1. Cockyawna yuh mek mi haffi sign in fi dis a mean yuh really remix a GOSPEL song down to dis a phuck alone now yuh can scream bout nd mi knw yuh knw it doah mek it so damn disrespectful.

    Bout hood big like church pon rock, sense wen we as Jamaican play wid God or even mention of him like dis likkle nastiness dis still going to make u an international awtist yah bloodclaat luu nung

    1. Since* and neh guh *

      Yes it did nd de ppl dem weh ova deh a tell har it a shot cuz vybz kartel dweet bad tuh bad de man neva remix a church song mi knw off a chat bout straight phuck’n. .frm shend de baby daddy cut all she tawk about is her pusc n phuck’n, the song makes absolutely no kind a sense de riddim nice but de lyrics nah 7/11

  2. Cocky mek yuh seh glory whilebit inna yuh holy and mek yuh seh holy a rhyme and rhyme all sort a phuckery like yuh really listen dis shit back before unno release like really now u gurl?!?!?

  3. Smfh all phuck a yuh redemption story no is who guh ova riverton city guh scrape up dis wid dis rest a spoil meat carry cum back a road a try mek a sale haffa it :nerd

  4. Ah bwoii was wondering when people will get tired of her disgraceful and distasteful songs, Ishawna you keep abreast with current affairs or the only topic of importance is ur underneath and their underneath, why dies everything have to translate to sex with you Ms. You stay there after Joe dem realize u common and predictable they gonna dispose of you like they did ur bf, get some class and sense oh and some shame while u at it.

  5. ciara_majic Seriously ishawna? Do better, every song u sing a talk bout phuck phuck phuck, any riddim u get a jus phuck phuck phuck, every stage show phuck phuck! We tired and right now me no believe say u can phuck or u pusc good causw u affi remind me too much, and then u wonder y foota did affi go look gal wid substance

    33 mins ago

    Dese comments tho_____________ :tkp

  6. Oh and girl most importantly if you nuh respect urself or others, try respect the man upstairs, u just leave itself fi disgrace now I see this as disrespectful and blasphemous U soon see ur pay for this here crasis u call pan urself, remember I said it

  7. i was seriously wondering how long it was going to take for ppl to realize this gal tasteless n disgusting

  8. Dutty gal!!!!…god a go cramp and paralyse you. All u damn face a go twist up like u get stroke. You damn likkle harlot you. All delerance coolie duppy soon start ride out u condom hole way heng dung like when car muffla pap haff. The reduca who put out this god a go kill you, and all a you generation first born.

    1. 13 when mi see the pic and the glory glory before mi click the video mi say but how she a sing glory n a wear that…when mi press play i nearly get a heart attack…This is a big NO

    1. Mi nuh mean fi laugh :ngakak

      but this is easter ..no need fi release this period much more now……i dont know who told her this could slide

  9. @Simply, di bitch get yuh IGGYYYYYYYYYY!?!?!?!

    She reminds me of a childhood best-friend I had to unfriend! That’s ALLLLL you’ll EVER get from these girls, who oftentimes indulge in sexual acts and activities at a TENDER age, after they develop mature looking/women like bodies very early and become very CONCEITED and SELF ABSORBED, causing men to “want” them JUST for what they see, their “body”. This unfortunate chain reaction, is why we have “women” like Ishawna and my former friend in our world today, who CANNOT seem to make it further than where their bodies will take them, which is mostly no f’ing where because they LACK SUBSTANCE!

    Mi cyaan stand a women who think her body is be all/end all of it all!

  10. From I was born met. Me neva hear a yard artist a try cross dah line yah enuh. A so me know this sparn of Satan a go get a beating, cause she just show De world say she sell har soul fe the persuite of fame . hef u look fe the werd jezebel inna the dictionary, a fe har pic a go spring up.


  12. The bytch know what she’s doing…she put it out on good Friday because she know it would cause controversy on the net….these no talent hoes in the industry are good for one thing…..sell sex.

