Met the one Christine is so hurt about the post that she well went on instagram and posting receipts but won’t post receipts of he yellow celine bag she Tryna con people off and her Lying ass crysan and apple well a right and comment bout haters . . . What a gal wicked and lie know she a say she never sell it fi 800 she don’t have my number wicked lying hoe u mad because u were caught in a lie and you showing receipts of old things you bought as I said before one and 2 of your stuff are real yes but the rest is fake . . Barbie work as a bartender in empire casino she not making a lot of money so stop bought your sister hardworking money I know she still have some insurance money for the kids death she using so stop right deh suh and her new man that live on white plains road is a big scammer so stop it plus b**h Christine ur baby daddy stone love is in jail for it and robbery so stop tell your fans on ig lies bitch all your lies are being emptied pon jmg and me is the grim reaper . I will never spread lies or rumors on no one for the sake of a lie you sold me a fake bag and your mad because people know about you your sister and apples games fraud and ugly big lip crysan stay in your lane you ugly ass b**h an stop wearing Christine leftover shit and ask your ugly magic to buy you a celine bag ugly crysan you always a run in and a defend Christine u f**k gal or something be your own person and stop follow . Apple nobody don’t hate u hoes for bags shoes and clothes you girls hate yourselves . I just feel you guys love brag and boast and your lifestyle is all a big lie no hating over here I just want you girls to tell the truth especially Christine bout imaginary customers If didn’t upgrade my phone I would bring up the texts so your very lucky whore . Don’t lie to impress strangers on instagram or dancehall people because we both know u really dnt have it like that your a scammer just like your baby daddy he thought u the game and u link up wid apple them and do it even harder so stop tell lies b**h . . . .plus I just heard from a link that u guys have this gay guy a California that u getting some of these stuff from I think his name is Michael so see it deh u secret dem buss


  1. I am hating I work hard and can’t walk in a store and buy a bag for that much. One bag yes but two three hell no my head would hot me. How the f**k they do it. Anyone have to hookup on homedepot or some gift card link me on this. Shit better yet if ur money legit school a black girl on how

  2. Sender if you cannot afford a new handbag and you are willing to buy used, you can check out…OK

  3. that battyman name daffyb or dafton always inna gal argument didn they stab up your ass the other day and you nearly dead dont u wear barbie and chrstine dem clothes it bun fi man always inna gal argument homeless dafton u a try look like a gal and it nah work. . .as for christine she swear she the hottest thing in bronx tey need to really humble themslves name brand clothes dont make u look good i seen christine last night at the club and her nose full of bare bump and pimples and her face tuff bd so use ome of that celine bag money ad invest in some decent makeupu ugly bitch s for apple who woudver hate bithces becuse of name brand just because u can scam and get them sooner than anybody doesnt make people hate you u guys abubble soon burst

  4. GM Ms Met and metters :peluk.
    Sender I believe yuh 100%. Sender also check out
    They are all bunch of thieves and liars. Christine yuh got busted boo. Stone Love still inna jail and since him cannot rob and hustle inna jail yuh start sell yuh puxxy more and yuh fake and tiefTing goods dem.
    Tell the people how when Stone Love a rob the rich people dem, him all tek the woman dem designer stuff and give yuh. Christine mi know bout yuh nuh mek mi talk up. Tell the people how when yuh had yuh daughter, is Stone Love mother she lived with causen sey yuh never want her. Tell the people how yuh suck and fuxk Sean before, during and after yuh breed fi Stone Love. Tell the people dem how Stone Love buss up yuh face (not condoning) when him find out. Tell the people dem how yuh was gwine kill yuhself afta him lef yuh and yuh beg him night and day fi tek yuh back. Tell the people dem how Stone Love family dem hate yuh and sey yuh is a big dutty whore. Tell the people dem how yuh fuxk Jay Icon whey day a Jamaica. Tell the people dem how yuh selling you mouth and puxxy fi maintain whey Stone Love use to give you. Christine yuh aint nothing but a rachet whore. Happle the #1 scammer shut yuh yeast infected mouth. Nuh body nuh badmind unuh, unuh badmind each other under the quiet. Ugly big lip alien looking Chrissy GTFOH when last yuh send $$ guh give Maxine a Jamaica? That lady use to tiefT, rob and con people fi mine yuh and yuh sibbling dem and yuh hardly send anything guh give her. Set of scamming cruff unuh be.

