Gm Met n Pinkwallers this is Yardielovethug n mi feel like fi talk mi mind in support of certain key principles.The other day Zj Rush n some other Kartel Fanatics run een n a diss up n some even threaten Flexx for sharing his views on an untenable situation.Let’s first examine what exactly did they claim Flexx did sooo wrong.

Flexx spoke out about the preferential n illegal act of allowng kartel to record in Prison.Regardless of this Being true or not everyone can agree this act IS biased n illegal since other prisoners with their various skill sets are NOT allowed to exercise them n earn from same unlike Kartel.For those who wish to remove any doubts abt the FACT that Kartel is recording from Prison, go on youtube n type in “Kartel answers Movado”.Several songs such as Last one,Eagle,Round Corna will remove all doubts.Jah cure’s recordings in jail was a govt sponsored rehabilitation programme with many Beneficiaries not so Kartel’s recordings geared towards enriching HIMSELF.

Let’s look at the meat of the matter for as it relates to Kartel the two things ppl always clash over are the essence of the man and his music.Many Kartel fans are Disingenous in how they try to separate the two when in reality both are mired in negativity,dysfunctional,antisocial elements.They will say oh i’m not a fan of the man but his music is so great n swoon over his “talent”.In the same way you may be against gays but u appreciate the talent n great music from Elton John,but Kartel is Nooo Elton John! Look at some of the lyrics n music that excites Kartel’s fans n have them prancing around shouting “Gaza, Gaza mi sey”


“The way mi bloodcl*##t bad,mi nuh want know God”
In a sting clash with Movado even kartel’s own fans on his home turf‎ booed him when he sang
“Wha dat fah,wha dat fah,yuh a talk n mi f#*’k yuh motha!” referrng how he DiD the act behind houseback.
There are way too numerous lyrics about killing ppl inna broad Daylight,in front of station,needing no permission when n where to buss his gun ,tekking girls’ virginity(queen ifrika spoke out n his fans nyamm her up) n the all time fav…have u ever killed a Lizard yet??hmmmm so that takes care of the mind of a psycopath n what passes for music but some of yall keep cheering!

This is a man who the streets constantly alleges uses his influence to pummel ppl into submission.Several reports have been corroborated about the beatings and sexual domineering he subjects his own artistes to. Unno forget the tune “how mi fi name Jahvinci n mi mother still poor n mi just forward een after tour?” Oh Lord poor Gaza Kim,not to mention if yall conscience nuh mek unno wonder if Gaza Slim n lisa hype‎ DiD “Those stuff” willingly!Lest we forget the beatings of the selector(not sure if a ras or biggie) for playing gully music.Selectors n Djs were in constant fear n beng intimidated to play Gaza music n not gully music. Then the nerve of some ppl a pressure Flexx for daring to speak on the unfairness of how kartel n his syndicates a run the industry. Flexx never a pay any money or threaten anyone to play his music but a him unno have strength for hmmm?

In closing even some Canadian tourists n Japanese yutes were beaten by Kartel fanatics n cronies for daring to play gully music near Mannings hill road that is the sum total of the man n his rabid fans,imagine something like that. Jah cure fans n even his wife can’t escape the fact that Jah cure IS a convicted Rapist.This means the court proved he DiD the act n as such he was convicted.It’s quite fine if his fans n wife choose to believe he is innocent becuz we know innocent ppl get convicteD ever so often.The stark major Difference with Kartel n his fans is that NO ONE in their right minds is remotely claiming he is Innocent becuz even Stevie Wonder sees his guilt n evil acts over the years. All u hear is that Lizard was no saint n u can’t find a body.Well if u chop it up fine like mince meat I wouldn’t bet on it plus one of ur cronies was actually there for most of it n remarkable live to tell the tale!

Met I Disagree with you that Kartel isn’t talented,just listen to “life we living,emergency,slew them like David n life sweet.He has misused his talents for evil n has inspired a wave of delinquents bleachers upon the earth who are the center of crime,sexual perversions and he’s a s


  1. Gm all,Met the last paragraph should read

    Met I Disagree with you that Kartel isn’t talented,just listen to “life we living,emergency,slew them like David n life sweet.He has misused his talents for evil n has inspired a wave of delinquents bleachers upon the earth who are the center of crime,sexual perversions and he’s just a baD influence.I choose to defend Flexx a law abiding citizen than a convicted murDerer,besides being “badminD” is not a crime. I strongly believe in freedom of speech n expression unlike Kartel n his fanatics who go around cussing n Beating n intimidating ppl for expressing their views,Unno gweh!!

