Basically Hubo baby mother Nikki set up a gofundme page asking for money due to her medical bills from her “invisible illness” and state she need money to pay her hospital bills and help take care of her son. Meanwhile, Hubo is out trying to look rich in parties buying bottles with his scamming money, and also have another girl pregnant name Cassandra who live with him. Cassandra who instagram is @24kcas is a skettel and Nikki hate her like posion. Hear seh she bruk like dawg a live inna di aparrment wid Hubo weh deh under Nikki name. She f**k Popeye, Gucci, 3 rapper yute from Miami, and di tall dj yute From Eccentrics Sound and mi hear seh the pickney weh she soon have might be fi him own. Hubo need fi take care a him pickney and baby mother because no way in hell it look good for you to drive a big car and buy one bag a bottle and the mother of your child suffering. If you guys waan help feel free —>


  1. Say it ain’t sooooooooooooooooooooooooo OMG he popped up in my feed the other day I was saying “good on ya young man” changed life , but scamming still a gwaan oh my smh sad bad

  2. Nikki, nuh badda sen een nuh more story to di Pink Wall. Yu breed fi battyman, no bueno chicka.

    1. Don’t make mi laugh today Willie.

      I hope she recovers soon though, but u see when u love hype man a dem ting deh might reach u.

  3. “invisible illness”? You know so much, defending her present state brought on by the wukliss man, but you don’t know her illness…guess you concern and compassion untimely bad.

  4. Den nuh she GI him papers? Omg him wicked!! But maybe she do him something doe, if Dem leff him nuh response fi er only him child

    1. Compassion fi exist where a child mother is concern, especially if she a treat the child as she should.

  5. Nikki u know u as a young gal fool cause I don’t know why u married that boy and gave him a papers that’s where u went wrong babygirl but Nikki sex off the whole a north coast already and Nikki if hubo in so much brand u should be wearing designers too and your child u put him on by him getting his papers hubo do better man appreciate the greencard and help Nikki just like how she help u.

  6. So Sender, how we fi gi money to someting wey we nuh know bout? Bout invisible illness? Sender, go talk to Hubo yuself, and don’t come pressure we like we a pressure cooker! A wah crawl inna yu psyche? A wah do you?

  7. What is sad is ppl on instagram a big up Hubo and a call him Boss. Whether she cheat pon u or have next man, u fi tek care of her since u a high roller.

    If u send her money then produce the receipt. Buy a few less champagne and give to your baby mother old wutless bwoy.

    1. Hubo all fi him self from rockfort days not even him mother him give nothing to nana just love the hype but hubo is all about self.when them burn out him family a fort and them did haffie run hubo so hype and couldn’t even buy them a house ppl yaad them itch up till them put together and rent house a view.them time money did a mek hotel him stay when cash low the other day and him go dwn right over view him go dem should have run yu hubo but them love the hype yu fi do better hubo.

    2. Wasn’t there some rumor on here that Hubo was sending guns back to his community in Jamaica? Where is the money coming from for those guns?

  8. Unno chat too f**g much. Google whats “invisible illness” and den unno will kno a wah. Good afternoon met, first & foremost the girl seriously sick. Suh unno nuh need fi a comment a try dun da girl she neva call up none a unno personally and beg unno a dolla. She mek har go fund me cause she need help suh donating is a choice. She nuh care fi da next gyal or da next gyal she have enough a deal wid. Unno a irritate mi man. Like deadass ya’ll need to just shut the fuk up. On some real shit.

  9. You know I found the link and I’m going to donate to help her nasty man like u hubo u need to help Nikki cause she help u go sell the shoes them cause it only 7 grand the girl asking for dutty boy all man like u need a fat shot from big pump rifle Nikki I will help u I found the link babygirl regardless of your reputation look out for the donation. God is good.