  5. Apple show wi 401k plan and a house thats paid for and your kids tuition all put aside then come back come talk bout ppl jealous a unnu. An most importantly unnu NEED EDUCATION! A dem something deh unnu fi invest unnu money inna. Unnu so dumb unnu really tink seh anybody wid good sense a grudge unnu ova bag an boot smh

  6. JAIL! Unno nuh see something wrong wid dem gal yah doe?!! Kerry ann Jue inna jail, Christine Stone Love inna jail, Apple Jay Icon can go any minute. WTF! A unnu say any means necessary fi wear designer bag an boot. How unnu live so?! Unnu think that is any life? Mi nuh wah affi worry say fi mi husband can go jail any minute! An if mi did single mi nuh want no man weh jail prone. An have the heart fi think ppl grudge unnu. Wen unnu get ole weh unnu ago do? Nobody nah buy nuh ole done out cho cho pussy

  7. I really believe you sender mi believe from part 1… Christine yuh sell di girl the bag for $800 you are a wicked bitch Unuh stop hype fi IG. Dutty apple yuh need fi tek all that Celine bag and trade dem in fi proper bath cuz yuh never look clean yettt. Apple stop act like you can afford Celine bag because the first real one you got was stolen yuh go clear a Long Island 5am over Tammy yawd inna di thanks giving season fi go Woodbury go thiefT it… Move yuh dutty bombo and stop act like yuh rich cuz yuh all go inna patty shop di ppl dem say go beg money fi Mek up buy patty cuz yuh a come from road and di whole car load a uno bruk Nuh rass. Mi Nuh know how and why Unuh live so. Theif Nuh stop yasso a years apple a thief. Apple member yuh use to go a di ppl dem Saks a Greenwich and just tek di bag dem out like a yours and return them and get di credit and sell it back and they caused over $1000 bag then so now yuh skills tunn ova Aye gal a prison di whola Unuh fi go yuh Likkle dutty suck pussy bitch!
    Yuh start live inna American apparel dem fi bangle di whola Unuh bloodclawt mi never si a set a dutty ppl so hype offa nuttin.

  8. Mi say di dunce head bitch dem Nuh care bout dem picky eno mi Nuh know when reality ago hit dem say dey ain’t f**king celebrity. Kerry ann stop suck out apple pussy fi clothes and shoes Anno now a long time. Why di whola Unuh Nuh gwaan a Dubai go sell pussy since Unuh so freaky and thiefT fi wear clothes. A if a me like jue dutty Kerry mi drop yuh like a bad habit when mi release cuz yuh Nuh play Nuh wifey roll you are just in it for the moment the bwoy need fi go obeah man go untie the tie whey you and apple put on so him can find a decent gal deh wid cuz Unuh a some dutty tegreg.

  9. Lol @apple!!!! girl u dumb!!!! Hate you ova bag and shoes!!! Girl u crazy!!! Lmao at yooouuuuu!!!!! It’s really a shame how a dat alone unnu got!!

  10. Mi say dem love talk bout badmine when a really dem badmine each-other because mi Nuh understand how the whole a Unuh wear same exact clothes… Apple fi a big tuff 35 yr old how the f**k yuh still a twin out wid Christine? The bag the shoes and the f***king hairstyle wid di same color… Now who badmine who. None a Unuh nuffy thiefT nuttin and di adda one Nuh want it set a dunce head. Kerry Ann mi Nuh know how dat miss you fi comment. Btw met whey scamini pic deh inna di mask mi well waah si di clown. The shit dem do fi remain relevant noooo sah. A di frock shi waah reach yah eno cuz somebody Nuh say lastnight di frock look good. :hammer