  2. Taken from Article “Everyone can agree this act (recording music in prison) is biased and illegal since other prisoners with their various skill sets are NOT allowed to exercise them and earn from same unlike Kartel”. – Boom! You hit the nail on the head! You are damn right Yardielovethug! Why the hell should Kartel get preferential treatment in prison? If Kartel, or anyone in general is very good at what they do, and loves what they do (in this case music), then they should keep demself from involvement with the law. Da way dey, dem can stay a road, and continue doing what is dem “calling”. Come on now, Fair is not fair, until unfair is fair!……………and now dat mi say dem comments ya, it wouldn’t surprise me if some devoted Kartel fans tell me fe go suck mi madda. But oonu guess wah? Jesus loves me. This I know.

  3. Yes, Yardie, I actually had a debate with a die hard Gazamite. This is a very leatned scholar, who went on about how the case was flawed and Kartel wouldn’t have been convicted if he was tried in the US. Educated fool. I said, even so, the man is a sociopath with a God complex, he believes in his iwn hype and his own superior intelligence. If he waa freed he would think he was made if Teflon and the destruction he would unleash on those around him and his followers is beyond. He and his fans think he is DANCEHALL, but no cuz as he said,,”dancehall” caan stall, so even without him there would be new talent, existing talent to keep propelling the genre forward. His presence may be missed but party still will go on.

    1. If this was America…Kartel would have been convicted of waaaaaay more than one murder a dat dem fi realize….Who remembers how shocked kartel was that the police utilized forensic science extensively….that he did not bargain for…dem say next year appeal gwan stawt and God forbid if dat demon walk…he will finish off the kids dem minds…while kartel preparing for appeal i hope the police investigating the other murders and charge him 100 more times….mek him live him days behind bars……JLP UNNO A INVESTIGATE?????? I HOPE SO!!!!!

  4. Tell dem again yardie and yes dem coming out in droves now fi send u up unda u mumma, Kartel fi rot the f**k in prison dat mi dem come out now in 5,4,3,2,1……

  5. Yardielovethug :thanks2 mi rate you sentiments…no bias intents in your statements yu cut it straight down the middle. Give what due to Caesar…

    De Gaza rats and cockroaches soon crawl out of their holes fe come nyam off yu head so tan tuddy… :ngakak

  6. On my way from work Monday, I thanked God for Met/Shani/JMG for her role in opening my eyes on Kartel. I was an avid listener of his music; loved his talent and skills to the core. Like Yardie said, the man his talented (call a spade a spade even when the spade chooses to act like a joker)… EMERGENCY confirmed that for me. It doesn’t matter how talented he is at this point, however, Kartel should be silenced. Him recording while behind bars considering his role in the heinous crimes that have been committed is sheer absurdity. The government of Jamaica needs to WAKE UP.

  7. The article makes no sense how can it be illegal for Kartel to record when Zebra and Jah Cure recorded and recorded? Obviously, then the permission to record in prison is not illegal if permission is granted. Don’t be daft, if Kartel was recording in prison obviously someone with authority in the prison knew about it. Untalented artistes like Flexx are angry because they cannot come close to Kartel where talent is concerned and Kartel STAYS getting heavy rotation whether in prison or not. Flexx mussi think ppl forget him used to f**k an underage girl that used to go Campion for YEARS from she was 13 right back to 16.

  8. You know what is ironic it is said he is intelligent, knowledgeable etc However, he only surrounds him self with people who are void of knowledge and wisdom. The woman he chose is also telling of the kind of person he is. It is all an illusion. His wealth his accolades and wisdom. This man thinks so low of himsel. I am sure he sleeps with the light on

    1. No real, is the mark of a narcissistic person, surrounding himself with ppol who are not as smart as himself helps him to better manipulate them, this way he can be tthe leader, smartest man in the room etc. But in the end that need for control screwed him because he was the “world boss” and listened to no one but himself and see where it got him? Again, hubris.

  9. I would ask all kartel fans who are parents of kids say under 11yrs old, what if kartel put out a song on a really wicked, sick, head nodding feet tapping beat. His flow tun up n riddim a ride like wow but the lyrics include :

    “likkle gyal fi get wuk n duck inna bottom, big up world boss mi a the king of Sodom! ”

    Would u still rail up n buss blank n sey gaza? Would that have anything at all to do with how badmind flexx or anyone who speaks out against such utterances is?

  10. The judge was going to allow him to record but the profits must go to Lizard’s estate and Vybz Kartel said NO ! He didnt want them getting a dime from his work, so he chose to hide and do it.
    Im so over the hypocrisy I wish he would get released and issue some more beatings and continue f***g ppl life up. Im not influenced by his music so I would never be affected.

