Subject: Man wey mix up n chat people like gal

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Met this man a jamaica go round an chat everybody him name Julius one big pusxxxx him is like a good decent girl with a good pussxxxx met from hi was born Julius omg this man beat any woman him talk who spend money who beg liquor who have money who were good cloth with foriener have money who a drug dealer who live a new York England an canada an a come keep party Julius u just come in a the business met fe tell u the true it hurt me bad fe hear min talk bout some foundation peoples wey they bout long time so tell back some a the people wey him talk bout so them a play the hypocrite with him any way met when him don talk him a tell a long time him like me an him want eat me an do other thing so when me finish talk to him me a tell one a him so call friend the man say a pure pusxxxx juice full him belly that why it bid so me laugh till me cry met why man of to talk so much Julius stop chat people an smile in a them face .julius the people me now fe fucxxxx u cause u a bat
tyman u they pon the border line decide witch way u want to go back or front ok

0 thoughts on “IS DIS JULIUS IN JAMAICA?

  1. Hey Hey Julius is a clown, fi him life is one big episode him a f**k a gyal name Kerry that him move in the house and when the wife come she got to go. Mi seh met, when the gyal see the wife at Chill Spot she just sit down like a boo boo. What is on big shit belly Julius though ? Him fava toad, wid him short tuckie tuckie (chewy _of Chelsea Handler) looking self.

  2. The man woman name kerry and the idiot gal way come sit a chill spot name Tawanna guys get the facts straight b4 you chat.

  3. to how Tawanna live n hype up inna Julius house ppl a get it confuse who is who. Well peeps a Kerry a d wife she did run off to canada now she return. Tawanna was jus the d slide wa him pick up from Fletchers and trick abt uptpwn life. a shame she shame fe go back to fletchers land caz she boast say she live up town inna apartment whey hungry a kill r. now kerry return she affe move out n screehie in when kerry gone. Toto arent u a lil embarrass fe targeting the places him n him first lady de? u jus a walk n a hitch hitch backa d ppl dem so. After all toto u were just a sitter to Julius n kerry’s child.

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