1. Kmt…if it real that f**r better siddung with Shorty till him see road again. Bout unnuh no longer together after all di woman go tru wid u and a raise u pickney dem gud gud …me like she me all go visit u rass a prison and gi u a proper dussing shut u up!

  2. Shorty is very loyal. Him beat her whole heap a time pon di buss up skin. All thee years she know what she was waiting for and as she say since week she’ll continue to wait :ngakak

  3. shorty lucky bout wait 35 yrs, and when him deh a road she get di whole bakery not just the bun. Tek man and live you life my girl. No wait pon him he was never a faithful man, the amount a baby making and gyal who him dash inna har face. No way would I wait on him. Leff har that would be doing her a favor.

  4. Met mi cah log in …. Yow met a him page Fi true … Then him mussi Nuh want no artist do nothing wid ar … Who him tink did a go wait pon him .. Shorty soon talk Di tings dem

  5. If these messages are for real, den dat sound like some Vybz Kartel behaviours, yes. Shorty, how yu mek yu boo dis yu like dat publicly? No you same one say dat you visit him every Friday, and dat you will keep “waited” on him fe 35 years? My girl a betta you gwaan live yu life, and stop de damn “waited” yah man.

  6. Kartel luk like di tye a ware off…. yuh affi go up di ting mi luv. Mi naw carry or bring dah story yah cause one rammy an a crake a way&nephew and she tie right back.

    1. Some gyal wrote that or shorty ask one out the two boys to write it to cause speculation so she can be called to be interviwed and say ITS ALL RUMOUR*

  7. If Kartel wrote that it is a publicity stunt just like his manufactured beef with Mavado…Kartel a try stay relevant by any means necessary….MNL pon dem.

  8. Sometimes GOD have a way to take away PEOPLE out of your life for a reason. SHORTY this is a message to you. GOD has a good plan for you. Kartel being away from your life now is the way for you to grow out. He has hinderness on you for years.

    He has a demonic stronghold on your life. GOD heard your cries and seen your tears. What has happen to him was needed for you to break away from him.It’s hard to break free because of the kids. They will be ok. They want you happy anyway. Dont worry about the other women and them winning him. Bad energy attracts bad energy. He’s been with so many women that hes picked up spirits. These women have done work.

    The more you hang on the more you’ll set yourself back. There is more for you out there. GOD sees your heart. You’ll be fine. I see living in England. You should look to live up there. Pick up a career in helping people like social work. Don’t worry Shorty your pain, tears, sleepness night is over.


  9. Shorty & kartel move uno Boomboclartt bout its a rumour & trick u did a trick ppl after a no April fools day this..shorty your so call husband right you off & diss u bad true ppl tell him say it look bad that’s why he come back & say it’s a trick my big ass.shorty kartel have him gal dem all him IG & FB page, just the other day he post a picture of a white gal with blue eyes & caption it with two emoji of a watch & a heart,because you so illiterate & stupid you never see the meaning lol poor you.. Kartel respect no woman he believes everyone gal wants him & he can have any woman with his ugly looking self ,shorty my advice to you is scrape up as much money & invest as much as you can. F**k as much as you can because as kartel touch road (if he does) not even the back sit appearance you get a the trunk appearance him will give you, family first my foot he never no the meaning of family when he was on road kmft ,shorty stop the hype you look stupid you ugly as f**k you do up your body & a act like its real lol..kartel have girls flying in from all part of the world a come look fi him .so you stay there lol ..MET it facts this a talking I will send you a email on this

  10. @atjustme it’s kartel write that trust me mean its ppl write for shorty cause she can’t read & write. Attention Kartel a seek because shorty a F**k hard & news a come back to him lol..Kartel please answer this question because I no for a fact you reading this & live on pink wall you believe shorty is not giving away the Pussy??

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