12 thoughts on “IS A GRAB BAG OR WHA?

  1. Does he have a hunch back? It sure look so from the side. Woman really find him attractive wid him scrawny self and dis disgusting Billy Goat Beard

  2. Every time I see this boy, I wonder what any sensible woman would be doing with him. This rass boy is a idler and going no where in like but prison for scamming clothes or sell drugs. But then again neither Dolly or Ven nuh sensible, two of them dumb and dunce.

  3. Di question mi affi ax di Ooman dem is why unnu date battyman like deez? Is it dat unnu prefer to get koki in unnu ass? When a straight man beg yu some front, do you let him know seh it r just battam sex yu loike?

  4. I cringe looking at him. Why does he like to do these videos. He looks so dumb and frighten and fool and crawny. Eeeww

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