1. Met yuh know what hurt me, no matter how shi there with her family ALL SHI A TALK BOUT A HER MAN, dem seh not even her daughter she give attention, everything shi talk bout suck pussy Hollywood hype. There’s a time for everything and that little moment in Jamaica should’ve been for your child. Express how you love and miss her, stop having her making videos talking about your man. Your child will be here for you, man comes and go.

    1. ah true me never like that at all i felt like he makes her do that shit .. its pathetic never like that every striking video my husband i miss u and she nuh see her kid in how much years she should be makin them with her big daughter whois clearly bigger than her and i am so sorry but me never did aguh attend no strip club wid me madda all when me an har a d sed panty size idk why she take her to taboo …. but whatever a ghetto ppl mek dem gallong

  2. Wow thats har daughter? Thewoman look older than har! In the first pic you can see the hurt in har eyes, she was a blink away from tears smh

  3. Why some people are so obsessed with what others are doing in their lives….seriously! Why the sender choose to send in a pic of this lady’s daughter?? People need to know when to quit sometimes.

  4. This is a blogging & gossip website no sender miserable bout ya . Hear this a mother must know her time & place to value & cherish moments with your children or your only child. First she dress like hooker visiting her child ‘ all that show off in Jamaica wasn’t call for yard to hot for those boots frighten Friday . Me not take in no child to no strip club or whore house , then mothers wonder why children have no respect for them .

  5. wow, what a way to come back to Jamaica well bleached out, giving her daughter more of a complex. women need to love the skin they were born in! what a surprise, I never knew she had a daughter. the way she gwann with the man you would think she has no children and the likkle dawg was there first child. she favor shrunken head in beetle juice. when you hugly you just hugly so

  6. i think she shouts out her husband so much because he makes it possible for her to take care of her family back home. and it’s obvious she loves her daughter very much. i don’t see nothing wrong with what she is doing. stop paying attention to lil bullshit and leave these people alone they not hurting nobody.

    1. I was on her page the other day and di lady ah par wid ar bredda, she an im ah drive choo d ghetto togetha weh dem grow, dem ah buy seafood togetha…di lady ah spend time wid ar whole, I personally wouldn’t take my dawta guh anuh strip joint, but maybe the dawta been ah guh dem places deh an Sky jus ah tag along, cause it was Sky with her dawta and the dawta fren..if dat ah fidem ting, den dat ah fidem ting…

  7. Mi wouldn’t wan see she naked, she look so crawny. Ewww. Look pon har hand and har neck, and har teeth big nuh rass. Lmao. Mek a ask har a question a him tek yuh virginity? Cause yuh act like say a yuh first man dis, every thing my hubby my ribs, my f**king kids are my ribs cause dem come from out a me, why di ras yuh never bring hubby wid yuh a Jamaica, since it look like u a guh dead over him. Everybody love dem man, but oh gosh man. But yuh a gwan like di man look good, him big and fat like, dwl

    ALL the videos should just be with your child and you could’ve dress more your age you’re in your mid 40”s have more self respect. You carrying on like an idiot

  9. To me the woman is just uber happy where she at in her life right now especially since its her husband whom is very instrumental in her new found riches. I must say lady that u can sometimes tone down the drastic makeup for day wear, it should be lighter giving a more natural look. I don’t know what happen but this woman was never ugly before, but obviously something/things changed. lastly if your boots is not padded like an Uggs u can wear on certain night on the town in Jamaica as the temperature gets cooler. Anyway lady enjoy your life with your hubby & lots more blessings..I’m happy you finally got thru so u could go visit ur family.

  10. that chick has been here for years and her Daughter still in Jamaica?
    BULLSHIT! I don’t give a shit about what she has or what she’s about! u come and get yourself situated instead ur ass in every dance ah hype up yourself! all that dam money u spend on that fake ass and breast! that could have brought your Daughter here to live with you!

  11. Dolly why yu suh wikid …. Yu nevah afi send dis in …. Esp wid the oman pikini…… Di time u tek a mad buy u tikit an fly out nuh an mi nuh mean fly out to TAO a manhattan fly out in a plane …

  12. Unno too red eye if the gal man a mind har and a tek care of her what’s the problem, if he takes care of her financial needs that means the child also benefits, yall hate to see people doing good, some of unnu only wish yall can walk in the girl shoes, leave the child out of it,mother And daughter bonding any way they choose…that’s why envy and hate will forever be, I’m happy for Her and loves how Hollywood hype and her Big up each other

  13. Imagine u left ur daughter fr she was a baby & wen u there u should have made up for all the lost times & dnt pay mr hype no mind cause a so him use to hype with Kay & use her as mule & a transporter & wen shit hits the fan him take u up my dear be very careful of that boy….j

  14. Uno bad minded bad! The woman have all right to big up her husband as she like, him made her life worth living, I am sure her daughter don’t mind that her mom I’d bigging up the man that made this visit to see her daughter a possibility, the daughter and mother is bonding they can go anywhere,she is no longer a teenager so I don’t see the big deal, what I see is some miserable haters on the sidelines wishing they could be Sky and enjoying the beautiful sunny island of Jamaica. Gwan through my girl, enjoy your time with you daughter, and continue big up u good up husband, and if you did a do it 10 times a day, double it and mek it 20. Drop dead now.

