1. Lol…. gross. Mi

    as poor as mi is mi mek sure my teeth sort out. Took my wisdoms out plus I went to doctors Beck n Knight to get my braces done….. now I have perfect teeth.

  2. Him must fraid a dentist like puss cause him clearly have the resources…him just nuh care bout his appearance. I cannot imagine rubbing my face against him brillo pad face…or wake up and see him dry head Inna mi vision….simple lineup and likkle argan oil hair moisturizer and some Crest white stripes would bring him from a 2 to a 5. If you factor in the abs a 5.9. It commi like him pick abs ova face which is unnecessary….

    1. Marie…mi notice seh di bwoy nasty and nuh business from long time (from 08 to be exact)! Simple little things nah kill him…that’s why all when Asafa old and reach inna wheel chair mi haffi guh still love him, cause dat a man weh kno how fi tek care a himself!

      Bolt need some proper care!

    2. Physically all he has are those damn abs. I believe the Brazilian groupie who said that he tried to impress her at the club by lifting up his shirt. Damn thot. He needs to take just as much pride in his teeth and hair. He doesn’t look refined one bit.

      Not even clothes mek him look good.

  3. Met,
    Why is Kasi on Balleralert arguing with people? I thought they were on vacay and I thought she didn’t read the blogs.

    kasi.b@_annekamarie them suh pressed and mi nuh see them. Lol. Can’t even enjoy my fave @balleralert in peace again.

      1. Met yuh notice seh in all the snaps, them not even a hug, not even a little kiss? There is no chemistry, he looked happier in bed with the whore in Rio. But i don’t blame you Kasi, don’t leave your money—i mean man.

  4. Needle the track round so u suppose to reach back round deh at some point. U know say mi want to interview couple a unnu. Met u head the list a just tru the ole fawt dem well a look fi supn pon u, mek mi nuh view u yet but Latty, Spoon, Cindy, Smfh, Simply n few others mi waah intaview unnu pon some issues deh cause mi always find unnu point of view interesting.

    But Needle kindly go back round deh, how u fi cut wen the dagga just get sweet? A d bruk we a try reach to.

  5. Does he wear denture?? I just can’t understand why he can’t fix his mouth, oral health is imperative!!

  6. This is ludicrous, every Jamaican that’s brings something to the country get dragged down on this site. Bolt is a man and he wouldn’t be the first man to cheat on his significant other.. Woman stay wid man weh cheat Pon dem over nd over and the man broke so what’s the problem with this kasi girl taking him back after the antics he carried on with in rio, I mean u people are disgusting anything met go against y’all go against you bloggers need to formulate and stick to y’all own opinion about things that’s posted on this site. Uno is a set a falla fashion monkey..

        1. Gabby dem too annoying ooo si dem all go reach fi someone whey farrrrrrrrrrr removed from the seh someone whey look bad yesterday cant look good today. Dem troubled.How is Kasi doing today Gabby, you on her snap?

    1. A wah dah disgusting jancrow monkey yah a come wid lol.. A needle/dodge fame yah try tek GWEY! It naw happen… A chu Yuh nuh have no name tag… Get one fool! a baayyy u can be a metter too just get a name tag…. Stop being madd jealous yow!

    2. @Anon jump pon a different post weh we a talk bout the cheating fi drop da comment deh…right now we a talk bout him mouth! It f**g nasty, simple as that!

      Nobody nah dispute wah Usain go out there and do and we praise him fi dat! But up to last week a him did a drag down himself wid him public cocky antics! Weh u did deh!?

      And everybody on here hav them own opinion! Met nah control anybody! When ppl a talk facts unnuh jump and come! Mek sure your story sort out before you pitch over ya!

  7. MET, U C U? Y yuh haffi preface it with, “it’s me. . ” everything weh gwan pon di wall a metsy get the blame. Unu fi gwan betta man.