    1. :shakehand2 @Bubble. The whole lack stack and barrel a dem babmind over each other. KerryAnn, yuh soon spend of the $50K whey Jue left inna the house. Puxxy selling at it’s finest now. Happle at 35 yuh should have some goals set (at least I hope so). KerryAnn yuh better try guh get yuh papers and Happle also causen sey unuh time fi guh back a Jamaica is very near. It’s not the worst but it is always good to have the choice to guh and back and forth whenever yuh want. Happle is Jay Icon still married? Jay Icon have some very heavy protection, causen sey him friend dem always a get buss right in front of him. Just like how Happle got busted inna Saks when she was pregnant and him run left her, and the next day post pics of the glass house while shi inna jail. @ Bubble Happle and Kerryann cannot guh Dubai causen sey the fake papers cannot work offa US soil.

  11. Topple no body wants to suck dat rotten fish ewwww only jay him love the scent ,,, girl plzzzzz who hate unno fi wah ??? Fake bag and shoes which one a unno own a home inna merica and have a good job?? Waste of time and space what a day when Uncle Sam run unno outa him country :selamat :cendol where u gonna go bk to pain land dwl topple u so rich bitch and u madda look hungry no bloodclattt and stay baddd wait it was her bday what did u buy her ??? A house or a car broke ass bitches acting rich me no hate unno a rassclattt me is,, a 9-5 girl and none a unno no have money like me let’s pull up to the bank bitches den unno can chat to me …. Senda I believe u sweets,dolly,topple, bobby, Shawna falling star,Kerry Ann unno bruck buck bruck like dog pow pow pow Christine no sah old dutty gal dwl trying to play brand new walk and suck and f**k dung the place nasty like ewwwwww wid you ugly friend stop clean up Bronx wid you big mouth gal swiper no swiping :dp :dp

  12. Senda you let mi down, next time when you a purchase anything from a scammer mek sure say you phone have video and can tek picture.. when u go fi clean the bag mek sure say, u take the picture dem and record the sales associate a tell you say the bag no real.. senda a so u shut up liard ppl… ppl like dem deh u caah trust cause dem a theifT ppl when ooun a buy anything from dem mek sure ooun record dem carry the bag go examing if it real mek sure ooun tell the sales associate fi talk so when ooun send in the video to JMG none a dem theifT deh caah come say nothing… senda me belive you from yaa theifT you will tell lie.. and from dem lie dem must Teef

  13. But APPLE mi still nuh get mi ansa all now. How u have up di bag dem but u still a live basic. U fi have a big house on beverly hills… U a big celebrity and a wear giuseppe & celine…. Mi waah no how u still a rent apt in ny…. Unno a FRAUD. A walk inna likkle places like lornas & think unno a celeb…. Unno cya get a invite to a cali party at a mansion? Cah unno a FRAUD. Unno dancehall ppl live in unno likkle werld weh normal ppl pan di outside look in a shake wi head n feel bad fi unno.

  14. Hello is which Sean Christine f**k????!??????!!!!! Please tell me and thanks cause my friend would just start beat out har rass

  15. @ GOLDRUSH_ True words those girls really act like they rich but has nothing. All those bag and shoe I would have a closet that displace my things. I never see any picture of their house maybe a one area not even the whole room.

  16. Lol look wa mi start dem gal de a shit face cause man can shit pan dem fi a dollar apple one ting u can not buy is a betta skin u skin look f**k up bitch Kerry Ann go tek 70 seat cause u down now ya go a dance fi look fi a next man nobody no want u fi wife up bitch, Dru lock up bitch what r u going to do cause u can not work a legit job listen buy a ticket tek the money wa Dru left and go a jamaica and start over wid a man wa no know u nastiness all u bitches dice pineapple a she a f**k apple and j icon people uno tell mi please lol

  17. Apple ceramic furniture out a style upgrade how u rich and furniture dem out dated bitch please a laugh mi laugh after uno

