Gn met….dis dutty bowy Andre Scott weh live a farring and nah mine him son everyday him a hype and a boast on social media how him son clean him this him son that and nah send no money a yaad fi him son….andre u need fi do better cause u a work the ppl Dem seh if a the big stinking Gyal weh u married if a she a stop from mine u son



  1. 1st and foremost he needs to stop bleach already, he looks horrible, not attractive nor appealing to the eye dem… 2nd of all if it is true that he allowed someone to put in your mind not to take care of your children, then you is the biggest idiot for allowing a woman to be so influential in your dealings with your children… Now my questions is does he hold a job here a farrin or the woman is taking care of him or what, he looks clean to me that money his buying clothes he can send some of that to his child… Dead beat father can’t stand none unno…

  2. Strongly doubt man a go brag bout pickney clean and no contribute to the cleanliness. Senda, a de oman you really come fah or nah?

    Many pickney mumma priorities and penny wise no up to standard, so if man all a do fi pickney it will never be enough.

  3. Clearly this is Andre baby mother a done him, girlfriend go get a job and take care of your child and mek the dutty boy stay. Be the type of mother your son will look up, be the type of woman he will want to married when he get older cyah mek a man do what he don’t want nuh matter how u done here on pink wall nothing nah guh change from he’s a deadbeat he just a deadbeat

  4. You women need to take the free contraception that’s on offer, also, you all know the play, when your men/baby fathers go foreign, it’s just to find another poor foreign woman to use for marriage, to unable them men to stay in the country, or worse still, to bring some of you women here.
    Get educated & employed, and end the puppy shoe, depending on man for money. God bless the child that has its own!!

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