  11. Night Met & Metters


    I think yuh underestimated how dunce, foo-fool, and krebbeh krebbeh kartel fans are…
    99.999999% a kartel fans a sh*t heads suh even if kartel shit dem will nyam it. Yuh will NEVER have a decent logical conversation with them.

    What kartel fans need is a good beating! Dem love run up on people BUT one day smaddie gwine beat some shot ina dem r@wse!
    Now tell mi who would want a murderer be let out of prison because “dem mek nice music weh dem can wine to,” and “mek dance nice,” nuh must sh*t heads?
    But then again it looks like we have nuff sh*t heads in our culture because I cannot fathom why we glorify murder, rape, and pedophilia so much in our music.

  12. You are absolutely right Yardie put thing in perspective for them! Ah pure slackness vybes keep up! Ah him first talk but freaky gal, tongue ring, tattoos, and them things deh! After that every woman turn freaky and have to suck cock to keep man! He is very talented honestly, look how he rides rhythm and string lyrics together. He just let the devil use him to spread “his” message to the youths! He sold his soul for riches long time ago. The blind leading the blind! Like you said every now and then you see sparks of intelligence “school boy tuck in your shirt and don’t bleach your face” but.. yet you do it really… A little hypocritical doh! All that to say you dammm right about this one Yardie! :thanks2

  13. There are several truths to both sides of the story which boils down to flexx being “bad mind” and kartel was authorized to record in prison, because I refuse to believe that no one in authority knew that he was in there recording.

  14. Yardie ur rite but remember that is how Jamaica run from longtime….kartel himself seh the people r sheep’s n he is the shepherd n he is rite too…just like church poeple follow the poster n support him even when a pure fukrey him a keep up

  15. U guys are expecting too much of a simple musician. he shouldn’t have to be held to any standard. After all, he isn’t a politician, police or pastor. He’s a mere ghetto dancehall artiste. If Kartel stops singing about devil, murdering, and taking a female’s virginity, the next artist ago run up n come do dat n reach number 1. it’s about supply and demand. If Jamaica have 3 million people and 2.5 million dunce, you affi do whatever to appeal to the majority to be relevant. He’s no different from a politician. Where do politicians thrive? In the ghettos where people are illiterate and uneducated. U ever see nuh JLP or PNP rally keep up a norbrook or havendale? One has to do whatever it takes to survive. He still gives intellects songs that they can appreciate, but how far dem song deh go? If Kartel decides to never do a secular song ever again, someone else will take his place. Alkaline is giving him a run for his money by taking nastiness to another level n a tell gyal fi lick out batty. The powers that be should be held accountable for not trying to educate the masses so as to allow them to demand more songs like “life we living” from Kartel, instead of “freaky gyal”, however, they stand to lose if ghetto people become educated.

  16. Y’all still sitting on teachers name like back pocket rag it give y’all useless and uncomfortable life the reason y’all looking to feel as if you contributed words of wisdom to society fact is y’all didn’t weather are not him rot a jail are do road not helping y’all and that’s a fact if y’all need this ghetto yute to be your kids first role model you already lost hope y’all lifestyle and disicion making is perfect and uno kna lik out no batty a drink no come mi kna ask if 90% a who come on this sight life not sad as f**k avoid the yute and him lifestyle and go fix shitty life uno always say god a lead so if it is as y’all say that means god has a plan for this ghetto yute low the kid and mek jah works manifest

    1. Shorty is that u??Corrections galore n Doan blame spell check cuz u can’t find it pon ur phone.

      Yall Lives not life*
      Whether not weather*
      Or not are*
      Yall lifestyles*
      Decision not Dicision*
      Lick not lik*
      Kna n no* Double negative*
      Site*not sight*smh
      Which kid we must low??*

      One thing for sure certain ppl mi Woulda shame if them fi defend me, no sah!

  17. It late n mi late to the game. Flu av mi but mi affi disagree with u Yardi on some levels and no I am no fan. Hear it go. Firstly we all can accept Kartel is a convicted killer serving his just time. Rightfully so but his trial still dont sit well with me esp having spent 5 yrs battling a corrupt cop on trump up charges. It said to me that if the system want u bad enuff u a go a prison. With that said I sat and watch many murderers guilty as sin walk free from gun court on some shitty technical point only to see said shithouse months later on another murder charge. Weh the f ing justice deh fi all? We fi careful how we rejoice bcuz if these same shitty principles are allowed to continue just because we hate a certain individual it wont feel so nice if u become the hated. Even if we have solid reasons to hate. If him guilty lock him down the right way.

