0 thoughts on “I-OCTANE ONSTAGE

  1. Ahhhhhh finally a DJ that speaks n understands English n answer question clearly wat a relief

  2. Winford Williams can never give a good interview! Octane you stood your own ground- good job! Winford always try to put words into people’s mouth and won’t allow his interviewees to be authentic, etc. Now you invite him to interview and he was giving the scoop on what Vegas said about Chronixx….immediately Winford diverted that conversation. Leave the interviewees and let them speak openly. Winford, you need to be replaced like alot of the veteran artisees!

  3. well i octain is so fake u can see it in his eyes first ting vegas said cronix should work on dancehall night cause he would mash up the place he should not work on international night for the first time on sumfest he was saying a good thing every artist talk about a next artist performance all a dem do it so weh him a talk about lets see if octain n him fireworks can do the job this year fake dread d people dem soon see how you fake

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