How could this happen to me? Why did he lie to me? He was definitely not a person who was not well off. He was a boss. Our conversation ended with me saying that I was going to bed. The air was tense for a few days but the fourth day Joseph told me that he did not want to have any more secrets between us. H e said he found out that he had a second child and he just found out through DNA testing. The child would be 6 years old. Based on our relationship and the time that had passed I had no reason but to trust this man. Two days before he left we met up with his sister who was very hospitable and clearly lead a good life. I was fascinated with the fact that she was a career woman who had a family and was able to balance both. Joseph was her younger brother she was the same age as I was which was 6 years older than Joseph and she had her Ph.D in Education. I was really impressed.
Joseph was back in Jamaica and I noticed that he had some what abandoned the topic of moving. He rarely spoke about moving and knew I had to bring it up sooner than later. I had made plans to see Joseph in Jamaica for Easter and had decided to make a trip to my mothers family as well. Naturally, Joseph and I went to see my aunt and others. They were very happy to see that I found some one and my aunt said Joseph looked like a good business man. I could tell that this situation was a far cry from how Joseph had been brought up but he played it off well. On our way back to his house he got a call and I faintly heard a female voice stating that she was returning his call. His answer was short and sweet and he did let her know that he was with his wife. I was kind of getting use to this feeling of having a man by my side that other people called boss. Joseph’s family was also well known so when calls would come in on his phone I knew it was usually business. Up to this point I have not really discussed passed relationships with Joseph but he told me when the time was right he would let me know what I needed to know. Well that time came sooner than I thought. Josephs phone rang while he was outside and I heard him speaking to someone about the way they were treating him. He also told the person that he did not care what was going on they should be able to keep in contact with him. I found it strange that he would speak to someone about business like that but nevertheless the call did not sound romantic in anyway.
When he came inside I asked him nonchalantly who he was speaking to on the phone. He said he had a friend who was having some issues and SHE would call him periodically. “You have a girl friend who leans on you for support?” I asked. And he replied,”She is a very good friend of mine and I also know her husband. You may meet her some day. Nice girl.” I never discussed this with him again but thought it admirable for him to have a female friend who he has such a good connection with.
Joseph and I got married and he was now living with me or should I saw we were living together. I know a lot of people would not understand what we shared and how in love we were. It is not going to be easy to understand this type of love if you were not experiencing it. I knew a lot of people were giving me the side eye for my decision but it was not theirs to make. I really pitied my friends who had searched for a gentle kind man and ended up with the opposite. Joseph was gentle always called me baby and never let the sun go down with our differences. This was love and I knew it others would just have to catch on. Joseph had other friends in and around the city and we were invited to a baby christening party. Going somewhere as a couple and making my entrance was something I always wanted to do as a wife with my husband. While sitting at our table. Three ladies came in and were seated four tables over. I was looking at the ladies as they seem to all be on point. Surprisingly, the women knew Joseph and talk to him for a little while I waited for a few minute then he motioned me over and introduced me to the women who all looked like movie stars. That is when the fourth woman walked in. He perfumed made you know was there and her accessories were ….everything was perfect….her shoes her dress her hair and then…………….
By Real LTK

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  1. This has got tuh be another Belly Bang production cause ah suh she always use tuh put up video wid every story line….YASSSSSS!!!!..she’s back :selamat :selamat :selamat :selamat

  2. Afta noon Met, Yeppie, Metters.
    Suh Met is dis a continuation from when di gurl did “froze” caz if ah suh she melt quick and lose har brain innah at di same time, fi guh married to this man yah..and seh is love..chile? dwl

  3. “This is love, I knew it and others would have to catch on” :hoax2 No boo boo yuh in love wid di trimmings round di roast chicken pon di platta…..but yuh nuh sure if ah really chicken, duck or turkey. Joseph play yuh like ah fiddle, cah yuh did too busy ah run dung wife title yuh couldn’t see nut’n else. Yuh live and yuh learn dawlin :travel

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