My mother encouraged me to marry early and when I told her the owner of the business I worked for liked me she told me to marry him. I did every thing tp catch him and I did. My husband is 25 years older than me and has been unable to stand at attention for four years. For two of the four years ive been sleeping with his business partner who is also married but we have both fallen inlove with each other so he intends to leave his wife for me, how can I leave my husband without creating drama?


  1. Nothing is really wrong with marrying for money cuz the vows sey for better or worse…so why not focus on the better/riches!!??Something is wrong with being a hoe though…but I guess yuh stick a bush out there as much as is smaddie else husband :malu2 :hoax2 :cd :batabig

  2. I should have married for money..I’d be betta Off..Unnu luddy!!. Feelings are overrated in my book.

  3. Nothing is wrong with marrying rich. Even the rich marry richer. I wouldn’t advice yuh to leave the hubby cuz the sex on the side may seen nicer because it is illicit,taboo sex. If you an sidey fi marry and that taboo is gone you may find you not having that much fun.

  4. Yuh try mek him leave feem wife fuss.. Mi hudda radda hab di casket cocky wid di money dan a bruk packet wida hawd cocky. When mi done mek di soft hood feel like it hab powas him shell out money oooooo. A money mi seh oooooo.

    1. Mi buss out a big dutty laugh. Dwlll. Waaaaiiiee. Latty go weh nuh man. Kmt :ngakak :ngakak :tkp :tkp

  5. Could your husband not take Viagra? So you willingly got involved with another woman’s husband and now have no qualms about upsetting her life as long as you get what you want. Of all the men for you to have an affair with you had to have it with your husband’s business partner who is married, and I am sure you know the wife quite well yourself. This web you weave will eventually consume you. It’s bad enough you married a man that you had no feelings for, now you want to participate in destroying a marriage for another man that you have no feelings for. I do not buy the we have both fallen in love with each other bit, more like the comfort of familiarity and peace of regular dicking with another man of means, this is not love. Please remember that life does come back at you, and when you finally find a man that you have deep feelings for that is when karma will kick in with a vengeance, do not lament your life or argue and rail in those days, just gently remember your past and that there is seed time and there is harvest. Good luck!

  6. This goes to show say money a nuh everything bcuz wid all the battery and plug in and delco toys out there unnu still ago waah man weh can dash hood unda unnu rass n cool unnu. But mi notice say it ok fi women to gold dig (a nuh nutten, a dat unnu get it fah, nuh f fi nutten etc) yet its a travesty down right abomination fi woman mind man, IF SHE GAT EH. Some a unnu woman can never satisfy.

    But unnu see this entitlement weh unnu a proclaim bcuz a unnu pussy? It ago always f**k unnu up. Me naah say f**k fi free but at the same time it shudnt be the reason you f**king, if its not you profession. Then when some man start deal wid unnu like property (which is right) unnu a bawl this n that. I could support the “Hoe Maker” lifestyle in yester years when opportunities neva so plenty especially for women but today when women so savvy and can mek diamonds outta ashes nope. If f**k is all you bring to the table, regardless of going thru the motions of domestication (dat a nuh nutten now), unnu will never be happy and will forever be a f**k box.

    To the lady up a tap d man did done know u nuh want him, a him money, trust me him know. But him willing fi buy your attantion, kindly keep to you contract and nuh badda get sideline wide the sub cocky. U also need fi find a cocky much outta sight. D man fren, weh married? All you a beg fi “lass n rope” resolution. There are so many ways to overcome the “softness” if unnu truly want but dat up to unnu. But all weh ago happen yasso is you ago resent the man more each day bcuz a fi him fault you tek him up wid the dead hood. Nuh mind sharp u start think pon ways fi kill him (We as men sit through enuff LMN fi start pree unnu :hammer )

  7. Question to d woman dem weh nuh av nuh problem wid the married fi money(clear throat), suppose a you father, brother or better yet unnu good up good up son weh u wuk hard and school now him rotten rich, a get gold dug wah unnu say? “Go girl” sed way or unnu ago vex? Just asking.

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