More than 100 workers were arrested at an Ohio meatpacking plant by federal agents following a yearlong immigration investigation, the second largest raid in the state in the past two weeks.

The investigation focused on whether the company knowingly hired people who are in the country illegally and used fake identities belonging to US citizens to get their jobs, Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials said.

The arrests Tuesday come as the US government steps up its focus on businesses that hire people in the country illegally as part of a broad range of immigration crackdowns under Republican President Donald Trump.

The 146 arrests in one of the largest workplace immigration raids in recent years happened at Fresh Mark’s meat processing plant in Salem, in northeastern Ohio. Immigration agents and local authorities also carried out search warrants at the company’s two other locations in Massillon and its plant in Canton.

Most of the workers arrested were from Guatemala, said Khaalid Walls, an agency spokesman.

Several of those who were detained were processed and released on Tuesday because they are the sole care providers of children or they have health concerns, Walls said.

Dustin White, a pastor in Canton whose ministry reaches out to dozens of Guatemalans working at Fresh Mark, said he was told by families that some workers were detained at the Canton plant as well.

“From what I saw and heard they say their loved ones haven’t come home,” White said a day after the raid. “In many ways, the dust hasn’t settled.”

No criminal charges have been filed against Fresh Mark, but authorities say the investigation is continuing.

The company makes bacon, hot dogs, ham and lunch meat for the Sugardale and Superior’s brands.


  1. Mi know dem extra tight ovea ohio mi have ppl ova deh wah gone cause a dat shit… Yow yankee deh yah whey inna dem own country an naaa wuk a live offa gov an ppl whey actually waah work an try help dem family is not a choice? like really? too many things are backwards dat needs to be forward man… huunu done lie too wee too much already man mek we survive damn.. at least dat… shit.

  2. So dem really raid the meat plant smack dab in the middle of bbq season? Dem couldn’t wait till September?

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