1. This girl is going through something only she knows about. I follow her on IG and by her post yiu could tell she has some stuff inside that is bothering her. BTW her mother just had a baby as well. Her friend Kim PerfectiOn I think they live together now she is the one that should be on here, she too just had a baby and no dance Nuh miss she. Advise to Kim perfection, slow down on the partying try to find aan to help with your papers and sort your big daughter in Jamaica she really need your help and you’re not being a role model to and for her.

  2. Ohh wow..better she did guh dinner rather than dance.How long after giving birth?…..not only that she talking about sitting in sumady face.How old id this girl

  3. Maybe she want her kids dem tuh be three weeks apart in age, who knows..who cares…there is just no talking tuh nor helping certain people *shrugs shoulders and bites into a rice cake*…

  4. I don’t know this girl but she need fi tek a rope and kill are self because this is one of the highest level of nastiness,, omg whats wrong with these girls…. Ewwwwwww disgusted :travel :dp :dp

  5. If you can believe, I have a worse story. Dis girl name Shelly, she get dip now, she used to hang out wid Tina Jetset. She had a baby that died in labor, she came home the night of a big dance and decided she a go. She mek har friend dem duct tape har belly and she go a di dance. SMH, I guess some people grieve differently.

    1. Yes I remember Shelly. I used to go to Tina when she was there. Mi never know was ever even pregnant. Wow. That is pretty sad and surprising. As for Kim Perfection nothing about her surprises me. But dem neva say she gay????

      1. Yes she was, after she had her daughter Survivor. Before she go par wid Tina she used to live wid a girl name deidre, who used to do hair inna di apt. A suh mi witness di duct taping, after the still birth baby.

  6. This gal dont have nothing bout are from cleaning dance floor a Jamaica to the dancehall fraternity.I dont even think she straight.

  7. Har baby not even get ah sip breast milk! you can c shi could not wait fi guh dance wid di pad under har and a leaking breast shi mus raw!!!

  8. Dem young gyal nowadays deh Pon some different shit. Dem no fraid a baby cold or infection. Dem inside Mek outta cast iron. No thought for the care of the young baby. Who breed these cretins? This prove man will push dem hood inna anything.

  9. Good Morning ,Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others…..
    Happy New Year to all who want it….dis is why de state have social workers taking away kids nd putting dem up until,outside is soooo phuck’n cold nd she out dere open up like dat wen de womb it self still try’n to get back tuh 10mths always de ppl dem weh dont know how tuh tek care a dem selves nd kids stay havings kids nd de wan dem weh can more dan deh pon bending knees a ask God plz.
    I have no advice tuh give, jus a luk nd a seh dis gingeration very dif-fah-rent!!!!!

  10. Is last night we a talk bout her. She and kim a share one bedroom with 2 young baby. Every apartment kim get she lose cause a them. Kim go get a one room, Jodi go live wid di baby father. Him put her out at 6 months she back in a do room with him. Kim is a trying girl I give her that but Lowe out some a these Fren deh. Jodi why u no give kim u green card since u no have no use fi it. Worthless. All do positive things unu post when unu a breed go right in the garbage when unu push out do pickney

  11. @Metty, rise di GLOGK fi simply comment deh duh, a di realest talk since 2015 start!!…DEM NEED DELIVERANCE, MAY GOD HAVE MERCY!!!

  12. It bad but a nuff a dem mi see a dweet… Dat NUH Mek it right but is a new ting in a dance hall… All a dem pic need fi dash out

  13. Very sad, very sad for the children wah issue from their womb. We get di first wave of kids wah get raised like dis, si dem teck set eena wi skin and nah give up till dem suck every blood dry outta wi. Now, folks never learn from the mistakes from before and di careless parenting continues. May God help di innocent children. May God help us all who have to live wid di products of those homes.

  14. 3 weeks???? 3 weeks after giving birth me still nuh know meself. All me deh home a do is feed baby, burp baby, clean baby poop, bathe baby and put the baby to sleep until him wake and di cycle start ova….sometimes sleep a kill me inna di miggle day and dem can find di strength fi go dance???? A iron mek dem up?

    1. di ole ole iron dem but mi waaa know at 3 weeks baby still a eat every two hours so who home feeding the baby when she out

  15. Bwoy she careless bad my baby a 3 years old and me still no go out or see the need to bit me did a wonder a y she a put up every minute say she single and it’s so obvious she stress for real but no sahhhsahhhso she just get papers up Inna the year and Chrystal and kim still no have none smh they sad as f**k

  16. Met maybe this is a wake up call… From morning not a cluck outta she or Kim perfection… This post should say on the front page. Them too disgusting man, and all a drink liquor something can go suh? Not even work ppl go back to at 3 weeks.

  17. A wonder if kim sight this coming. Me look pon her IG and last night she a say even though she party she’s still a good mother to her kids

  18. DAT dance did mussi frowsey nasty gal must smell like raw pad imagine u womb still open n u deh ah dance drinking liquor wit cigarette smoke in da air careless gal wen new baby wake up n wah feeding a who feed it dirty gal

  19. How can a person party 7 days a week n still b a good mother to dem child imagineif my mother did iInna dance 24/7 where would I be at today bunch a wutless

  20. Mi still cant get over this.. Mi really hurt bad, this yah gal yah fi go live inna a cemetery, shes a walking dead, three weeks!! This baby is a unlucky child to have such cruel,selfless horrible person to call mom.. What about bonding,ur body isnt heeled and ur drinking already.. Girl u must be superwoman body made of steel.. Yuh body hard bad..mi nuh fraid a ppl but mi fraid a you, ur stomach strong, u can go get a hit man job.. I’m sure u come from a cannibal tribe. God bless this baby, send ur angle to cover him, hes so innocent

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