0 thoughts on “HOW MUCH $100 GOES DERE? =o=

  1. Morning everyone blessings
    All she shouldn’t open har mouth tell a soul say she American cause that mean free schooling housing food n nuff nuff opportunities n all she could come up wit is how to self har self pride n crotches kmft damn waste n Miss big trecth out bombo y u teck set a Ja since u “American citizen” dumb ass no value bitch cho

          1. Nope, have to see proof. Just thursday night me see jody couture put say thank god fi mek she live fi see 21 no way no how dem under 30 yo

          2. no man :tkp

        1. mek mi :tkp
          mi sehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh di way how mi cannot believe it feel like is bout 10 years dem deh a street di way dem nuff and all bout…not no 21 chuh

          1. Dem 2 front sellers cannot be 21 becausen from Shirley (Kartel) reality show dem a claim sey dem a 21 and is 2 years him lock up suh dem cannot still be 21. Dem is 2 set a lying crotches sellers.
            As for Jody Couture she is not 21 me and she are the same age and I am 30. Dem shudda shame because dem a tek 50+ year old man and a chat bout dem a 21 and look old and tuff inna dem face.

  2. That is what am asking myself. Why dem Eva a run a Jamaica then a try diss di people dem? This little girl need to really get a grip. She talk so much stuff on her IG and fail to see how stupid she looks. One day her topic was how she got more respect as a basketball player than a stripper. And she wondering why she can’t keep a man. Boo no man want to claim you just f*ck and d*ck boo!

    1. u know all when u look ole u cannot run from u real age…dem have di years and still young ina dem thoughts… dem a wear good bra now doe :ngakak

  3. I don’t know what the heffer trying to prove by saying she a born US citizen, all that an deh man dem still a use har and she feeling some kind a way because they calling her names. Money can’t buy you self esteem bitch. So cuss all you want and show money all you want cause at the end of the day it will never be enough to buy you what you really need, and that’s some pride, and getting your soul back that you done sold to the devil for so called riches. Ain’t nobody impress wid her status.


    1. @Oh god it looks suh….2 set of wutlis gal dem. I hope shi guh school because at the rate whey dem a climb the pole one day dem limbs a guh give out and den dem cannot climb nuh more. Some stripper duh it to finance school, dem 2 idiot yah do it to mine man whey nuh want dem. What is dem aim or goal? Bitch US Born citizen nuh tek whey the fact sey yuh dutty

  5. O gosh me feel fe har somebody call har Miss big trecth out bombo LOL n she a just 21 wa she ago do when d real midlife crisis hit har – me shame n ano me smh #no values n self-respect JUST LOW!!!

  6. So wah her husband ago stick 5 years from now? Her bank book them? Unnu cahh tell her fi drop her bank statements over here make we see how heavy she be

  7. Dem run guh jamaica fi di good up alum because like Chuety sey unda dem trech out.
    @Bre Bre dem will never find husband because within 5 years alum cannot help dem trech out hole and a man want a good wife with tight hole. Dem haffi guh duh vaginal rejuvination fi tighten up dem hole every 2 years

  8. Besides har dutty rep, this gal is more dunce than bat.. Who writes like that and believe for a second dem intelligent??? The gal write just like how she talk..Dumb harlot!!

  9. @Ms Met, it’s sad how these people expose themselves on the social sites. The levels of (dunceness) gets higher & higher, as the days go by. It’s not only her but also a number of the dancehall celebrities, who post shit all day & their grammar & spelling abilities leaves so much to be desired.

    1. she add s everywhere like she have a lisp ina har finger …but u notice how dem love write di ones whey have di spelling problem love fi kill fb wid status

  10. Met evening but a nuh lie OG a tell cau wen me c weh Jodie couture put pan Instagram me shock. Me did really have fi get up go look inna me mirror pan myself real good, cau wen me a go inna club them want ID

  11. This gal ah one real idiot gal.. New York nuh so bad bt bomboclaat what a gal nuff eh? U Mek di scamma boy dem rinse out u pussy an milk out u money fi hype hahaha a that money u aguh use fi book a $500 go ah foreign u ah live paycheck to paycheck lol cus u lifestyle ah f**kery.. U ah Mek a one money yes mi wan see some deed an title u show off everything else show off key an ting show di deeds nuh.. Rent u ah rass rent ppl house and the “condo” u own ah Miami small nuh fck look like a studio if u ask me real recognize real unit nuh official yet PLEASE do go sit down.. AN U KNO SEH DEM GAL YAW AH SOME LIAR STILL???!! HOW DI FCK U BORN APRIL AN AIGUST DEM LIE U FCK SOON SEN IN THE EMAIL DEM LIE NUH RASS.. Trying to get in where u don’t fit In nobody cares! And future u can te seh she insecure bad baddddddddddd ah who bruk u heart sweets? Nuh man nuh want u a fck dem ah look an If u ah mind dem y not ladies u guys are embarrassment to ur parents dem nt even like show dem face when I nuh ah tek pic all now we can’t c a pick of u fada I uh nuh use to nothin an we can tell. I am so done with these whores lol haha

  12. They were 18 going on 19 when kartel was filming his show. She brags & boast for no reason because her sister is the one with the talent. She’s getting all the shine from her sister, you can tell she doesn’t have a mind of her own, she gwan like seh ah she alone can buy bottles in clubs & get bottle service. Anyone can go to Jamaica & do that suh mi NUH undastand weh di hype fah

  13. aww poor thing just upset cause popcaan friend left her for a “broke girl” in Jamaica, just to show u money nah hole man…she needs to get a life bout she humble kmt child Bye!

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