    1. She must remember when Kartel go tattoo the word devil pan him hand dat Ash Wednesday his life went downhill from there straight to jail

      1. Met yuh never remember when she wore the nun outfit. Dem artists ya too much. Dem a reck up the evil tings like the farrin ones. Madonna sets lately be looking like a cult, straight devil worshipping.

  13. I r not a violent man, but me would a beat this gal to a pulp enuh, and me no mean no likkle bax dung, r kick dung.me a talk a sustained amount a rassing. And me nah stop till she start bawl glory glory. Me bex bad. When me a youth a grow up pon a Sunday rum bar no open till afta six, dat just go fe show how ppl use to have respect fe god.so me no know a wha teck this little kinnike.

  14. She was really sexually depraved with Foota…but no sah…this nuh call for. Dont play with God Ishawna. You say you bless and should know better. Dont play with God to create controversy and get a buss

  15. This is a riddim wa anything anybody sing on it woulda sound good why dis f–ry? Controversy? Not with God miss SKatta yu get 0 out of 10 Fi dis.. the only sad part bout it is the first million views ago come from pinkwall indirectly. Don’t put nutn pan ya wa unu nah promote Cause di page global. Thank yu

  16. now u know why it is important to get an education because this girl utter nothing but f**kery can’t even hold a conversation due to lack of education

  17. Not even God nor church nuh sacred to some ppl anymore eh man tsk tsk :sorry har man can deh pan Magnum Kings & Queens every saturday night a tell d upcoming artiste weh write dem own tune & a try a thing bout dem nuh ready fi dis yet, but him cant tell him 2nd hand woman seh dis nuh mek it??? Blind a lead blind to r@@s :cool

  18. GET @13 IGGYYYYY!!!!!

    MI cyaan WAITTTTT if see/hear what her explanation/excuse/reason will be for this!?!?!

    Ah Dat mi cyaan tek wide ppl, NOT ONE fi seh, “NO DJ!!! NUH GUH DESSO!!!!!” Or “YOW ARTISTE, LEGO DAT!” Ah bag ah bomboclaat yes bwoy and gal! Unnu fi LEARN first refuse some ppl money/business/patronage! And STAY REAL/TRUE to di ting WEH wi Granny and Grandpa set! Lose unnu self!

  19. “Ishalltekmimanfren” this is a low down, dutty, nasty shame. Some a unu nuh know weh fi draw di line as long two likkele dollah involve. U nuh hab no morals and or integrity from long time suh mi nuh surprise one bit,first u come with di “shelf” inna nun habit and now u deh renk with God, u life is a mess and before u turn to him fi help u deh sink u plastic behind deepah in mire..U ah dirty mess girl, get u mind, body soul and life right, it look like u a lose it or summn..dyam wukliss and outah frigging ordah.

  20. Dem mussi well hungry smaddy could a really want fi produce dis. A whappen to hoodeanie, dis bitch sick mi

  21. No dis cocky grazmite, cocky termite, cocky sea creature look like is a cocky dem tek beat har inna har head cause nuhbaddie inna dem right mind couldn’t voice dis. Dis rub out cratches gal can’t be real God shudda tie yuh f**king tongue then again that too easy it shudda just drop right out infront a yuh

  22. Mi NEVA listen to a hoeshana song in full yet every time mi try mi ears seh yes but mi brain seh.. A wha do yuh?? I’ll pass!!! This is no different mi not even listen pass the first 10 words and yes I counted them.. Time too precious fi diss shhh……t..I would rather use a nail polish brush paint a house than listen to this

  23. Bwoy lowshawna yuh get simpli cross an yuh draw out 13, yuh betta try duh som damage control b4 kunta reach lmaooooo

  24. Di comments dem pon instagram a kill meeee!!!! 95% of her fans don’t like it!!!!
    PS “Pretty Dainty” & her frenz dem actin like groupies unda every pic whoreshawna post…..bout #TEAMISHAWNA an how people badmind GTFOH!!!!!