    1. Yuh nuh si mi a get blame already and di fool up desso a seh choo usain cheat..What cheating haffi to wid missing teet? :travel

  8. Always trying to bring down a black man .
    What if him ok with him teeth the way they are?
    Why this obsession with cosmetic surgery?

    1. A lot of you need to understand the difference between criticism and constructive criticism! How is anyone on here who is telling him to fix up himself bring down black man!?

      As white ppl reach inna di limelight dem fix up demself. Blacks need to do it too and stand strong and show dem seh we as good as/better than them. Why you think white ppl still a laugh after we!?

      Think on a wider scale and not in the box you currently are!

  9. Monkey tail?!! What ever that means, obviously I’m referring to the previous multiple post made about bolt and kasi, since the Olympic he and kasi has been trashed on this site. Met why are u offended by my comment?, your bloggers are bias they say what u agree with. The man go a dentist the other day it was on his snap y’all nit pick everything the man do, dental work takes time is not a one day procedure.

    1. Yeah you must be the tail because you are behind us. What does his teeth have to do with anything, why are my bloggers a bother to you? Did they invite you here and left you stranded? Have you lost your way on the internet and dont know where to go? Cant you find an unbiased blog to go harp on? Posts are based on emails that are sent in did you miss that memo? If you dont want Kasi trashed go untrash her, and what does she have to do with his teeth, was she the one who pulled them out? Im annoyed not offended, you are in my space harping and I didnt give you a personal invite..The NEWSPAPER POSTED HIS DENTIST VISIT..We reposted it..If you dont want it being news go take to newspaper and spin it into toilet paper and wipe your ass with it so we wont see it.

  10. Nobady is ok wid missing n rotten teeth…d mouth n genitals r two places ppl take very good care of.

    U sound stupid when u say him ok with his teeth like that…a man of his calibre.

    usain is a nasty country bwoy who no used to nutn, mi neva c usain face cool yet like him bathe.

    Met site always encourage ppl so i guess after d vacay a teeth an a pedicure maybe (maybe im ahead of myself about d pedicure still)

  11. Unuh low mi oooo lol a lil confession is good for the soul sometimes….mi not hiding mi just run woieeee a weak … spoon mi deh yah man phone lost in a cab suh mi haffi go sort out a new one…

  12. Mi say, every snap Bolt post wid Kasi she have her phone in her hand!

    God bless wifi because she woulda muss mad if she couldnt monitor Instagram comments. How she find time to be on baller alert when she’s in an exotic place with her man?

    The two of dem boring like. Just playing with their phones. I personally would be at the spa, lounging poolside with a magazine or great book, listening to my fav music, and chatting it up with my boo. Social media and so called fans/ haters would be the furthest thing from my mind.

    1. If dem boring one more time…..mi view dem snap and feel like put on mi robe and curl up wid wah book…Bora Bora commi like wah nursing home…mi just patiently awaiting a snap of the seniors doing a yoga class.or stretching in the pool….YAWN…Bolt mussi a daydream bout Rio right ya now.

  13. I come on your site often and I don’t comment on every post sometimes I just read and laugh and go through I’ve seen the multiple post about him but a felt like commenting on this one because the bolt post dem tek ova yuh site, again I’m not talking about teeth So what if I want to state my opinion under this particular post a wah??? Anyway I’m done with u met because you’re obviously offended and not annoyed by what I said, stop bring down people weh mean something to our country ive seen the crab inna barrel mentality carried out by you many times and then di idiot dem weh a look notice a jump and agree wid yuh cah dem tink them and u cool.. And Latty are what ever yuh name is u sound like a child go Wol a child’s space… I’m done I said what I felt like saying and that’s all bye bye now

    1. Yuh shudda done before yuh start because the title stated clearly..ITS NOT ME…Now with that said, as to how mi comment likkle bit these days, you eva si mi a look people fi agree wid me? My annoyance is you bringing Kasi into this post that has NOTHING to do with her and then looking like a fool by saying other posts were about trashing her..When she was being trashed where were you? What does Usain’s teeth have to do with her? Now you changed what you said because you figured that you looked foolish …Usain has been a topic all over and not just here…What is your problem? When you disagree with someone you dont have to disrespect or be an annoyance, say you dont agree and keep it moving but obviously you feel shame seh Usain teeth missing and it look bad pan Kasi…How is it her fault, only you have dat answer

      1. And a last thing..I put up over 20 posts this morning and 1 is about Usain , you dont determine what is posted here..If you dont want to see it go to the other posts or log off man.

