1. Anonymous school children in England know that a lone ass kawka lee love. Dem batty up line buggering the nastiness dem love. Camile ass must tired now lol

  1. Morning ppl… hope everyone playing there part and staying home so we can come out of this soon..this is why ppl need to be very careful on SM .. but most ppl let SM get the best of them not knowing it’s also the devil’s playground..when use wrongly!!

      1. Met you know a long time dis so called wife a sex off all the entertainers everybody boy girls everything. True the people dem say he love boys she just use are hole tear down Jamaica England everywhere omg

      1. How she fi go fuck UK Jayz no sah her pussy nah nuh principle. she must glad Michelle buzza change her life. So what happened to Robert baby mother whe mek him reach back a England

  2. Sky please hush hun that big idiot man you have worse than kawka lee! He’s embarrassing. Both wives and husbands a bag a trash that love social media but skye really can’t chat Camille! Camille still a hotter gal fi skye!! Skye you funny but try no judge.

  3. Sky a waste gal and dem love wait for a reason to laugh after people. Gal like Sky act like they are people big friend and they soo much for other women but sit down and don’t want the beating or rape to dun so you can enjoy your miserable night. Or you glad a nuh your relationship alone frig up or man crazy. I’m glad she alright but Sky u fi chill with all the chat.

  4. Marlene is been passive aggressive, Sky own blood sister Cherrylipps DISGRACE her on ig with her ex gal Kim possible, who make this wash up SADAMITE gal Sky the Oprah for ig, Sky get a fucking gip on it you cheap ass old whore. You see your mother face and body in Jamaica bitch worry about that comment about that and not Camille and Cawka Lee. Hollywood Hype only with you because you do time for him in jail and you don’t ramp fi give him 3 and 4 some. Sky we no who you are remember you have alot of enemy you only fronting for the gram with your stay bad fake breast batty pussy and lip Sky remember the African ugly man you was fucking for money, Sky you in no class to talk old junky Sky.

    1. If yah cuss Sky, cuss har and leave out har modda. Di poor lady don’t have nuttn fi do wid dis. That was uncalled for.

      1. Commentator only wanting people fi see how Skyy gonna look when she old and its not a good look. Not dissing the mom per se but they seem not to age well.

  5. thank god mi single! imagine being stuck in quarantine with one of these vane and vacuous cunts. these adults are a disgrace and it’s a wonder how they get their kids to do right when they themselves show such poor form.

  6. Fi some reason mi neva find the messenger charming or funny, Big tuff back deeven know how fi screen record?? Unuh old foots need to retire your smart phones.

  7. So people really vex through sky call out Camille, Yes Camille yuh body look good and yuh nuh ugly…. girl yuh dress nice and thing…. but mi nuh grudge yuh…. the man who made you…. yuh only a pose wit him it’s all an act… not even front yuh na give him n if you do. He’s got to wear protection. After 20 years oh wow…. you had s&x on live and girl it appeared as if u was raped…. but fact of the matter y the man did that to u is because him say yuh sleeping with every Tom dick n Harry… so y not him? We know Camille you are no ordinary prosi but mi sure yuh a soon 50 so a fi scrape now cause afi go retire soon… n afi go keep cawka lee fi maintain the facade, so the dissing was uncalled for. Even though it’s regular occurrence…. because him did tell yuh fi bups the man dem but but him Neva say f@&x but then u claimed u want open relationship…. Camille wi nuh grudge yuh….. cause weh yuh do fi get a £1, gal stomach afi strong like your voice.
    Unhu leave sky alone…. every situation is better than Camille’s so let the woman talk…. unhu support the wrong things dem, everything unhu cuss sky bout Camille been there done that x 1000… Camille, Nicki, Bianca and the list continues 20 di@ks a day…. them fi go look wuk!!! If ppl did a hold dem wit news paper dem woulda buil, but unhu come here a cuss ppl who a call dem out fi dem wrongs hypocrites…. Camille the queef

    1. B you deal with the prostitute the right and proper way. Clearly the people in the us don’t know Camille file. She a sadamite hoe 3some freak that grine anything walking. Then she wanna front with a known bisexual man to prove something… haha the cats out the bag now hoe. Deal with it

      1. And sky a di same that’s why we say she can’t judge her. Sometimes people want to see another person life messed up so they can brag that theirs is better! Both of them a washed up dancehall mattress! Both they man act questionable! Nobody nah praise Camille but can Skye chat? Humble mommy better she do up the man. Why come for Camille when she know damn well…mi dun. Caan badda.

    1. @2:03am stinking pussy Sky we no it’s you go and get a life and get off pinkwall, your a sorry ass hoe in a real life you deal with it johncrow. Ugly man looking Sky back road wash up hoe look at your sick stomach mother state in Jamaica, Sky you fake living it up and your mother life need condition and proper sort out, Sky you leave your mother to dead in Jamaica how embarrassing you can’t even file for your mother and let she live a little life before she die, talk about that shitty pussy Shy with your cement face and filter body dutty ole Sky. Sky you and your old ugly mother is two of a kind nasty sadamite battery out sell pussy fuck out dead rejects. Sky again you in no class to talk about Camille and Cawka Lee, Sky did you tell idiot big head Hollywood Hype that you on video fucking Apple and Jay icon at Jay icon birthday party back in the days people no you buz dutty pussy Sky, stop putting on a show for the gram you is nobody Sky send in your own dirty file and low out Camille and Cawka Lee business your fucking too much dirty popi show broke gal

    1. Nice video! 19 years ago!
      All the dancehall fallen icons! Yankee, willie, Roy fowl, oney!
      Look pon Genious, Michie Boo, Lena, Sandra Lee,

  8. Camille nuh want kawa Lee old hood nuh more, she tiad a the ass fucking. Everybody know seh she and buzza Michelle baby father Robert aka JAY-Z never stop fuck ,she tell her friends dem how him cocky big and him can fuck ,poor kawa lee

      1. Cause she want to seem like she’s in a long standing relationship with a batty man for years mind you she a try cover up that she’s a lesbian too

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