And nuh ask if a nuh Kasi.b she dat pon di side a watch Neeky_baby a brace back pon har “man.” Somebody did seh Kasi.b not worried bout Neeky_baby now mi see why. Real question is who or how much of them make love to that herpe pon him top lip tonight?

Woooiiyoooo *Usain voice*

UGO Yuh ting up til it a BURN up!!!


  1. That’s not kasi… and ewwwww always heard he had herpes but lord him can’t use him treatment and Usain the excessive drinking causes breakouts..
    Cut down on the drinking

  2. Smh I guess she can’t beat dem so she join them … I’m so disappointed in this girl smh no class no shame no pride no substance no ntn just a damn man clown

  3. A kasi dat fi chue….this guy is disgusting..a true disgrace…yuh almost have to force yuhself to remember his greatness and talent…if him have dat pon him lip imagine what him have pon him pass around hood.

    1. Why is he a disgrace? Herpes Simplex 1 is very common and, most of the population has been exposed to the simplex 1 virus, the numbers are as high as 90%.

      1. Cool thanks for the stats…What you didnt mention is that Herpes Simplex TWO ( commonly found on genitals is probably what be has on his lip
        However, I wasnt necessarily calling him disgusting for that reason, more so bc of his dirty shameful and DISGUSTING livity. Have a nice day!!!!

        1. Yuh haffi see wid the that Anonymous. I don’t think she/he is Jamaican and probably don’t understand the term “disgusting” in the way we use it. LOL

          1. Premium, I understand what she means since she explained it but, I find the women more disgusting than Usain. He can treat them like boo boo but, they will still gladly lick another woman’s dried essence from his balls.

        2. I didn’t say anything about Simplex 2 because I have no knowledge of Usain having Simplex 2. Simplex 1 is the virus that causes cold sores on and in the mouth.

  4. The girl in the video is neeki lil sister kasi was not in the club. However him look like him like the sketel neeki vybz

    Lol wat is good gyal nowadays she’s a big rass thot

    Funny how she a wine pon bolt so and couldn’t pay her light bill the other day and Had to be bridgeing light…big joke… neeki is a joke and yes me kno everybody bizniz lol

  5. The girl kinda look like Kasi, same hair and eyebrows and all. He has a type as you can see.

    Lawks, it look disgusting. Sender why yuh dweet?!?!


  6. How neeki a good gal? She’s Ntn but a slut. U never see her n she’s in a decent suit a clothes she always naked…har boobs always out n a walk a look man. Them will sex all a dog for some money and to be relavant. No decent man wouldn’t look at she so am not surprised to see that usain sexing her Bcaz he has no class.

  7. if that middle finger isn’t a big f@@k you to Kasi, I don’t what is. See Kasi, you’re not special because this girl is getting face time on his SC, you’re getting the same treatment as his jump-offs. You need to step your game up.

  8. Is not kasi ,,, u know everybody business do you know yours? Maybe you mad u ain’t the hype man them type… make him love the sketel them maybe you need to be one that you can spend less time a worry both next gyal light bill… good gyal neeki make that mad you lol… maybe your momma is a thot and it takes a thot to know one.. Abay…

  9. Come here badbitch, the girl whining on neeki looks like kasi. Most people get cold sores on the side of mouth even me, that’s a form of herpes.

  10. Kiki need Fi Gwaan home to HAR empty house!!! And go get a bedroom set and stop sleep pon “table” (mattress n box spring ponn4 legs) Dwl. Time Unuh wear do n clothes n shoes buy go furnish yuh house!!

  11. Anonymous 10:26 and 10:37 just because somebody “up deh”, don’t mean everybody want dem or want to be dem, unnuh need to get dem f**kry deh outta unnuh head!

    Neekie has a reputation, dat a how she build har likkle knowings! And has carried her sister into it!

    Why because ppl loud up nuff a unnuh lifestyle unnuh a run come try validate it or validate di person dutty livity! An love come talk bout bad mind or want to be dem or live dem life! Nuff a we happy, we jus love di f**kry, so we over yah and dead wid laugh!

    Because di likkle UPT hype and unnuh still deh inna di middle a things unnuh feel seh dem same one who deh deh wid unnuh nah class unnuh!!!…dem a who run come yah come mek we know unnuh business and scorn unnuh behind unnuh back! If Met did mek unnuh know half a who a send in unnuh story unnuh woulda dead!


  12. Whether the girl is Kasi or not, it’s a bad look for her because it proves Usain yet again that Usain has no respect for her.

  13. Lolol unuh head hot up… neeki come here u need a spanking wen last u see u son???.. are u still sucking Tommy lee dick????? I kno your Buisness… as for the ones defending her nasty life unuh come eat me….

  14. Kasi on a mission mi sure now. Mi see the likkle dutty bwoy a Kru catch up wid a gyal from Country . A him frighten fi brown girls mi sure a dat! Him have zero class . Hi. A give dem girl deh money? The fastest man with the duttiessss wah bade body can’t be the reason.
    I am going to send someone fi tek some a him money mi no lie.

  15. Herpes 1 and 2 is the same study show but they still label them as 1and 2 to identify the location. I alway try to tell my friends this and and they do not believe me so be careful and yes it’s more than 90%of the population is expose

  16. As him land Saturday a neeki him draw fa…. they were well cozy in the club Saturday night…. dem together?? Her insta is neeki_baby …. the girl in the video wasn’t kasi

  17. Somebody say kasi not worried about neeki…. but I think she should be caz Usain and har look very close up…. kasi darling u need to check neeki lol!

