I know I have the Flippa thing to finish…..Im trying to get there..I will not hold back on my promise but I have to share this.

When the nay-sayers try to speak on JMG, my prayers increase and God always shows me why it is imperative to keep focus. I am not a woman to throw words or whine, I PRAY , push on and push harder and PRAY PRAY PRAY. Maybe because Ive been through so much in my own life that I rely on the one thing that works ALWAYS.. Jah. When I run into a brick wall I use my prayers to remove it if I fall in a hole I pray for Jah to pull me up out of it…. I have grown in the habit of praying even sometimes more than responding…I am a woman with a vision and if I were to look in every direction I wouldn’t be able to see my way. It is not that I am unaware,its that I am confident in the favor I have from a Higher Power. Suh mi nuh luk!
Every year we help people or try to help someone. The begging always begins with me making a post, then giving my little between your contributions. Whenever we give , I wish I could do more because the people we do help are people in NEED. They are not made up nor does any money that is given to them used for any thing else but to provide for them. And of course they always need more.
Friday evening, I sat down and counted the weeks left Angella said the money that was contributed would last for..I really did not want to ask again for more contributions but I know she really needs the help.I remember calling one week and she telling me that her daughter was unable to attend school for a few days because there was no money to provide for her. I quickly sent her some money because no child should be deprived of an education . The first time I spoke to Angella,she told me that she and her 5 year old daughter had to eat mangoes for dinner. Not one day, but for a few days. That is how I know that when there is no money for school there is also no money for dinner. I pondered the next way that I would be able to help her..Only to SEE A COMMENT SATURDAY EVENING ………..NO NAME , the person did not want the comment shown..But the person offered enough to last Angella for two more months or so. That person had no idea that I was having my own little conversation with God the day before, thinking about how Angella would be provided for. Psalm 34-4 I sought the Lord, and he answered me;
he delivered me from all my fears.
5 Those who look to him are radiant;
their faces are never covered with shame.
6 This poor man called, and the Lord heard him;
he saved him out of all his troubles.
7 The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear him,
and he delivers them.

It is for these reasons why JMG IS! And why I have dedicated so much of me and my personal time to this PINKWALL..Ms Anonymous please believe that it was God who spoke directly to your heart and your hands. For this alone, you will see much fruit from this seed that you have planted. I really couldn’t say to you that I was thinking of her needs the day before because even to the old me it would unbelievable. I know it was God and thank you thank you thank you!

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  1. God is good all the time Met…ithese are the reason why I keep coming back to the pink wall . Just keep on doing what you’re doing.

  2. This had me crying ,am living in the us and am struggling much less them smh..but I pray to The Lord almighty every nite and I know he will pull us all through this trying times.

  3. granny wuddah seh ‘nuh mess wid god ppl’ metty you’re blessed and so are all of us :peluk god bless angella and the lil one too :kiss

  4. Good night Met I don’t know where to start but all I can seh keep doing ur thing for blogspot till now u have a big heart it’s not just about the mixup or the suss is everything about this site I greatly appreciate u and all the regular bloggers big up unno self. May God continue to provide and bless the hands of the person who gave. May God bless u and ur family Shani and every1 who contribute to the wall :peluk :peluk

    1. When I saw the comment in the middle of the other comments mi seh yes God lol..I couldnt even tell the person that it was on my mind the day before but God knows it was ….This morning I got up and I told myself I really have to magnify the Lord so I read Psalm 34 and posted part of it on my fb..but look what is in Psalm 34 too? N This morning was when the person sent the money..God is good EVERYTIME!

  5. Yuh know mi haffi get up outta di bed an sidung up quickly cause di eye wata nailly choke mi. Shani yuh know how mi luv yuh….but this has also opened up my eyes to the fact that I can do more. Besides mi granny an 2 auntie a JA…..mi nuh really have no baddie down deh weh mi a send tings to …..Suh if a even one person …..mi must can help. I’m gonna really look into becoming a sponsor for a child in JA…..Really. A one pickney mi have an mi may not be rich but mi mek enuff fi even puddung a $20 a week time an send a child in need a $100 or so a munt cause God know say mi waste more dan $20 a week time. Mi deh yah a spend pan who nuh give a rats’ ass bout me. I’m blessed beyond words and it’s time to share it. But mi kinda lackadaisical suh mi want sum kinda reminder when tings need fi get done. It’s time to share my generosity with ppl who need it and will appreciate it. GN one and all. Mi gone turn ova mi pillow an go to bed. :peluk :peluk

