Am crying so bad my heart is torn
I heard from a source the baby died don’t know how true but all I know is the dad beat the maid she is now in a wheelchair. She is wearing hearing aid and she is being fed from a tube. They have upgraded her charges from child cruelty to attempted murder she is in hospital right now
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A spy camera hidden by working parents to monitor their home while they were away has made a shocking revelation.
The camera caught the maid whom the parents had left with their barely three year old baby girl beating her to near death for vomiting on the family’s tiled floor.
The video which has since gone viral on social media first shows the maid forcing solid food into the mouth of the little one.
When the child fails to swallow it all, she slaps her with a lot of force in the face.
After sometime, the little baby girl who was also half naked throws up on the floor.
On seeing this, the maid throws the child ruthlessly off the chair onto the tiled floor, spanks it with a flashlight several times, steps on its back and starts swinging atop then later kicks it hard several time in the chest and in the face.
The heartbreaking video ends as the merciless maid carries the motionless child away with one hand.

0 thoughts on “I CANT WATCH IT

  1. I saw the video. My blood started to boil. I kept covering my face and flinching as if I were the one being hit. Smh. This woman deserves to rot in hell. I’m glad the maid didn’t die from the beating. I want her to live and suffer. Evil heffer.

  2. Me too pretty I agree too. Who watches child abuse? This encourages depraved folks and encourages the spread of sick material on the web.
    Why is d baby referred to as ” it” three times in d last paragraph?
    D writer fi correct that, it indicates emotional detachment.

  3. there is a youtube video where they are interviewing a cop who said they maid is in jail and they are thinking about adding the attempted murder charge….the same video had a commentary that said the baby is fine and home with the parents….so anything else is bullshit and rumor…….

  4. The article was enough for me, couldn’t pree the video…evil really does lurk this earth..wait til she reach prison ah dem fine out weh she in deh fa, yes Jah Jah!!…why people hurt children, is what I can’t seem to understand…..

  5. Smfh I would’ve been in jail for 1st degreee murder………. I have one nephew that I love to death & God forbid I walk in on something like that ……. I will be dialing 911 to send (a) a hoarse (b) the jail van one time ……. can’t believe what I just read & saw……. hope the baby is alive & well.

  6. I too couldn’t watch… I was SCARED of what would come next. I would probably charge for murder!
    I feel like beating her myself… I’m LIVID!

  7. That poor baby can’t be fine. Something has to be wrong with her insides, she belly flopped on the tile floor, got kicked in her sides and stomped on several times. We hear of cases where kids her age die after being pushed in the stomach, so how is she fine. If she is, God bless her because that maid went to town on her.

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