  18. Nuff a unu come on here a chat bad bout the gal…. nuff a unu life worst than fi har… nuff a unu a f**k tom dick and harry and hungry…. unu Lowe the gal, I don’t know her personally but always see har out. Don’t look like she keep frens. Unu just up ina the gal business and life so. Good god man. Neeki live u life yah good gal

  19. No decent woman should or would entertain Usain, at least not publicly. So from you see these girls on his snapchat you know the class and quality you’re dealing with. Any woman with anything about her would run his nasty ass.

    As someone said above, you really have to force yourself to remember his athletic talent and accomplishments. His legacy is tarnished by his whorish classless ways. Just nasty.

    1. Usain is pretty tame compared to what we see here in the states from American athletes. At least Usain isn’t married and whoring or have 5 or 6 kids by as many women.

  20. No decent woman would entertain Usain, at least not publicly. So from you see these girls looking a feature or hype on his snapchat you know what class and quality of woman you dealing with.

    As someone said above, you have to force yourself to remember Usain’s athletic talent and accomplishments. His legacy is tarnished by his whorish and classless behavior. And when he’s ready he blames it on Jamaican culture. Kmt

  21. Oh and Neeki web u mobay scam a man den? Him know say u a suck bolt cocky and a gi him threesome and a come kiss him up when you done? Sekkle yuh hole man. The man soon find out bout yuh.

  22. Kasi prob feel like she owes him cas she used to date his brother… I feel bad for her… if u are reading this kasi know your worth! Focus on your brand… men can stay for later n the hype definitely ain’t worth it

      1. Ello? It’s pretty clear what it is at this point. It’s almost as if people don’t want to accept it and want to force them into a legitimate relationship.

        Kasi is with him for the money, and she is one of his many women. For whatever reason she wanted and got the girlfriend title. Simple as that. No love here, no wedding bells, just two people doing them, as classless as it may be.

  23. Kasi literally has nothing to post online, she has no new pics, nothing, is like she has to wait until her turn comes around so that she can take some new pics. She’s recycling all her old pics to no end. No trips with her friends, no shopping spree, no nothing. For someone who proclaims that they are the “wife” of someone worth US 60 million, she’s living common. Kasi, step your game up!!!

  24. Well let’s see is kasi will be on bolt arm tomorrow night lol probably not since the parents gonna be there.

  25. lol neeki in the pic long before kasi ,Kim and Kirsten she nuh watch them she just a f**k fi a little change she n the big tall brown girl ig name shadae.w give bolt nuff 3sum them f**k anything weh drive nice car n have little money. Neeki recruit her little sis and pinkxx in her duty lifestyle…the gyal nuh care n she nah look fi be wife she just a f**k n collect. Is not the first bolt a post her them go pan boat together , she was onhis snap at his pool party with her sister a wine up pan each other , she’s even in the movie trailer.

  26. Bolt u see y u cant nyam every gal? Now u look like u did a nyam green mango. :thumbup

    Yea herpes very common many actually get it from them mother. But it av triggers, stress,liquor buck up pon herpes again. :nerd

    In this new age of treatment u sir, shudnt be in that state. Esp up inna d vid. Get u shit together yute!

  27. Kasi want us to know she’s going to bolt thing tomorrow lolol she a post vid out with mother and aunty shopping for dress 🙁

  28. Let’s be real — Oral Herpes (cold sores or HS Type 1) is a very contagious disease. It may be innocent sounding (80% of the population has it) but these cold sores contain the actual virus and can be transferred very easily to another person. Even basic non-sexual contact with the affected area can quickly spread the disease. This means that acts such as sharing a glass, an eating utensil, a toothbrush or even using the same towel can spread the particles. So it’s not just oral sex.

    Due to the contagious nature of cold sores which has no cure, engaging in oral sex is a fast way to infect other people in places they don’t want to be infected. While passing bodily fluids through intimate contacts such as kissing would seem to be the obvious way to transmit the virus, mouth to genital contact can spread the virus to other areas of the body. So what started as oral herpes can evolve to genital herpes (HS Type 2).

    Don’t know about anyone else but I don’t care if 8 out of 10 people in the room has it, I personally and medically don’t want to be itching and burning around my mouth, on my lips, and in my genital area or whatever the symptoms. In this day and age, sexual behavior is very important to good health and community d**k is not the way to go. You can live a very uncomfortable life (Herpes) or send yourself to an early grave trying to chase a $ as opposed to earning your own. . .Just Saying May God Keep all of Them.

  29. Kasi just sad. I don’t see why people continue to associate her with Bolt while Bolt isn’t even associating himself with her

    She’s a proud f**ka gyal just like the rest of the harem. Just a wait pan her revolving cocky to come back her way.

    I saw her on snap…trying to save face bout she a shop with the tired black YSL bag whe him gi her from how long ago. For someone who has “pieces that will make your mother sell you”, she sure has a way of hiding them and a bring the 2-5 pieces she does have go road regular.

    She can continue stunt on Jamaicans who frighten fi tings, we who know what real money look like will continue to think she’s a basic side chick.

    Enjoy your dress shopping goodie, hope tomorrow a your turn fi de pan the revolving cocky arm #TeamKase

  30. She must have known about the event from a long time ago, so why just shopping for a dress ? Maybe he is “allowing ” her to go last minute to save face

    1. I wondered the same thing. Maybe she already has a dress but, she’s stunting for social media again to let us know she’s going.

  31. She didn’t say she was shopping for herself. Mommy and Auntie were the ones looking for dresses.

    And how is the bag tired? Has she had it one year yet? Sure, she carries it a lot, but that’s probably her “everyday black bag” that most women have.

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