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dutty cecile whey act like she a smaddy she act like she only have two pickney and have bout four ,leave the married man alone dennis naw leave him wife fe look tough like ,stop walk and chat you friend them ,YOU FRONT STINK .GO (Edited) CECILE DUTTY GAL


  1. I can’t stand this woman . Every time she see me all she do is stare me down from head to toe don’t know her & I don’t want her hamster yuck pussy stink the sender said 🙁

  2. she is not the wife, wah and if you hail him she look pon u bad. A she me want fe my mate #veryprotective good morning all!!

  3. But look how long DWW and Cecile deh? kmt wife inna bar and Cecile deh ah door when dance keep and neither of them nuh look at the other, yeah ah so matey and wifey fi live loving, make love and not war……………….. Sender ether yuh a pree DWW fi yuhself or someone hire yuh fi investigate kmt yuh try walk gwan

  4. but who the f**k would want dennis wet wet him favor caillou and him look like him have no buddy and its true when the old racoon eyes woman cecile see people she just a stare people from head to toe .

  5. :kiss Good Afternoon Ms Met and Metterrrz
    Yes she is very protective over the lady husband. I saw them at party in HTown (nah mention the name) and mi guh walk pass she and him, but I had let him step back and the woman give me a dutty look. Cecile nuh body don’t want the lady husband whey love tek dildo inna him rear area. She all tatoo C&D on her arm and leg. She should get matey of the year award.
    See the proof here….even though I knew this from mi a lickle gal

  6. People say that Jamaicans are the worst and most grudgful and it’s true .. Leave the people dem alone .. Sender you seem to want the man for yourself .. Everyone want to use the internet to bully .. Comfront the person if you have a problem ..

  7. It looks like this man like it with dildo that turns him on more than head and pussy Thats nasty why not get a real man and leave the toy alone… Nd him dash out the money fi she to do it wow, the wife not giving it up his anus good that he needed someone else to do it, woieeee smdh lol

  8. Met me just get the new bad mind get the best of them claudatte salmon leave the people them alone u too bad mind u an u wicked twin sister from Bronx because u barrow the lady money an dont want pay it back that why u a talk about the girl like this. Talk bout u sista wey come a me yard an barrow me money an dont pay the when me they a jail she a talk bout me pon pink wall and talk bout me an daddy.twin claudatte u is a f**king theft u take out me 350 out a mi car. When we come from party when we stop a dunkin donut when me n Natalie go buy breakfast you theft Natalie 106 cologne out a the people them car Natalie know its you mother f**ker go get a life leave the people them alone . Think about u wicked twin. Sister u need fi kill ar don’t make talk She chat u she chat u daughter .all wey u an u sister talk bout me me hear back me mother have a house me kids them born a America uncle not feeding them nor pay them rent them naw beg kotch an me no have no handicap. You say me husband. A thief an them did ago kill we but u soon get f**k .paulatte did tell say u a f**k Omar piekiss when u keep the party u now Beatle fe see the thing wey Omar buy up fe the party an bring it come fe you out side u sista tell me the thing the look pon paulatte tell me if u no see satan not to mention when she call a barrow money an a chat u . Claudatte u sista. Say u thief Charlene thing them. Shame shame shame. Buy the way u pay jet set yet give Natalie me 100 dollar thank. U bitches

  9. The Lord is my life an my salvation who. Shall hi fear the people that beg me for my clothes barrow my money beg me food shelter favors can’t count .people hi lend my cloths never take back give money to help them out .well met god as being so good to me can’t complained god has being so good to me an my kids and hi love him so much he never fail me yet thank u Jesus my heart is clean .met hi pray everyday ask The Lord to put food on my table and make thing good for me.

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