    2. What you think we are minions or robots…go check the archives and see how many times the regulars and MET disagreed sometimes tastefully and some times not so much. Check how many times the regulars have disagreed with each other as well. The only thing we go hard about is people coming here and playing police because you try that shit over at the shade room and they will rip you a new asshole…..mi see ppl all affi change dem user name by the time dem dun drag dem. You cannot do that on IG so why do you feel you can do it here and that you won’t get dragged as well….think about it.

    3. BITCH!!! KASI TAMPON!! Yes a latty stap gwan like Yuh nuh know… And it’s or bitch, not are bitch… Bloodclaat Yuh fi come address Mi an yuh caah mek a good sentence. Child undaneath Yuh madda big hole… Yuh hurt eeh man a wah? Mi say dat damn dutty Kasi bring out di worst inna unnu.. Dutty piss up Dutty blogger yea u Dutty anonymous. Gal go eatshit a fame Yuh want like Yuh pussy kasi… Well bitch get a name.

  14. Why is it ok for Usain Bolt to disgrace our race with his shegries… The black men seem to do fine in bringing down themselves once they have a little money… He should not be ok with his teeth the way they are. First of all there are a lot of bad things that will take place in his mouth if he doesn’t fix that jacked up mouth of his…. Does he not visit a credible dentist who will advise him of all the things that will happen in his mouth if he doesn’t get it stabilized. Usain Bolt does not need cosmetic dentistry, he needs restorative dentistry.


  16. What health issues? And him a whore so? Looks to be in hood er I mean good health,tap look excuse fi him mouth,a mussy all a di dutty puss dem him go round a nyam mek him have health and dental issues

  17. Him have money can put in dental implants. US3000 per implant naah go shake him. Nasty mouth bwoy

    Go through ever clean ever fresh Asafa,

  18. Met u trying to hard to be right everyone has an opinion, are u serious I changed my mouth because of what? I didn’t change anything all I’m saying is I’ve seen all the other post but didn’t feel like commenting but I did on this one soooo whattttt????? I’m not a fan of his teeth either im always voicing my opinionabout his teeth, why him have so much money and don’t waan fix them?. but that’s not what I’m talking about I felt like saying what I felt about previous post that was up about him and the girl on this teeth post what wrong with that???!!!! Mi dun ya cah u definitely mad about my comment, and I wasn’t disrespectful to anybody I just simply said what I felt, your bloggers are bias, example I’ve seen u post about Tina jet set already and your bloggers dun her but the minute u put a pic up and said she looks nice to u all of a sudden everybody things she looks good smh .. and im not saying she doesn’t look nice because she always did big or small

    1. BITCH!!! KASI TAMPON!! Yes a latty stap gwan like Yuh nuh know… And it’s or bitch, not are bitch… Bloodclaat Yuh fi come address Mi an yuh caah mek a good sentence. Child undaneath Yuh madda big hole… Yuh hurt eeh man a wah? Mi say dat damn dutty Kasi bring out di worst inna unnu.. Dutty piss up Dutty blogger yea u Dutty anonymous. Gal go eatshit a fame Yuh want like Yuh pussy kasi… Well bitch get a name.

