Lisa Hanna: Sexiest Jamaican woman

Sunday, December 29, 2013 | 3:00 AM

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Lisa Hanna has grown stunningly more beautiful since winning the Miss World title in 1993 in Sun City, South Africa.

The 38-year-old politician and minister of youth and culture in the current Government manages to stay in wonderful shape by maintaining her regular work-out at Spartan gym and practising karate — in which she holds a black belt — whenever her busy schedule allows.

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The punishing pressure of political office does not seem to have had any effect on her attractiveness or appealing qualities, however.

Lisa Hanna is the Jamaica Observer’s pick as the Sexiest Jamaican woman now.

0 thoughts on “IS PORTIA GI OUT DIS AWARD?

  1. Weh shi need fi do is si ef she can erase har international title of ‘4TH WUSS POLITICIAN INNA THE WRERL’ Bout sexiest Jamaican woman….unless a she one an Portia deh pon stage inna dem string bikini…:ngakak

  2. Give respect where it is due. Go Lisa you represented Jamaica very well in the pass. Miss World & Miss Jamaica World. So a unno I am sure ugly like sin. lol

    1. 20 years ago..boops come again. Dis anuuh beauty pageant, she is doing a shitty job as a youth minister. BOOOOOOT…piss

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