45 thoughts on “IKAN IN HIS CHAMPION

    1. What is wrong with it? You cannot wear Balmain and hype only to have on Champion boxes that Conway sells. Move from yasso and Gwey. The point is, You is a fake flosser.

    2. That me wah kno too. Champion is coming back in style… If u really know fashion then you’d kno this. All the young rich kids on Insta wears Champion and I never see anybody bashing them. Let the man live, even tho I can’t stand his face.

  1. Jaydon you and your wifey apple have surely been exposed for the fake life style you both be living. Jaydon rich people don’t shop were champion boxers sell. You claim sey you and your wife have on balmain his and her outfit u suppose to have on a versace boxers ,or gucci or channel or balmain boxers.the people them really show uno up this week on pink wall. Fr yuh wife balmain size 4 in USA that could never fit her to the 1 fake receipt. Jaydon dem flop yuh 2 parties because you and your wife apple too rich so people a refuse to spend them money with you. And jaydon your friends them also a complain sey all u do is Meck up and buy liquor into the people them dance and then a dash all the liquor like a u alone buy them. Jaydon why u and apple so rich but uno have a 2 bedroom apt your little daughter and her 17yrs old grown asss brother sharing room and sleeping on the same bed that’s wrong Come on jaydon u and apple need to do better every little girl need them pink barbie room. And apple boy must want to bri g him girl home to show her his mother plastic bed , plastic luving room set .jaydon tell apple not to post anymore puctures of uno apt until uno purchase new furnitures and tell her not tuh show that little bath tub again because Rich people dont have so little cub up bathroom. I wish you and your wife apple could just grow up because I think I like you jaydon i just have to talk the truth. Jaydon it is wrong for blind to lead blind . You blind and apple blind suh duh the maths.

      1. What in the person post is hate? The thing is, You dancehall people is very delusional, But then again, most a you arrogant and illiterate to think these people are actually celebrities. Wearing name brands and don’t have college founds for your kids is basic for nuff a you anyways.

    1. When Rich people keep parties they don’t charge fi come in, its catered and have open bar Plus dem no keep it in no Hall

      1. Dancehall people no know this enuh? So they go and give Ikanhalic and him First lady of dancehall their money to pay for their section 8 housing. From I was birth.

    2. U is a f***g ass. Tf U know about him kmt. Unu just love run off Unu bloodcloth mouth,we fam n all U just seh a bull, true d man nu let Unu inna him bizniz y’all target him,clothes a clothes brand or not a fi cover Ur body

  2. Wat a way ppl life hurt yuh realtalk
    Jeez you sound like the private investigator.you should wrk for the cia

  3. Him does look like him singing a karaoke fi chute :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak Jadion, please to hit up the gym, you don’t carry extra weight well, sir.

  4. Lmfao!!!!!!! Fi all who waah know wah wrong wid him champion boxers! When yuh guh balmain $5000 blazer yuh nuh guh champion $6.99 boxers! Da maths seh cyah duh. Wen dem did a shop fi dem outfit him shuda shop fi boxers to. N hopple yuh is not a gud wife! Yuh shuda tell yuh husband seh him fi wear betta boxers unda him whole eep a money worth a clothes. But true u waah out do the man like a your party. Yuh see him possum looking face to bout him tuck in marina inna boxers like a wol eep a money fi it. Dont get me wrong enuh, nothing nuh wrong wid him boxers but when yuh show off pon ppl everything wrong wid da champion boxers deh. Worst a your party. An unnu walk in like dancehall 1st family.

    1. You have time a explain to these duncebat why the Champion boxers don’t go with the Balmain outfit and the Porche car, What a joke :ngakak

  5. How you well hype with all these expensive pieces and you boxer come from Bobbys ? How icon how?

  6. Senda u have way 2 much time pon yuh hand fi a nitpick dung to di man draws, a nuh him u a expose, u expose yuhself yuh seem to have a healthy obsession wid dem smfh

  7. The rich people them wear cheaper than what he has on..kmt some a hunt just wish yall was inna the man shoes…weh badmind a go….. gawn do u thing yah.. live you life how u want to. Some people wish.. good youth.

