15 thoughts on “INVISIBLE HUSBAND?

  1. Strikka she say engage to har, the rasta man weh she say buy har car. The whole a dem is a case a sadness. Met u see the video wid English doll a rub dem out? Dem need some jobs n bills fi keep dem occupied.

  2. But striker no deh wid one girl weh drive mark x and work a Customs name Shauna ambitious girl no inna d dutty life. As far as I know a she him deh wid and ago married.

  3. Kmt star girls them sad bad look from when them deh bout and none a them can’t put up say them have a job them sad bad… But wait where is Alisha star from the police man gone a farren me no see r and r store lock down nothing nah gwan fi r poor bitch.. Gyal weh love take ppl man always end up sad and lonely…. Lol

  4. Babystar sad her ring not even look like a nice engagement ring , look like it all double up and wedding gone aready

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