Met am I reading too much into Bobbie’s post because I got the impression she was the one taking the flight. Lo and behold I scroll down and see this motivational speaker posting the same pic. I’m confused. Who’s actually on that plane? Lol



    1. siddung in a di man lap wid fi har phone a snap di same clouds :ngakak :ngakak :ngacir2 :ngacir2 if i laugh i weak

  1. Even though I dont like her, in her defense all she said was “what days off should always look like” sender making assumptions. But BBD since when u need a day off from scamming?

  2. From what i know Bobbi cant fly out no more. So i want know y she using ppl pik to hype and make it seems like she still can fly. Didnt know she was a scammer tho

  3. @stockychick that’s what I know too…so if she is there I guess is must some wrong dealing she get there by and also why she can’t post no picture with escort Paris….the way she hype she reach back a foreign I’m sure it will be all over the gram…unless she have to hide it…

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