Ignorance Empowers & Renews the lease on Generational curses
Spiritual laws will quickly point out to us that in order for a generational curse or any curse for that matter
to exist or run its course, there must be legal ground to establish and begin its destructive cycle.
The first spiritual law of generational curses dictates that a curse that have no cause cannot come upon anyone or any family, Proverbs 26:2. This law quickly dispels the notion that someone can curse anyone at will or a generational curse just automatically passes on from generation to generation. In the case of a generational curse, it will be the “INIQUITY” that must be sustain throughout the generations to support or give cause for the generational curse to run its course, Exodus 34:7and Exodus 20:5.
Secondly, the law of ignorance plays a pivotal role in the oppression and progression of generational curses. A generational curse cannot perform its full impact without the full cooperation of its victim. How is this you may ask? Well the victim is unknowingly working towards his own demise via his ignorance that they are not only under a generational curse but ignoring all the visible signs of it.
Scripture points out to us in Ephesians 6:12, of four ranks of demonic activity that we are wrestling against, and they are:
1) Principalities
2) Powers
3) Rulers of the darkness of this world and
4) Spiritual wickedness in high places
The above orders/ranks are all spiritual, meaning they are not visible to the human eye, thus, places us at a disadvantage. Nevertheless, for the sake of this teaching I would like for us to focus on the third order which is, “RULERS OF THE DARKNESS OF THIS WORLD”. Rulers are those that govern, supervise or exercise control. Darkness in this text symbolizes “ignorance”. Therefore, this specific order of demonic activity is solely responsible for keeping us “IGNORANT OF THE SPIRITUAL LAWS”.
Due to these forces being spiritual/invisible they work through human agents such as religious leaders and Charlatans, who subscribe to traditions, philosophy, ideology and everything else that moves us away from the bible which contains the spiritual laws that we need to combat these stubborn evil forces. My friend please read carefully what I am about to say to you next. Any church, religious institution, religious leader or whomever that insist on substituting the laws, principles, commandments and protocols of God with money, miracle water, miracle oils etc. are agents of the Devil assigned to your life only to tie you up spiritually so that it would be impossible for you to make progress physically.
Anyone that understands laws, understands that everything is governed by some type of law. Therefore, the spirit realm is no different. Like I have said so many times before, the spirit world is where it all begins, simply because it’s the origin of all things. As a result of this understanding, it is understood that in order to achieve or succeed with anything physically, then it must be established spiritually first! Friends! Please understand that absolutely everything that is experienced in our natural world was conceived in the spirit realm. With this being said, you must focus on the spiritual things of your life and begin making corrections and adjustments in those areas if you desire to maintain and sustain any victory in your natural life. The spiritual areas of your life would be your words, thoughts, dreams the word of God, voices that are not accompanied with a physical body etc. As a reminder the Apostle Paul warned us when he said, “Set not your eyes on the things that are seen for what is seen is temporal (subject to change). Instead focus on that which you cannot physically see with your eyes for these things are eternal, whatever it is that we can not see with our eyes are indeed spiritual, 2 Corinthians 4:18.
As a reminder, In Hosea 4:6 and Isaiah 5:13 the common phrase used in both scriptures is “My people are in bondage or are being destroyed due to their lack of KNOWLEDGE”. It did not say that the people of God were being destroyed because they lack miracle water, miracle oils, miracle cloths and the like. Scriptures sticks a pin in the following point by saying that it will be through “KNOWLEDGE” that the just will be delivered, Proverbs 11:9. Again, if they’re not giving you the spiritual knowledge of God which is the only thing that can deliver us, then they are simply misleading you.
Again, generational curses are real and for the most part your life has been shackled with limitations and setbacks due to your ignorance of the obvious generational curses that’s upon your family. Stop qualifying the curse to remain in your family with the fuel of ignorance and begin fighting with the word of God!
Written By: Kevin L A Ewing
[email protected]
Posted by Kevin Ewin


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