14 thoughts on “INTENDED BABY FATHER

  1. Huh??
    Met yuh sure?
    Cause to how IB did a talk an a carry on,mi did think a one well handsome smaddy. She really breed cause a money tpc

  2. Eewwww woman weh love brag bout independence and own dis and that . For a woman that pretends to be about substance, she really lack taste and ambition in Men. Like seriously u heard bout wife and STILL go have baby for that ?! And talk bout trying to fix? U sick stomach πŸ˜’

  3. Him look touch. Intended breed on purpose. She same one admitted that she was timing her ovulation. I don’t know wah the excitement for, gal just admit say you want the bwoy, and decided that you was gonna breed for him, and no other gal was going to stop that.

  4. he is a nice looking, and handsome young man. I hope they can work out whatever the problem is and move on to build their family. I will never tear down a black family, especially for 2 beautiful young black couple.

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