Uno draw me out me a sleep in a dance an uno a left dance and go s**k the big woman p****, wa tek some lili boy the 3 a uno nu make one , gun thief taz u and u 2 mobay friend the one wa get shot in him foot an a run weh and the brown one wa a eat out a Dionne P**y a nu me
Say so a u gal so
Walk a talk so, u come off a mi boss bed yet wa take so lili fool wa a keep party fi gal and them Ma hungry, everyday u a sport and nah sport u baby mother P**y nu proud a yute, don’t start me wa day me see u baby mother a sound a take her pic put on pink wall uno a no body P**y eaters all a uno a clown a own up gal wa nu stop suck d*ck a la and l*ck ass. Uno a try hurt me uno hurt uno self, stop watch people woman P***y and go watch uno gal them in a la mouth , uno wait mi nu have to touch uno people done a pree uno fi them gal

10 thoughts on “IS WHO DEM YERE?

    1. A slow you slow. Read slowly. The man say 3 pussy suckers a watch him but other men a watch dem feh dem gal weh the 3 blind mice a nyam out

  1. Me need one a dem but then again them can’t suck my pusst fi papers uno trouble who nu trouble uno , hush hush me friend nu snake them know

  2. Sender the one wa name tazz a the one wa suck Cris more baby mother Pussy and the gal left him , ,don’t know their name sender u have to release them pics

  3. Sender I’m sorry you are disgusted by these people behavior but please look up these words your trying to say so some or all of us reading can know what you truly would like to say because figuring out bits and pieces is not good… I got a headache trying to figure out what your trying to relay to all the people here… Thanks

  4. You all a bunch a nastiness in the name of money.Everybody ina da group de wha live ina dance hall a f**k everybody man and vice versa.Pinky look pop dung fe true.The body a hold up fe now cause it nip and tuck everywhere.Spend some quality time wid you son and get tested fi HIV.Some a yu fren we did a f**k brady have the HIV the gal ‘Moya dirty to the core Livity’. Money at the end of the day caan help if you have good health

  5. Go suck yuh mada dutty Nathalie aka waste platinum you can’t style the man them tru yuh pussy a fi way and it reach yuh man ears u try style them fi cover up yuh f**k them but god be with u

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