Irish and Chin Close office after Breeding Employee

If you walk roun a Irish and Chin the office lock up couple months now. As a former employee I saw this coming but never know Chin would of really humble himself and lock up the office. But is so PUM Pum Mek us tun Inna idiot.

Chin hire a Rasta girl, we will call her “ladysoundchat” (that’s her IG name)she use to work a HypeTV to come a the office and likkle by likkle people start get fired lucky ting me never need Irish and Chin to survive. She is also a dancer and producer for YVAs, She wouldn’t stop till she breed FI the boss all a Mek employees sign say no employee employee relationships, while she a s*x off the boss. But you never see smoke without fire Chin and the same girl have a likkle baby girl together and Fi save face Everyting shut down.

God don’t like ugly, Chin you deal with the youth F*k up, because he voiced his opinion say “ladysoundchat” is a b*tch and although him never say it to her face. you run him the youth have to leave town can’t even provide for his family.

You and Lady SoundChat can gwan like nobody never know Unnu secret but WAH UNNU do to the staff of Irish and Chin never called for.

They still doing events so Irish and Chin itself still a run but office lock up. shame Rasta Man Mek Pum Pum mash up him business.

5 thoughts on “IRISH RUN GONE LEF CHIN

  1. While I am disappointed to learn he had relationship (s) with an employee, I would not sit here and watch his name and character drag through the mud.

    CHIN is a highly intelligent, ambitious young Man and devoted to the sound clash culture. While the news is some what disappointing regarding the girl’s economic and social promotions by being with him, life happens. If it is truth he has a baby, he will take care of his child for sure. He is an honorable man who take care of his responsiblities.

    Business that is over 18 years old though and partnerships, should not mash up over a woman.

    I am always amazed how JAmaiacan women ( most but not all), put themselves in ” STRATEGIC POSITIONS ” to hold man and again access to their financial favors and promote their OWN future gain, especially if they in the business/ ” music industry ”

    – I was thinking that last night when miss show off Kelissa run up pon stage in she short short skirt last night in d Chronixx show.
    Like she did beg him to serenade her.. d crowd Nuh react like how dem did for Jah 9.
    She learn from she sister who did dey wit Jah cure, how to pull in money business man artist.

    Let us hope this is not d case with ” lady SOUNDCHAT ” and she humble and in love. He deserves love.

    Well he gi d gyal d title of SOUNDCHAT and ” lady ,” wah u expect , Nuh wife next ? She put d cradle first .

  2. @ Mona, so dem Nuh dey ??? Watch she body language and d gloat on her face .
    Hear him last night in d concert Nuh ” me have one Oman .”

    It was an amazing concert though. He is talented. He ended it in a very sweet way by bringing his father in stage and they performed together

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