  25. she fi get sum bakkle a her next show wi need fi show dem new artist yah wah bakkle feel like . bakkle is a dancehall ting she fi learn mek joe joncrow a teach her f**kery

    1. Dont do that, you can’t encourage people to lick the gal with bottle off a stage. She wrong but the violence thing against artists me nuh condone. If you don’t like a artist music, just don’t go to their shows. Now when dem fling bottle bust up har head, how yuh think har son ago feel. I never see anything in her from mawning so I’m not surprised. I’m just laughing at all who thought she was fill, unu no see seh she empty and vain. Her friend always badmind the other female artists them and truvle dem. Me never see a gal face hard so in all my life, no wonder she fren wid Ishawna, mussi true icewata not bad looking. Your fren is a sneaky internet bully, she stay truvling di ppl dem like she know anything about fashion. It luk like is a marketing strategy but mek me tell unu this, dancehall artists luv evil so careful. Talent will always reign ova hairstyle an makeup. Ishawna me did feel bad bout wah happen wid the abuse thing, but yuh was always a empty gal to me. Nobody is perfect but when me see seh gal empty me just see it an nobody caan change my mind. All you can sing bout a big cocky an dig out yuh hole. How this hole so good and it nah give yuh weh yuh want yet? Me think yuh did ago do some songs fi uplift abuse women as yuh claims yuh was being abused by yuh man. Have several seats and stop it. If yuh catalog ago be only sex songs it doesn’t mek sense. Yuh need fi be more versatile! A only hole an buddy deh pon your mind. It luk like yuh a tek sum big, long hood weh a mad yuh or yuh a tek drugs. Not even the male artists me nuh fawt pon wid dem extra dirty songs. Learn how to be creative and clean up the songs. Shaggy seh Sweet Sugar Cane, Lady Saw seh love with my heels on. Not to mention the musical genius Tanya Stevens. You nah sing love songs, yuh a sing whore songs and groupie songs because a your thing that.


        1. Nothing is wrong with my voice, me will boo a lame artists straight, but to fling bottle lick someone is just outrageous and ignorant. We can denounce her behavior and boo har off a stage whenever she performs these waste songs, but no one has any right to harm her physically.

      2. bakkle er nastiness, why yuh don’t ask er how er son feel bout er song dem. why yuh don’t talk to er bout er song dem? when she get di bakkle she wi think twice bout er music and er son. I guess you won’t be surprise when she get bakkle too

        1. Listen stop make it seems like I’m upholding with her foolishness. I clearly stated that she fi stop the nonsense. A time we stop use violence to solve every problem. If an artist’s music and lifestyle lame, straight booings and zero support. But me too darn cute and dainty fi go tek up bottle fling lick people weh never lick me, beca me nuh like dem lame music. Me look like poppyshow. They call musicians artists from the base word “ART” but dem nuh know the true meaning of art. A sexists some a dem not artists beca dem not selling art, rather sex.

  26. Nobody should a ting dem should a mek she go pon stage wid dis n u woulda see a d end a career – Non talented piece a shithouse. N to think me did a cheer fi her :cool

  27. Mi tiyaad fi tell unu say di only ting pon Ishawna dat is mature is har body. She has no one around her to tell her different so she will forever be at this point mentally. Yuh ting if anybody ’round Ishawna did know better, den dis song wudda deh a road?. She is not her own Manager or Producer so who release it. She need to rewind and come again…..she need new ppl ina her personal and professional life. Cause right yah now…..she naw Bingo. I pray things change soon because I like her. So if the duck won’t leave the pond…..the pond will eventually leave the duck. Is eeda she grow up on her own or get ppl around her who can help her to do so. I wish her all the best.

  28. Booooooooooooooo boooooooooooo ishawna u song don’t sound good,a some bottle u ago get under u rass

  29. This song Confirms what Foota was saying from day one sey she waan do freaky things whey him nuh inna—now we a see it fi we self— She juss sign har death certificate down to a crack know betta

  30. Metty mi a go a one nine night of a good friend of my mom that die babsy Grange was there well attire if u see what ishawna come in to ,everybody a talk hands in hand with her lover scatta.mi ask mi self out of respect for the lady and family if she couldn’t come better attire.ishawna u kno who fah nine night mi a talk u must do better.

  31. The song is whack so is this girl she reminds me so much of dangel no talent all they do is use they pussy dash round the business. No class no shame whatsoever

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