7 thoughts on “HUSBAND VS JOE GRIND

  1. A weh di post round suh name wid di man weh wah have nuff ooman him need fi come watch yah.

  2. It’s obvious why him wa kill the next man ova it. She’s thicker than ice cream. I would give it some proppa backaz. Anyway, he’s a fool to be fighting the next man because if she made plans to give it ‘way once she’ll probably do it again.

  3. He so damn hurt and going through it his going to kill that bitch, for him to want to fight the other man, she better not even go home with him or sleep with one eye open… that man is not going to forget did you hear what he was saying, you belong to me so in other words he will take himself and you… Some woman need fi know what they I do to some men, not all men are strong we do have some weak men dem that they love hard…. I feel for the boyfriend in a way it does seem like he was really hurting…

  4. Was the fight at the wife’s work place or was this at a Hotel? How all three end up at the same place?

  5. Based on his emotional issues and ridiculous outburts and clear tendencies of violence ( kill, kill , kill you), she has all right to give him BUN : all flavors : sugar bun, honey bun, tasty bun .

    Based on her calmness, one can assume that she is used this outbursts amd has had enough !

    Also, look how sloppy he carries himself ! New man seems calmer and well neat and put togther. The old lover probably only sexs her on d couch n d old flat mattress . New man pays for fancy hotels and offers NO stress … just hard hard f*k …new man wins

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