  18. I don’t know these people but I don’t believe sender because thread flip poshmark nobody sell use celine for $800 cause celine value go up by years there is no set price . The next thing you really can’t go in the store and they come out and tell you its fake because celine flag ship in Europe will tell you that !! Right in harrods cause the sales rep told my cousin that after she buy a celine from celine and after the women send my fam the reciept it was proven it was purchased in there maylasia store. , it took two weeks to verify but they did so I’m not saying it real or fake but I really doubt anybody would think they buying a 3k purse 2011 edition for $800 !! This seem like trying to put this girls credibility up for conversation . My opinion tho

  19. Hiiiiii anonymous good evening… Yuh Nuh hear Senda say di bag wear and full a stain? Yuh blind or wha? And if di bitch know it never real yuh think shi woulda really waah bright har nasty self fi sell it fi di real prize or half the price the authentic one value? Unuh a some real sick head eno. And yes to rass dem will tell har the dutty bag Nuh real. Sometime you would think these f**king ppl know every damn thing and work in the Celine stores run whey man!

  20. Bumpy nose Christine yuh coulda chaw iron ova suh dat cawh bring back di receipt or show say di bag real. Yuh av up all the f**king owl receipts from john was a bwoy why the fuxx you can’t fine the Celine bag receipt whey yuh pay $3000 odd fah? inna dis day and age mi woulda padlock my Celine bag receipt dem cuz di prices Nuh normal. Cuh yuh tuh.

  21. when u shop @ these stores u have option of electronic receipt n they strongly encourage their customers so unno can gwan run more lies to the frighten fridays pon IG n dancehall bye felicia !!!!!!

  22. Mi really haffe dwl today. Dem gal ya love talk bout badmind and envy. Fa wah?? Bag and shoes? Uno all live a di same place Bronx Ny like di rest of we so until u move go a Beverly Hills or Hamptons and can show a different upgrade zipcode and mortgage statement go siddung. A only dunce bat dancehall people you can impress wid dem deh wutless tings deh. Not even celebrity weh can afford di tings act hype n frighten like uno. Tom uno deh a f**king jail mi wah see how much bag and shoes a reach fa cause uno bank account shoulda nuff mi only hope seh you can sell di tings dem weh uno a sell yu freedom fah. Christine ole tuff face Christine yu shoulda shame like dog fi such a young gal u look tired n ya face nuh ready After no man nah want u u pussy salt like any man u f*k run weh lef u rass or deh a jail. poor stone love him a di only one weh couldnt c di light n c dey him dey a jail n u a f**k down the whole a Bronx fi keep up wid di teefing lifestyle. Happle please to worry bout running behind ya baby fadda n keep having 3 some n tink dat ago keep him. U always a brag bout yu body good but to how it good him still a stray! Rayyyyy Dutty Christine u only look good pon ig if people ever really c how u look ina real life dem woulda drop downn. U need fi stop suck out Happle pu**y now cause she help u fi pump up di ole flat batty weh u did have bout a yu daughter give u batty O please bitch a di same man weh do Happle n Kerry ann fake batty. Siddung likkle gal n take a break dancehall a mek u look tired n old!

  23. The girl wa a talk bout she don’t believe sender my girl u and apple them a friend must you need fi tek 7 seat

  24. Anon who don’t believe senda u sucking apple or Christine pussy???? Move yu pussyclatt from yah so man

  25. Me and them is no friend I don’t even live in those people states and met can verify !! Now regardless how you feel about people why sender could not be lying why it can’t be someone trying to cast doubt on the girl !! God damn you act like you judge juror and executor to Ras !! I. Saying from experience and yes I work in retail !! We have seen celine come in and have to take it because it 99% we can’t even tell if it fake well the authenticator !! So know your facts !! Me nah seh she never sell a fake purse but I’m sorry stain or no stain you could never believe you getting a $800 deal on a 4k purse !! Pick sense out if nonsense so she bring purse fi clean so why the young lady selling it never clean it and keep it !! My opinion this shit just staged to embarrass the young lady I don’t believe and now your phone damage you can request your SMS conversation. From service provider !!


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