ISHAWNASince news of their break-up surfaced earlier this year, both Foota Hype and dancehall artiste Ishawna have denied any bad blood between them.
The pair told the media that the split was amicable and stated that their working relationship would cause the two to remain in each other’s circle.
However, the release of a new track titled Restraining Order by Ishawna may lead people to think otherwise. Earlier this month, reports surfaced that the Need Love singer filed a restraining order against her ex-fianc茅. She confirmed those reports.
“I did file a restraining order but that is a court matter and I cannot disclose any further details,” she said. When quizzed about the obvious links between her pending restraining order and the song, Ishawna said she is leaving everything up to people’s interpretations.
“People always think I’m talking about myself when I put out songs, but I’m just being creative and I will leave it up to people to think what they want,” she explained.
The new track by Ishawna was produced by Justus Arison on the newly released High Life rhythm, and seemingly shows the singer revealing intimate details about her relationship with her ex.
The track begins with the artiste declaring “man have a right woman have a right to, you use to hurt me now a me a hurt you.”
However, the singer said the song may or may not be about her personal relationship. “I am going through some personal issues right now, and as an artiste I write from a personal place but I’m just doing music,” she said
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  1. Blonde hair look nice; Ishawna is just going thru a rough patch/wild streak in her life right now…none ah wi perfect, but young lady…don’t let this whatever you’re going thru, get outta control…you’re still very young and beautiful; maybe yuh jus nuh ready fe sekkle dung yet *and there is nothing wrong with that*…but take it all in stride, date who yuh wa date *try have likkle descretion*, have fun *wid likkle descretion* and try be happy. Love what you do and do what you love with no regrets, but memba seh yuh have ah young yute weh see and know wa gwaan, ok dawlin?? Tek wi foolish advice cause as elders, some ah wi been there and done that mums sun wi naah lead yuh astray..

  2. am路i路ca路ble
    adjective: amicable
    (of relations between people) having a spirit of friendliness; without serious disagreement or rancor.
    “there will be an amicable settlement of the dispute”
    synonyms: friendly, good-natured, cordial, easy, easygoing
    RESTRAINING ORDER-re路strain路ing or路der
    noun: restraining order; plural noun: restraining orders
    a temporary court order issued to prohibit an individual from carrying out a particular action, especially approaching or contacting a specified person.
    鈥 Restraining Orders
    What is a restraining order?
    A restraining order is a court order that can protect you from being physically abused, threatened, stalked or harassed. A civil restraining order also can give you custody of your children, order visitation and child support, provide you with court orders regarding your property and pets, and, depending on the circumstances, require the abuser to move out of your home. A civil restraining order is a good idea even if you have a criminal protective order, because it can last longer and give you and your family different kinds of protection.
    Who can get a restraining order?
    You can ask for a restraining order if a person has abused you, and you are related or have a close relationship with that person. Close relationships include people who are dating or used to date; are married, divorced or separated; and registered domestic partners. Examples of relatives include a parent, child, brother, sister, grandmother, grandfather, or in-law. You have to be more involved than just roommates. See Restraining Orders 101 for more detailed information.
    How old do I need to be to get a restraining order?
    You need to be at least 12 years old to get a restraining order.
    I think I need a restraining order against my boyfriend but he goes to the same school. How can a restraining order keep him away?
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    How long does it take to get a restraining order? Can I get one today?
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    This order is not valid until the abuser has been served, which means that someone must personally hand the papers to the abuser so that the abuser knows about the hearing. When you go to the hearing, the judge will decide whether to make the restraining order last longer (up to five years).
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    What will happen to my children?
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    1. Metty I doe know why dese clowns always ah speak tuh di media…cah dem don’t hav ah clue an chat so suh foolishess. Dem fi literally run from di media and if di media ketch up wid dem all dem fi seh is “No comment”. Ishawna please tuh forward mi check fi dah piece ah advice deh….mek it payable to JMG. Me and di folks oba yah wi wrerk out di sharings :ngakak

          1. as u say a better dem say no comment but to how tings go a ja sometimes di artiste dem dont even say those words a ddi reporter dem mek dem up

  3. why is she contradicting herself >>>>> People always think I鈥檓 talking about myself when I put out songs, but I鈥檓 just being creative>>>>> the singer said the song may or may not be about her personal relationship. 鈥淚 am going through some personal issues right now, and as an artiste I write from a personal place but I鈥檓 just doing music :salahkamar

  4. met I need a shoulder to lean on.. Puts my hands on my forehead. me go on Ishawna IG and she put up video a whine pan sizzla.. sizzla deh back a her a whine, me just see him grab her in a her back.. like a likkle skettle.. in all my life me never see no man grab up lady saw so pan stage yet.. and she sing really raw stuff, I am so ashamed

    1. These young girls in the biz just don’t get it! As raw as Lady Saw is, somehow, someway, she manage to get respect from all of her male counterparts. All when she a wine pon dem and carry on, them still treat her with respect and let her take the lead. Whatever formula she Lady Saw have, dem girl yah need fi find it and find it quick cause at the end of the day, fun or not, its not a good look!

  5. met and you know say! no reporter neva edit this one? I refused to believe that a reporter would just edit weh she say fi just write the same exact thing again.. I think the reporter did not even edit weh she say dem just dash it out.. and because ishawna speaky spokey she feels like when she talk she intelligent!! is like the gal confuse nobody nuh fi dunce.. Ishawna me wan fight the dunceness outta you.. from I was birth :maho

  6. yo seriously somebody need fi tell da gyal yah seh she nuh sexy ina real life, no sex appeal and she look like a bloodclaat man …fi real star…

  7. Joe give ishawna money fi come a farrin come do up her body & di vision was a nicki minaj type a ting she get ass shots but not di amount wehh joe did want him bexx caz him did a expect morw fi him money #Facts

  8. We all know Foota cheated on Ishwana,
    She probably hurting for a long time.
    But she fi watch HOW she ah move.
    When a woman in pain sometimes emotion take dem ova.
    Love dem ah look, often ending up in d wrong places.
    But FRONT page news? Wtf ! This shows you how Jamaica’s priority screwed up.
    Ishawana deserve some news headline?
    Well bwoy if Sizzla she secret lover she just might do betta wit a Rasta man now.
    Oh ! Ishawana fi behave betta though. But still…
    Men be careful how u treat yuh women.

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