    1. Mi madder half :kiss :peluk it is sad that the little girl have to suffer and not even the government is willing to assist

  6. Mettyyyyy you are truly blessed and JMG is my 2nd family. Metty you and I spoke off air a few times when I was unable to have another baby biologically (tears), due to a certain issue. You know the lengths I went thru to have a baby (adopt) and that fell thru. I reached out to you and you told me to pray. I fell into deep depression, but I kept coming back to JMG to help ease the pain, heartache and stress. I resented my husband for months, but he’s a good man, he stood by my side. He told me he’s not giving up or going any where. So we prayed as a family and ask God to forgive all our sins. I became a guinea pig for months, at one point I wanted to give up, but a voice inside kept telling me it will happen, and I kept going and we prayed until God gave us another baby girl. When I made the announcement to my JMG family everyone was happy for me. Simply, Latty, Soci and Sweet (my long time JMG family) made me feel extra special, even peepers. JMG is not only about suss, it’s very informative, our family maybe dysfunctional at times, but we all love to come back. So Metty you are here for a purpose, you are our angel and we’ll always be here with you.
    Love you Metty
    Bigbutt and Fam :supermaho :peluk :babygirl :angel

    1. BB I will never forget your story. All now mi cyah believe u really have another little one so mi know u mus a thank God daily..Everything ina my life that need a little shuffling mi lift up prayers always. You are like family :kiss Love you too

  7. GM ALL…That goes to show that prayer and faith can definitely move mountain. This is indeed a trying time for Christians and Non-Christians alike, but we serve a wonderful God who through it all “him have we back!” It rugged and tough out deh, but in the Book of Matthews, God said (not verbatim) “Yo if mi make sure de birds and animals needs are met, wha happen to unnu, when unnu is MORE IMPORTANT to me than dem!”

    Ms. Met, gwaan do yu ting, blessings ah flow from your hands to theirs (in the spiritual) but only through another channel….stay bless!

  8. Good morning metty n peepers…this is spiritual connection because friday morning when i wake up something inna my head say anonymous you know you have to send angela christmas from now..but i was a lil busy, but that same thing say anonymous” get her out the way” that’s when i reach out to you n ask the question….may GOD be the glory…metty straight truth mi telling you…Amen,mi affi serve GOD.

  9. oh gosh, its just the way she show appreciation when anything is given to her that make you want to do more. good morning all, Hi Ms. Met keep up the good work!!

    1. You too because you have done so much :kiss u know she write down everything people from jmg give her so she dont figet when she talk to mi :ngakak

  10. Met I want to add, been meaning to say this for a while. After I had baby postpartum depression set in and me stop read but eventually me come back and the jokes help me uplift myself. We need to rerun the stories like angela own because sometimes we are blessed and yet we are so ungrateful. There are some bloggers who are in similar lifestyles as flippa hopefully his situation may make them tek head same way once qpick did comment saying she was so ashamed of the previous life style choices. Anyway big up your self metty!

    1. Postpartum depression real and very serious so I know how u mus did a feel .. will rerun the story fi real thank you :peluk

  11. Good afternoon Ms. Met, Bloggers and those of us that come to peep and laugh (like me). Mi show up fi get a good laff, dis time mi get a good cry. Not in a bad way doe, jus a reminder that the Almighty God still reign an cause a dat good people still deh bout a look afta the less fortunate. God bless all of you that give to those in need. I want to reach out to this lady and her daughter as well. Where can I find her contact information? Blessings always.

  12. Metty what ah way yuh have me ah ball inna di ppl dem work place?? I know that feeling when you need and answer and God just come show off pon yuh!!! To God be the glory who else but Him?? Like one of the post up top mentioned… JMG is a blessing!!! Nuh suss alone we come here for.. You know how many times ppl stories.. experience etc gave me that extra push I needed?? Metty keep up the great work.. Im sure you know by no that your work isn’t in vain and once your heart clean God naw go stop bless yuh and everyone that comes into your life! You are a Phenomenal Woman indeed!! Continuing diving into your purpose and you will forever reap what you sow!

  13. AMEN….So dont let them fool you or even try to school you…there is power in prayes bless up u self Met..:)

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