  15. Some people are just so HATEFUL and ENVIOUS too much. I can bet the sender wishes she was in this lady shoes right now because I do not see anything about this to send in. Lady keep in doing you and enjoy your life, hubby, and your family.

  16. Gtfoh..which money dem have. Please ya..All that Hype For what..Dutty NINJA Swyper weh nuh like brush him teeth. The 2 a dem do up them,body and just look crawny and disgusting..if them so called happy good for them but the whole heap a hype not good..I wonder if them really look,pan them one another when them naked or they just accept that both they bodies fu**ed up..

  17. If I am not mistaken the daughter use to live in America! I remember Marlene dropping her off in Elementary School. As to her bugging up Hillbilly Hype it could be because this is the best of her…….best she has ever lived and man of her own! Marlene the slim face look don’t look good though, Yuh fava your chihuahua,eat well and live long!

  18. She’s just a nasty bitch that’s all him want her far.. She give good head lol. mi fren tell me him cum in the nasty gal mouth and she drink it up Dwl

  19. Stop talk bout ar man make it possible,he is a very controlling man who loves the spotlight,unu notice seh Marlene scared a him if dem a drive she haffi seh hubby dis hubby dat..all if she video di living room him wah inna it…him too frighten if a man so rich him why show aff so much…unu memba wah happen to Flippa unu nah learn shows you how ignorant unu can be…low self esteem issues…I believe dem a do it for show an for immigration cah when me married mi husband 6 years ago we show nuff pics an dem seh bring album…yes yes too much showaff nuh good…man nuffi love hype so is like him woulda get mad if she nuh mention him…

    1. I get that controlling vibes sometimes i truly feel sorry for her like she just look HIGH sometimes and i believe its all a facade. I think him beat har! Something about her scream depressing to me IDK why. Im not hating cuz i dont have ntn against marlene but i feel he makes her do all this video shit its not willingly.

  20. Yessssssssss me hear u have to can carry …….around Cali for those lavish life style for Mr Hype to offer those lavish life style . Don’t grudge u ms Hype everything in my name not no brother or mother inlaw. Model Model my girl the boys luv ppl like u guys only makes them job easy for the prosecution .

  21. Him no have no rass money dem poor like. lol what money??? Bout rich life kmft. She stay bad and old like hype dem a look she f**k out and DONE…..

  22. Met. this long time pop down old bitch. She love the short fat man more than her child smh… Gal like you a man clown man door mat. Get this old bitch off the WALL SOMEBODY PLEASE

  23. Jesus tek di case……why some of us Jamaican insist on putting others down instead of being happy for others…..unnu fi stop it God a watch unnu. Clean up unnu dutty heart man…..good gosh unnu fi fraid of…..kmdt


  25. Yalllllllllllll madddddddddd afffffffffff thoooooooooooo omg this woman daughter is a f**kin adult inna a nuff 20s a wahhhhhh me can hear d hurt inna d comment dem # who the f**k died and mad yall GOD ??? Dwfllll no man it serious eno an a fi uno life dirty JESUS MAN wah all dis fa ?? Lie uno lie n bitter a tru man Lowe ppl mek den live dem bomboclaat life plzz !!!! Sad

  26. Wat a way uno glad fi d likkle opportunity fi dun d woman n r daughter (who is a grown as woman btw ) tru ppl cah c uno tru identity eee dwfll no sa uno sah bitter jealous hungry one room bitches a put nice comment unda d woman pic den pon instagram why uno nuh talk uno bloodclaat mind deh so to me na look how uno hurt lmaoo uno fi guh have several seAts inna d punk bitch section

  27. Nooo sahhhh Unu tooo good me and sade a fren from prep school days yes a prep school she go then hughs u know how that woman spoil and bruk sade bad that is sade best friend u know how much barrel a cloths and shoes plus food sade get a year time plus money every single week when we a grow up she call sade every single day so unu leave her alone she loves and adore her lil mama that’s what she calls sade……sade a big woman sade a 24 so if her mom wanna take het to strip club or them go party a no fe we business unu gwehhhh and low the woman wid her one pickney mek them live them life at least she never come ya come breed up breed up and fe get bout sade nope she th ook care of her daughter to the extent while she never had no papers ohhhhohhhh

  28. Can someone answer this for please and thanks why she has to go visit her daughter or how many she has down a jamaica??? why hasn’t she did the neccessary things to get her daughter right where she is living good and proper??? The daughter don’t even really favor her much but come on your a mother do what you have to get her in the same place you live smdh.

  29. fast hating jamaicans. this girl is living a dream many cant come close to. wha deh problem, it her life, her terms. dawg shit unnuh. this is what yall want, batty and bres, a man weh will own unnuh, forget the holly part, summa unnuh dont even have stay. low the gyal and guh kill unnuh self. the majority of ghetto jamaican folk are just trash, bitter, envious souls!! fraid a unnuh..

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