for the first and only time, leaving photographic witness in Guinea, where he spoke openly and bluntly that there was Coronado Santo and one of his ebbó was giving an elephant to its foundations. Even that figure this document, where you see Fidel in Elephant and slaughtered there too. I, honestly, I could not find this evidence would imagine, if true, will be stored for safekeeping.
If you did the Holy on that trip were undoubtedly many things that gave license, as do the yaboraje, at least in the part concerning dress and wear white collars, also as a sign of “religious camouflage” .
From that trip, he also says that pact with the darker forces, -taking that ofrendar human blood, to win all the protection needed to survive all the attacks that certainly would and would endanger his life.
This is where a strange relationship with the number 13 which will marked the life of Cuban president begins.
A July 13, 1963, ordered to shoot 21 officers (note the “chance” Number 21), by the opinion of diloggun.
A July 13, ordered to sink the tug March 13 (interesting name), shedding innocent blood of many children on the Malecon in Havana.
A July 13 Arnaldo Ochoa did kill and shed the blood of a legitimate son of Chango and Amado Padrón and Jorge Martinez.
Also the unpardonable crime committed in Santeria to separate Jimaguas with murder, also in July 13, this time from 1989 to Antonio de la Guardia, Colonel of the Ministry of Interior and twin brother Patricio de la Guardia.
On August 13, the feast of his birth, in 1963, he offered up his Orishas, ​​beneath a Ceiba, blood shot five, and five others in Manacas.
It is said that this time claimed a high price, as the dear friend of Fidel, his carnal Celia Sanchez and his trusty Dr. Vallejo, who allegedly were in charge of the offerings, ignored the letter that was marked, which indicated that many of those present, would soon become nfuiris.
(See previous article entitled “The Seven Rays of Batista” )
But as I say, these are all assumptions and the only thing that interests me is the relationship that Fidel could have with religion and what it has given grace in your own life.
Nevertheless, I remember some of the episodes narrated people very close to me an attempt to assassinate Fidel by the CIA.
Apparently, when they were held at gunpoint from the rooftops by snipers, everyone is jammed the gun and it was impossible to make the shot. It was as if an invisible energy would have blocked these weapons.
A ELEWA elusive
Not long ago I read an article that I found interesting in connection with the famous rafter boy Elian Gonzalez and that comes to my hair for this article.
As it follows from that article, Fidel paralyzed an entire country for the return of a child who was previously unknown.
Apparently, everything is in one of the consultations conducted with religious and whose letter, apparently, was Okana Oyekun.
After a series of widespread failures, in which he consulted Babalawos and Obases, and they all said the same, the roads were closed and Elewa not appear anywhere.
He consulted the Dead, the Holy, made all sorts of sacrifices: white mice, roosters, jutías, monkeys, goats, sheep, bulls, oxen, deer, but Elewa, rascal, mischievous, did not appear.
It was at this time that the Elián case arose, pushing through the waves.
As the article says: “It was inevitable that the dramatic discovery of a child, protected by dolphins who miraculously survived without sunburn and was hosted by exile unleashed the unbridled wrath of the commander in chief.”
There was his Elewa. And had it back.
The article continues:
“The ultimatum was 72 hours (3 days, the number of Elewa), was also the cry of a wounded beast.
The rest is history, a country mobilized on a whim, a paralyzed by a man who insists esquiciado regain his lucky country. The symbolism was inevitable. Eleggua is a naughty boy, the Holy darling of the gods, who eats first, who opens the roads. Who loses Eleggua “everything is going pa’tras”.
Those who know the birth of Eleggua know it was a mother who had difficulty conceiving and one day walking behind the moon walked away from the village and sitting under a coconut saw a falling coconut seemed to shine and will drink from his water became fruitful.
No escape the ruler who control everything researching the child, the mother symbolism lost 7 pregnancies before conceiving Elián.
Eleggua, the chosen, the child who opens paths to Fidel him away and with it their fate. Should be no doubt because he had to return to the little prince in Cuba. ”
Undoubtedly, a state religion closely linked to Fidel, and the secret of his longevity resides there.
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  1. It’s the same thing that kept the slaves alive, it’s the same reason Haiti was the first island nation to lead a revolution and defeat the French and it’s what the Maroons used in their Guerilla warfare against the British in Jamaica to gain freedom.
    Blacks are in the position they are in today because the white man taught him how to demonize his own history and accept their European one instead.

    1. I was shocked when I read the details, Castro use him thing good and they couldnt touch him..Chavez try but it was too late

  2. Nice read Met..u know seh all di years mi a guh Cuba a nevah really siddung and pay attention to di history/Castro etc…the frens I have there they would only say he is a great leader but never really want to discuss “him” perse when we would have convos, but this may be that they did not want to “bore” me while we were on Va-K. So tenk u ma’am :peluk

  3. *Studied there too.. Read some books given to me by some, one was “El libro verde”, still have it/them to this day, but no mention was made of religions & spirits etc.

  4. Confuse n outwit dem yes Fidel, till dem did all a spread rumours sey Castro clone himself and is ten a Fidel dey bout

    1. yesssssssssss but a di Palo whey him did a use confuse and mek dem tun fool..jus like how di exgirl did tun fool n confess that dem send her fi kill him…when Castro go a di summit dem neva know Castro lef Cuba nor knew he was on his way…Das y as Africa head hurt dem him rush go try wrap it because it is his ancestors that made everything possible for him..Big up Fidel…

  5. When Castro did a fight Batista …Castro went away by himself into the hills and did his thing..that a di reason Batista couldnt beat him…it deep…Palos’ eguns can be used to keep people from finding people but the fact that he lived this long shows that he used it in the right way

  6. Mi watch wan documentary about him wan time an di c.i.a did sen wan snipa fi tek him out an di man seh him have a clear view but him hands jus start shake an sweat start wash him an him drop di rifle an run to rasss loll

  7. ohhhhhhhhhhhh now I know why he really fought to make sure the boy was returned to cuba! castro not easy..people the two articles below have been translated from spanish to english so they may be a tad bit difficult to read but u will get the gist

  8. Mi did know seh Castro thing never normal eh nuh, him well protected and guard up both spiritually and physically. All mi know seh him is a true legend, cauz fi 1 man guh up against d mighty USA & not only survive but stood firm & let them conform to his ways, by not heeding to their threats, demands, & attempt to assassinate, I think that is legendary.

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