    2. Hi leave di lady now no Met y u ansa kmdt when dem lonely a u dem seek out
      Next best ting u don’t like post teck it dung if U BAD cho

    3. Germs how Yuh dun an Mi just bloodclaat stawt… Don’t come try break down an explain Yuh comments now bitch! Yuh shoulda think bout dat b4 Yuh call name… Bitch a Mi address dis weh urs deh?… Eeh Dutty anonymous! A bet Unnu stap hide and stawt put name…. Yuh first comment an a dat Yuh pick bitch! Mi nuh like yuh.. A wah fight di finga wah Yuh use type dem shit yah eh see…

  19. Maybe he’s trying to be on the safe side. Many chemicals used in dentistry are banned on the IAAF list so unnuh affi think bout dem ting deh. Memba they brought shellyann into questioning because of summ’n she took due to her dental work with braces etc. Dem woulda glad fi find the smallest detail fi tarnish him name wid. Maybe when he retires he’ll fix them.

    1. Not a so, how him reach Dentist a Rio di odda day when him abscess/infected tooth did a kill him? mi sure it took some serious meds to sort dat out.
      Him badly need dental implants n den some veneers fi lenghten him stumpy rat bat teeth whe left

  20. DWL, this takes me back to 3/4 form when bolt win him first Olympic and we had a discussion and one my class seh bolt teeth look like him mouth smell and stay bad. The whole group buss a laugh lol. On a serious one, although I don’t like ugly guys the one physical attributes that I always emphasise on and take notice of is a guy’s teeth and bad teeth is my ultimate turn off and it’s the same for many people. Bolt teeth should have been done years ago and long side his dry skin. Moderator is back at it with her aggressive tone

  21. Likely him teeth that way because his parents were poor and could not provide him good dental care as a child. Not everyone want veneers, implants or partials, cause if him guh put it een unno same one start seh him mout look like fi horse or donkey, and meck joke out of it. I think when we know ppl are from poor background wi need fi leave some tings alone. Much as mi nuh care fi Bolt, him teck himself from nutten to summen, and at least him will able fi do better for his children far as dem dental care concerned.

  22. The first thing me look pon a man is him teeth if it nuh stay good means him nuh brush it often n him nuh tek oral health seriously, bolt has been making millions for a very long time now, if he really wanted to he could have fixed him nasty teeth long time, and declared all drugs administered to the iaaf him coukda do it off season. Him nuh have no excuse, instead a tek 6000 US DOLLARS a night fi guh bora bora him shoulda guh sort out his teeth. Cleanliness is next to godliness.

    We aren’t tearing him down every sister here love when dem man on fleek and we want bolt to be on fleek. Him a the jamaican brand ambassador that’s why we need him to look good. Fix him teeth get a stylist.

    Btw MET dem deh pon daily mail

    Seh is he engaged to his very forgiving longtime gf? Dem have up the snap pick that look altered to me saying she said yes with wedding Shit. But the comments by people are just like the ones on here, so the persons who think we being biased baby girl its an iternational bias den.

    The 2 a dem a put on a show fi test dem acting skills as far as i am concerned. No chemistry being felt, fake as made in China.

    1. No dem wicked bad pan dailymail..look pan di comments

      It was probably the results from the nurse at the STI clinc that the message refered to

      If I was her he would have to dip his bits in disinfectant and have every test imagineable, but I suppose him being wealthy and world famous alllows her to wear rose tinted specs.
      Im sure she’s a feminist who gonna be like “ITS MY BODY! #FEMINISM” Yup the same pathetic excuse for having no self respect, for sleeping with every man alive, for selling your soul for cash & for wearing the most revealing clothes. Women have truly evolved for the worse.

      1. Met ? wey Lasi find so much time fi a troll all the ig blog post dem & and toe to toe with ppl? May the page be fake or otherwise, seems rather press about ppls opinion about her & her baby’s relationship. I find it really amusing yuh all di way in the Indian Ocean fi a enjoy ur hard earn vacay & a follow follow up ppl. Gal go suck yuh man hood & get on ig man, or a true unno no find nobody fi join in the sex yet why yuh have so much time.

