Hi Met,
IG a shell dung as we speak. Seems a US $200 party was held called Club Manhattan. Since this morning I’ve seen quite a few persons posting and complaining how ratchet the party was etc. Miss Wayanne,who became famous a few years ago when she made a video of her masturbating and it was plastered over the internet took it upon herself to screenshot Erica from style savvy’s post and dissed her. Now ppl such as fashionera a come out n reveal say many persons were given free tickets.
My thing is this..ppl have the right to express their opinion. If the party was lame it was just lame. That seems to be the consensus though….only the ballers such as the ministers seemed to have enjoyed it.


  1. As a business woman she should not be involved in dem sumen here. All if a my event she diss suh (all when it flop so till, cos ppl seh it did flop fi true) mi send man guh rob dat pussyclaat…teach har a lesson..#sorrynotsorry she figet seh a Ja weh man will rob ppl fi bulla and pear lol Mek she gwan man , long run short ketch.

  2. That black tuff bitch love jump Inna ppl business before she need fi stay Inna r lane n try sell out the old clothes n piece a shoes dem Inna the box of a store she has. The bitch know ppl nuh like r n love nuff up r dutty self. She did well waan the ticket caw mi hear she a message down the ppl dem a ask wen dem ago gi r! Mi see the screenshot too. As for Erica or w/e she waan name she does has a right to her opinion suh mi nave a ting fi seh if she waan defend r self. A deh dutty flitta face black bitch deh edel too nuff.

  3. If unno don’t know nutten. Unno shut unno rass especially some a dem gyal that don’t have papers and cah bloodcloth come back a JA. Unno chat too much and think unno know everything whey a gwan a ja

  4. Met, I wassssss so disappointed about this party and thank God a free ticket me get tooo, the party was lame as f**k. I am so disappointed in Andrew french fiba man weh keep nuff party. The bar dun three times, seem they expected ppl to only buy liquor fi the 200usd most a di ppl there got free tickets yes, like myself. I hate it left early it was really a ratchet messs

  5. Yes the party ratchet but everybody weh a cuss on IG a behave disgraceful. Erica yuh behave dutty and yuh fi member yuh a business woman. As fi Edel she cross angry and miserable cause everyday she a post sey Kityungkingz naw pay har nuh mind before she come JA she did a talk bout bae now gyal a sey she did legally blind when she run go Sandz launch and nuh get nuh knowing den she a text dung the man and naw get nuh text back. Me never see no hot gyal whe ever a come Jamaica fi come mek har outfit fi go out suh. Clothes sell a Farrin Miss Edel it dint look good yuh caan buy yuhself 2 piece a good clothes. Stop buying out the ppl dem argument and go put yuh anger wey it fi guh at the bae yuh come fi see we naw give yuh nuh knowing!!

  6. B UT THIS BITCH GOES FROM FLORIDA TO JA N A GWANN LIKE A FOREIGN….its 350 fi go ja from florida so u cant hype on nobody, you better beg some of your good looking friends some looks and stop nuff up ur ninja turtle ugly self.

  7. Met off the topic go look on money train Facebook page (Mtrain Iscoming) page now and see the babymom post on his wall about giving away 1200 at his party and how him not taking care of his child from hurry up before him delete

  8. met the tickets were really being given away a lot. I was wondering how they were giving away so many tickets for a USD$200 party. I don’t know if they sold any tickets the way they were being given away. All I thought was that this party could never be worth $200 and that’s why they could give so many away. Me mean like one person all a get 10 free tickets

  9. Wayanne and ar suck hood self. I don’t understand how it’s ballaz only and a run dung ppl fi gi dem pass. And what bottle dem a talk bout buying? If I spend 200usd fi a party everything fi free! Bout ballaz only wid ar spongebob shape

  10. They exposed all of Wayanne’s business on Twitter after that. She should have just kept her mouth closed and deleted those posts

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