1. She could never be a teacher which teacher’s collage she go and get certified. real dunce head dis…kmt…she is unfit to teach somebody need fi fire her…

  2. She should be fired and not employed as a teacher anywhere. You don’t mix charity and politics if you truly had the children at heart you wouldn’t even say that crap. In reality you are scum of the worst kind. It shouldn’t matter which way their parents vote as impoverish children have been going to school under both parties. As a teacher you are a professional and should display it so your children can learn it and not become what u are now. I say this from my heart, as it was a teacher that steered me from the path violence and organised crime. It was a lowly history teacher, through her professional demeanor, commitment to excellence and a genuine drive to help her students and to prove that through discipline and self respect even the most unsavory, “ayez hawd” and unscrupulous boy could not only pass some subjects but do so with distinctions and continue same excellence in college. She did so without lecturing or intimidation. I say all this to say, that I was that child and the great impact one good teacher can make.

  3. Showing off for no given reason. All yuh see har a gwaan she is nothing but a educated fool. To how she a hype up ar two pickney they shoulda be by one man and that man should be her husband. Woman like she shoulda well married and happy. But them hype an a bare ole fart a sex them bout them a help people. She wah more help than the pickney them because all now she can’t hold a man. Tuff nuh rass. If uno ever see har gal fava any man bout she deh pan fb a run off ar mouth. A come use qualification like it can hide ar dirty life.

    1. U badmind u f**k. How qualifications and d woman children reach inna it? If unnu a feed unnu pickney it shouldn’t offend unnu! She and her sister a PNP and dem free fi talk just like everybody else. The doctor and teacher status seem fi really hurt u feelings tho. Level up and lowe d bloodclaat gal dem mek dem live.

  4. So weh unnu a cus fa? No prosperity unnu seh how di pickney dem o hungry ina dat? Or a true unnu know the prosperity no av no substance and trip o twist same way

  5. Kakafaut pickney can suffer under any party suh stop chat f**ry. Uno a act like any party better. Remember Portia was prime minister before Andrew and obviously the people wasn’t pleased with her way of running the country so they elected another person. I don’t see why the pnp supporters are so cut up over this lost. But because nuff a uno nah guh ina uno big office weh pnp put uno ina wid not even a high school certificate. If uno caa tek lost uno put dung gambling. As fi that teacher gal politics shouldn’t have nutten fi duh wid weh ya gi di ppl them pickney uno too disgusting.

    1. Move u dutty rass! Cut up ova which lost? If a laugh a pop up, like i care jack shit bout pnp. Right now a unnu cut up tru di teacher seh unnu fi feed unnu pikini cause she ago tap! Me no agree wid ar but a fi har money! Weh unnu run wid it like a unnu di a give ar money fi feed pikini all because she ano labourite, unnu stink an brite no rass. A unnu seh prosperity and bex tru pikini still a hungry, how dat? U no c unnu a dutty hypocrite! A seh prosperity when unnu know deep dung seh not such thing! but because a unnu seh showa unnu haffi a try mke it look gud. Real ole dutty hypocrite unnu!

  6. People can say anything them want Jamaica free. Both prosperity and no prosperity pickney ago dead fi hungry. And further more mi never breed yet suh mi caa fall ina da bracket deh suh check yuh facts comedian. Weh she say nuh got nutten fi duh wid di pickney them. Some a uno just dark an fool and a dats why the country suh stagnant. People should be free to vote for whatever without their kids being victimized at school. She shouldn’t even mention that out a har mouth as a teacher or smaddy wid kids. Nuh matter how mi nuh like smaddy mi caa see a child a dead fi hungry and walk pass them. My heart nuh suh dutty. Then come to think of it she probably not even help nobody and a seek attention with har man looking self kmft.

  7. I know that man looking teacher and fi har face wah more help than di hungry belly pickey then weh she a talk bout. Nuh know how man loook pan she. Stay real bad. And all a them ugly. But she a di ugliest of all.

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