Spill the tea bout this couple. I never get th full story. Anyways is this a real marriage cos I know Nicole and Rachel marriage fake… so is Yolanda the only one with a good husband? Talk up the things

5 thoughts on “ICE TEA OR HOT TEA NEEDED

  1. here we go again with leather face yolanda. all three women, (nicole, rachel & yolanda) took them now husband from smaddy else including him, they are not perfect as they pretend to be, dave have multiple young gal bout di place, but him cheat neat him no big & careless like greg dem, him have all boys pon di roster to me hear but them get di riches froms “drugs money” so no watch di hype, di whole a dem questionable.

  2. Sender he is said to be taking care of a few young girls, tuition, books and the sort. Shanzi.a on IG is perhaps his most known concubine.

    1. Stop telling lie on shanzi why uno people come so uno accuse her or being with sasco den greh now cess? Leave di ppl dem pickney alone ole crasis

  3. Kerry, mi have something to ask you, do you know shanzi personally? Can you vouch for shanzi? Would you put ur neck on the line for shanzi moral character? If is not 3 yes then leave people alone. U see when little fly by day pitch by night live carless das wat happen to them. I hope IG block jamaica from them net work soon and very soon, u see like how some countries cant have access to certain sites dem block dem, well i want jamaica govt decide to block fb n ig, snap chat from this region. Uno too vain

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