    Just say that so ppl understand weh mi a come from n not that mi a kartel fanatic. As it relates to him recording in prison if he did so illegally or rather without permission. Dont blame him, blame the system put in place to prevent that. Why? Look at the bigger picture, if he can record without permission what the other scumbags can and have been doing? We saw the pics n vids of men cooking and watching tv, av all PlayStation and phones in deh. So y we in a uproar over Kartel? We fi keep we eyes on the bigger picture n then to Kartel as we shut down Kartel n we jump yaa yet the root problem nuh fix n bcuz of it, u and u family n frens dead bcuz a man stay a prison n order u death. Spain ring any bell?

    On to Mr Flex n this is where mi disagree wid u Yardi. To defend Flexx is to not know him. I agree him free fi talk him mind and him av some valid points but just like above rather than speak to the larger picture, which is how our dancehall industry screwed up. He chose to single out Kartel and Boom Boom. Last time I checked dancehall bigger than both of them. Flexx has been a big pussy who whines when him nuh get him way from longtime and if Rush wasnt seen as a Kartel fan boy what he stated hold nuff truths. FLEXX mash up T.O.K full stop. And a the same thing cause it, him ego. Flexx really thought with his TOK fame he would not need to do the leg work to get the recognition he believes he deserve. No yute u nuh good so. Boom say it best, Flexx never come to him and ask him fi play a song. Unnu know how much man a walk down selector n radio joc a day time fi air play? Nuff time a selector play some tune bcuz wah, the man dem do them ground work n dem thing catch on n dem nuh waah get lef behind bcuz dem nuh av the hot tune now. Example, Tanto Blacks. A rite yasso inna spain weh mi deh him come from. Him, innovata n pink boss. Unnu know how long Tanto a sing a one tune til we all sick a it yet know it by heart bcuz him deh a every corner dance? Flexx fi go suck him mother wid him bullshit and get up n go do some work. Then him shit will get easier access to airplay bcuz ppl will ask fi him song. Nuh jump pon a next man thing n bawl foul. Why him never talk bout it before Kartel go prison? Bcuz the same bull crap did a gwaan dem time deh. No him a push him solo thing now and nuh waah put nuh effort inna it. Suck u mother again badmind. If tomorrow Bay C r Craig decide fi push tune unnu hear it faster than his. Why bcuz them still a keep it real n in touch with the ppl dem bout ya. See Jaria kip second year deh weh him did deh? Nuff other likkle things keep u see dem man deh. As Boom Boom say some time ago u affi support dancehall fi get support down to the smallest a promoter know that so weh him ago.

    Lastly the fanatics fi luw him out with the threats and just keep it real n done him with the facts. Afterall it only prove the crosses weh kartel be.

    1. Nuff respect HeavyD,we can respectfully agree to Disagree on this one.i’m not quite sure why u forgot that Kartel got off 5 murders he was linked to on technicalities,it was in the News.

      Think of the Lizard thing Being like when OJ got away with the murders of Nicole n Ron but they threw the book at him for trying to take back his own shyt (using a gun but still).The system wrongfully or rightfully typically ketches up with most ppl.

  18. Hail Yardi, mi naah dispute it but nuh craft the system fi ketch him. Do so the right way. We never know when a we affi face it. Ok fine let us look at it this way. Why the same level nuh apply to some other man weh nuh just order but kill man? Some murder weh av just as great influence pon crime? I rem this one bredda weh did deh pon 5 murder charge and right infront n judge him tell the witness say if him come back a court him, his woman n pickney a dead. And all when the judge say log it n add charge him still end up walk free. Yet police bwoy style mi and mi send him up under him mother him then identify himself as police and lock mi up say mi buss gun after him. Five years n a fortune fi clear mi name n the ferocity which was displayed by prosecution all now mi nuh see it against dem murderer deh a pure skin teeth n fren up yea but true a police my case against a lesson was to be taught? If Kartel guilty lock him down the right way fix the overall system n not just fi one man bcuz as mi say worse than Kartel a walk free bcuz we the public a pick n choose. Worse than Kartel deh a lock up a do worse than record tune. We nuffi mek we feelings blind we to the thing. Mi nuh like Kartel pon a personal level y bcuz long before kartel name big him mek 2 a mi brethren from braeton ph1 dead n a did him so call frenz, so the lizard thing never surprise mi n dem two deh never mix up like lizard. The whole lot of them should have died in that house incl kartel. But we av a bigger prob that he kartel n others are exploiting n we fi focus desso.

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