  8. It is funny how some people are the ones calling these two celebrities, it’s not the individuals you guys are talking about, you guys hype them up the way you do, the people make dem important… They are like the rest of the people who want to live this hype life and make everyone think they living good, this couple is not the only ones that are probably living up their means and showing off etc… You guys are the one that make them seem like they are live celebrities and they are feeding off of that mess… It’s just my observation…. I don’t these people from a can of paint…

  9. Black people really caught up in the wrong things & for your information rich people wear regular things too.I saw Brandy once & Macy’s on the sale rack & her brother in Topshop so please stop worrying about what these people undergarments name are cause everyone that wear brands wear inexpensive things to.This is why poor people would always stay down.

  10. Maybe him wear champion cuz him champion boy . or maybe cuz him rich isa couture boxers straight from the runways of Paris an it pronounce shampionne.

  11. The bottom line is (Icon’s Champion Boxers) in this case is how is it that you don’t have good underwear? Mama use to always say, you gots to always wear good underwear in case something happens and you gotta go to the hospital or meet a man that way they know you’re not nasty, dirty, or cheap. With that being said it totally behooves me that the Richards put so much thought and effort into Balmain (thanks Nicki Minaj ‘ cause if she wasn’t rapping about it I’m sure they would floss it) you clearly would as Biggie Smalls said “Stay Giucci down to the socks…” Furthermore, to all the Anti-Haters.. stop coming onto JMG with your feelings it’s a “Suss-Site” it’s not personal just the facts, as people see it. Now the question I have is : Where is Mrs Rchards ring? Was that it on Mr Richards pinky? Or is he having it upgraded at Tiffany’s Harry Winston Neil Lane or Taccori? Oh that’s right the Debeer family is especially mining her an upgrade to go with the Porsche and the Chanel bag is so basic now she is awaiting her Goyard custom pieces because her Hermes is being ordered as well…DWL

  12. jay icouldn’t look like a late in life lesbian, who wen yuh ask har if she like women she reply, “lesbian? I don’t like labels.” Big up Apple and Jay the first gay married couple of Dancehall, you pioneers you.

  13. mi nuh know nuh ah dem but lowe the boxers man, at least him balls naah swing like JPS light wire inna thunder storm cheap or not it shouldnt matter

  14. You Jamaicans are so sickening and bad mind against one another! Like so what if he has on champion boxers! You can tell most of you guys commenting on this post is poor and narrow minded because you guys have all the time in the world to judge someone base on the boxers they wear instead of going to find a job. Like you guys are so quick to bring down and bully someone over the littlest things in life and the sad part is y’all are grown ass adults who wish you guys were living their lifestyle. Moral of the story you guys are FANS and people need to worry about themselves and stop watching others and how they living worry about you and your life.

  15. I learned a valuable thing in this lifetime and that’s worry about yourself don’t watch what a next person is doing don’t talk bad about how your fellow neighbor is living there lives. they are enjoying it the best way they know how. Focus on you and yours … we all do things differently and how apple is living her life is how she is suppose to live it maybe she was fashion icon in her last life. sometimes people don’t know why they behave the way they do. what i am saying may not make sense to a lot of you but so be it. Unno live the life you want to live and low people.

  16. Rich ppl wear cheap shit to thats y them rich , them smart only poor ppl love spend them last on expensive shit and broke the next day.. If unu never find the 2 of important you all wouldnt b here trying to comment

  17. The people who are defending them don’t get the point. Yes, wealthy people do wear inexpensive things but you don’t see them carrying on, on television showing price tag on every piece of clothes they wear. Those rich celebrities they do work hard for the things they own. On the other hand as you guys call them (dancehall first couple) they steal from upper middle class and middle class families accounts to fund their “rich n flashy” lifestyle. So yes, when you brag that everything on you cost over 15k we are expecting everything to be expensive even the damn boxers. So no, we are not hating we are merely here stating and pointing out a few facts.

  18. Champion champion champion J is a champion ? J false start so my advise to him is just leave the race alone. Nothing wrong with what you are wearing but if you are the flossing prince you should not being cheaper name brand, but forget about the Brand just stay away from the lime light if you want to enjoy you future real talk

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