  23. Met from she reach the phone don’t leave her hand! No wonder she only had 1% and couldn’t even capture the moment of her arrival. She bleach on Instagram.

    As the comments go up on her page she turn inna Alkaline. Instant block and delete!

  24. Bumbo!!!!!! Yuh mean to tell mi young boy like that missing so much tooth? But they have dental implants and veneers,no man usain mi shame fi yuh!!!

  25. But waittttt home girl up deh suh,how yuh hot fi met suh? Kasi caused her self to be dragged she loved the attention. She was on every blog site, shade room,baller alert ect….most of the time met dont even comment on the post. Unu hate over yah but hitch up bouya a fasssss!!!! A we say met,a we say pink wall. Because look how much other topics post up on pink wall,but yuh choose to comment on this?

  26. I don’t see anything wrong with bolt teeth but I see everything wrong with Met and her Marcus Garvey sell out crew.
    Did you learn this badmine in the USA?
    Typically Jamaicans are happy for each other. Leave the girl and her man alone.

  27. Jah kno star when yuh meet inna accident and a yuh mouth alone get mash up is not a good look..
    At least yuh give a Gully Bop some kinda hope.
    Kasi yuh tink and wuthliss like ol tilelit, yuh encourage ebry Cheesum act but yuh never yet motivate di man fi go body shop after him mouth meet inna di accident,wicked ole sin yuh.
    :sorry :sorry :sorry

  28. @Anon, Wha mek yuh nuh come offa di wall and go clean yuh bathroom and nyam shit,cause it seem like sey yuh drop outta yuh mumma hole and caan find ladder or rope fi go back up in a it..

  29. Met, the truth always sounds like hate to those who hate the truth.

    Women and men should be mindful of people who exhibit bad hygiene. Medically, kissing someone who has gum disease or cavity-causing bacteria can cause someone else who previously had a low concentration of “bad” bacteria to “catch” dental problems, due to the increased concentration of “bad” bacteria — especially if that person has poor oral hygiene habits, which set the stage for tooth decay. It’s a wonder he has any teeth at all. We all know he sticks his tongue in women’s mouth across this world and if he is not tending to his care, we know he is not checking theirs.

    Regardless of how people think Bolt’s looks, when he is well groomed, has the right haircut or wears a cap and shoes, he has sex-appeal with or without money. A lot of women like tall, dark, toned men who are clean. Unfortunately, at times, Bolt does exhibit poor hygiene in other areas besides his teeth. In a pic of Bolt either in his book or somewhere, he has dirty fingernails. My daddy and mother always warned me of guys whose fingernails were dirty for no reason. Someone who does not take the time to clean their nails is a no, no. We all know Bolt loves pum, pum from different women. More likely than not, he is fingering these women transferring or mixing pum, pum juices amongst his partners. More likely during his sexcapades, he is sticking his fingers in women mouths. How unsafe and nasty. Just Saying . . .

    Different people have also said that sometimes he has an odor. The woman in Rio said that they took a shower before they had sex. More likely than not it was her suggestion. We can get an odor from time to time depending on the activities that we participating in; however, people with good hygiene take a bath and put on deodorant. Then there were these pictures in London taken by the media that showed him in the same Grey outfit for more than one day. The reported even commented that he had on the same clothes. I wondered if he had even changed his underwear. Where were his REAL FRIENDS? Real friends don’t allow their friends “a”ses to be out in public.”

    I am not saying this in Bolt’s case but sometimes bad hygiene is a sign of some form of mental illness. You see it in depression as well as other illnesses. Everyone (men and women) just need to be carefully of the partners they are choosing to kiss and have sex with. If they are not taking care of their own self (mouth, body, feet, nail & etc.), they can’t possibly be a good judge of the women they are having sex with. This behavior is risky.

    If you really love someone, you help take care of them in areas that they are weak in. Someone is not helping take care of Bolt. There is nothing like a clean, well-groomed man. There is a big difference between down to earth and nasty and it is not healthy. Just Saying . . .

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