0 thoughts on “IS WHO A TYPE FI SHAWTIE?

  1. so di man weh mi love so much get life a prison and me stop tek out mi smartphone ….and type 35/life and about ten crying emoticon…..Shorty mi si yu….yu good…….di phone shoulda fling dung and mash up from di info run………………….

  2. Shawty shawty really that’s all u could sum up after u “innocence ” baby father was handed a life sentence no sahhhhhh smh smh bite mi finger nail n smh again
    Is which pawt shawty n Kartel know each other from ??????? Anybody know dem love story ?????

  3. So hold on deh…. U mean fi tell mi seh summady inna dem right mind, really suggest legal fund???? Mi not looking!!! Di great Adijah Palmer cudda Neva waan nuh help from nobody!!!

  4. Shawty kno what she is doing, I wonder who would have time to text if them really sincre and in pain for their beloved. Short Boss is up to something, and that is, she’s up to no good. Lol

  5. Seems like Shawty happy! :nerd

    He was in prison for several years, so I’m sure she adjusted to the idea he was not coming out for now. Cuh JAH knows if it were me and my man get sentenced to life in prison I would be bawling ’til mi cyaan bawl nuh more. No social networking site would be seeing me for now

  6. Notice she’s not saying “will appeal”? “Must si road”? Shorty knows she got the better end of the deal. She seems quite happy. Live it up yes Shorty.

    1. She fi leave shake up her ‘folly ground’ and tek everything and left him and him people dem stranded…it we give dem pickney dem a fighting chance.

        1. Yu know de world small and we may come from de same clan…as long as me a do yu justice left me wid it…lololol

          1. u neva know that would be funny…di gyal wicked…..afta di man married next gyal wen ar pickney a mussi not even reach one shi a gwaan like him a saint

      1. mi jus need forty minute wid shawty …………….shi jus a wait pon di appeal .shi wi call mi later

  7. Met, only 2 hours ago Shorty post press release for her sons on her page…the same day the father of your sons gets life in prison? She isn’t even trying to hide the fact that she is quite fine and have moved on from Kartel.

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