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  1. these black Americans are so bold with being dumb …..di oman nah talk to him but him haffi tek up di case and him nah get pay

    1. I was taught to respect my elders and I’m almost sure that I would never get into a verbal altercation with an elderly person but dis old lady mout velly slipple. She was calling the driver stupid cause he stopped for a bit too long to pick up a handicap person and now grandma is cursing that the driver is stupid and made her late. He was defending the driver of the bus. I’m not saying he is right to argue with her but dat mout of hers needs likkle talking to. Dwlll. Yes Shani, a suh dem stay. Jamaicans name easy fi call. Cause as them hear Caribbean accent is we first dem think of. From Rosey disgrace we pon the bus now every bus warrior wid an accent is us. Smh.

  2. If I was on da bus mi cuss out that double size mada f**ka a dis him dis we sweet beautiful country. Disgusting four eye mada f**ka yea like di lady said if she down deh she wouldn’t late. U know I don’t want to dis anyone on met site u know wa Mek I keep walking might reach mi sweet ja on time.

  3. Dumb mother fu*cker……where is his care???and it doesn’t look like his fat ass is going to an important job anyways.

  4. I don’t care what no one say, u will never see me talk to a Yankee man, nope. and dis fat f**k is why, smh.

  5. Good morningggggg
    Now seriously wtf look like they were eating bout put down dumpling big ole oversize sperm whale meck mi tell unnu dis very rare very very rare u see a wagga wagga fat person a Jamaica mi always wonder bout that eno cause fi breakfast u eat carbs lunch said ting plus dinner but the ppl dem fat firm is dese pancake n bacon eating mofos who always 2 secs away from a heartattack bright him bright to fat fuxx
    N dat woman must learn fi have compassion to kmft

    1. same suh fuxxking bright bout put down the dumpling and go back to jamaica. Him need to get cuss the f**k out. Where the f**k is Rosey when we need her?????????

    2. But u hear him a chat bout car,wtf is he on d bus,obvious d old Rass no have a car,n granny should spit on him ads bout get area job ,,dat Rass goodly naw mek d amount a money granny making

      1. Americans dont know any Caribbean country dan Jamaica it seems because he should be embarrassed for making such a prejudice statement but because him and di granny a share draws cratches him jus a gwaan and a gwaan suh

  6. If mi did ever dey pon da bus dey, a woulda put de 2014 Fat Albert inna it place yu see. Bwoy fe go suck him faada !! Him look like a second hand batty bwoy to me, and him size fava a old what – not. Nuff a dem yute ya no have nuh manners, and a sorry say de old lady never deal wid him case de right and proper way, fe mek de people dem really laugh affa him bloodclaat !!!!

  7. One a di big reason I making my wealth in Jamaica and staying here or another Caribbean country. Only visit USA/CAN for 3 days – 2 weeks MAX. Shop online on AMAZON and me GOOD.


    Most Yanks hate yaardies. They might laugh with you, but silently they laugh at you. Most yaarides go to USA/CAN and face racism for the first time – can’t try dat back a yaard.

    Mi fi reach a work 8:30 and most times a 9:45 me reach. Can’t try that shit a farrinn – SLAVE SYSTEM 24/7.

  8. But you see people laughing even the female next to the fat rass, like really why are youi laughing swetheart the fat man not even funny, he even said that he might be late but he can get another job, you can because you must not be that important at work, you work is meaningless. He dissed all carribean people cah him don’t know what accent the women have she can be from any where, you can see the dislike of jamaicans from that man, americans want to be jamaicans so bad from the women to the men so he needs to stop it, he should of left the women let her talk if the bus driver ignored her he should of done the damn same.smfh

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