  10. You all an here talking shit Nikki just do this to get to hubo because their having problemsĀ In their relationship!! And yes she’s sick for real so you all can stop talking bad things about the girl n hubo take care of his child n Nikki fada a rich rich man so I really don’t see why she put up that n asking for money….an wen hubo cum ja him always big up him fren n family dem!!! HUBO A PINKWALL BOSS SO WEH UNU A SEH HIM NAAH LOOK HATERS

  11. You all full of too much drama I swear you all don’t know if Nikki do this to bring down hubo because their having problems in their relationship!!! Nikki your dad is rich so im confuse rite here.. 7000 is nothing for your dad give to you n you know that!!! Hope you get well soon…an hubo don’t pay these haters no my mind you a god bless pickney

    1. Keep you get well to you evil self! All that shit u write and a talk bout get well…kip it ole wicked.

  12. Under no condition would I promote a man a support a woman who cheat pon him or have next man GTFOH!!Hubo u coulda be a dogshyt n worse than Johncrow,u under no obligation to help her just ur yute.

    Out of the goodness of ur heart if u can by all means help her but no mek nobody mek no demands pon u for ur Ex!

  13. That would really make an interesting topic….ARE YOU OBLIGATED TO HELP YOUR EX IF HE/SHE IS IN FINANCIAL NEED?
    Di way how me feel ex a X. Problem is when yu live good wid yu ex yu nuh waa see dem a suffa. Fi mi EX dem call mi regula fi $$$. As long as it nah affect the current, mi bills and mi son food mi try help out, but GOD know sometime mi waa seh “Mek di wukliss man weh a dig out yu saul gi yu fi dem money, cho”…lol.
    I’m sorry, ef she is seriously ill please try an help

  14. All a them a the same on ig a act and don’t do shit for them kids and run go pick up new gal but wait lol

  15. She really is sick I saw her in the hospital the girl really sick hair drop out doctors don’t know the condition long time but I never know she and hubo wasn’t dating sad story may god bless her but she sick man

  16. @Yardielovethug

    I 2nd that… I don’t believe that a man must take care of me because I have a kid for him; if a man baby mama fall pon hard times and out of the goodness of his heart him wah help that’s fine but not obligated.

    This is a common thing Ina di Black community why man still a frigg dem baby mother and married or involved and v/v for the women.

    And ladies stop think unuh own a man because unuh help dem get greencard because nuh man nah stay with unuh hidden agenda…

    Goodnight Met.. Goodnight Metters

  17. Question..
    Can’t she get government assistance? In these days mi fraid fi even gi weh prayers because everything a scam these days…..

    An anedda thing, mi tired fi Black folks living sky life and when death or sickness dem a beg, don’t you know a salvation alone last forever? Wise up people!

  18. Goodnight, despite all the negative comments about her I can 100% confirm that she is seriously sick and has deteriorated to about 90 lbs so if you feel like you can donate. Also, what ever you might think about Hubo and his show off ways that has nothing to do with her , we are all vulnerable and anyone can get sick.

  19. Foh Ye yellid him can more than help rasscalt Nikki cause the gal willing help him get a status in America they may not be together anymore but she is still his wife/babymother him worthless go sell some of the name brand clothes dem. No body saying he is obligated to but he should cause she gave him greencard. Next time Nikki don’t take up no hype man weh only have name brand

  20. I dont know these people but from the sound of it I think he should help, she helped him get his papers he owes her BIG time. If a even this alone him can deh deh fi her and come outta him feelings.

  21. It’s batty man Hubbo send in the post. But don’t worry Nikki pay back is a mother f**r no matter what wife or not it’s your child’s mother dont do this to her she depress and sick an you do this to her Everybody memba this every dog has there day in judgement feel better Nikki am praying for you

  22. Hubo move u bloodclaat and help the girl bcuz she neva hesitate to help you
    Every weh u go and pop bottles and a easy butter that fi u pay her bill.

    Lil cocky Gucci weh always hype and dont hav nothin in him pants mek sure send money to the fund raising if u fren hubo weh a gwaan like a bitch don’t wanna pay the bill

    1. Battybwoy kamar remember the batty boy cum the dance a rockfort and loud yu up!!! Selfish kamar help the girl remember she give yu green card a Neva Yu good ass dweet help the girl riding dick ass kamar aka hubo

  23. The same his babymother helped him out in his situation by helping him get straight in the United States Of America is the same way he ought to help her out in her time of need….but don’t worry Chin god will definitely see you through no weapons formed against you shall prosper

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