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Met… DMV most wanted this little bitch done f**k out already all she do is go around and f**k the ppl them man .. But she went and f**k the wrong man. This whore all she do is go around and give problem . She stay on Facebook and start problem with ppl and then come out ah road and play bad. Ppl beware this bitches is SHOTTING she went and F**K the wrong man…… STD pum pum nasty gal go and get tested…

4 thoughts on “IS WHO DIS?

  1. U men love look woman pon Facebook u cock should rotten off . Hope my young gal shott a couple more pow pow too f**ky f**ky both man & woman good fe u & her 🙁

  2. Ok suh weh we fe get from this who is this billions a ppl in a America how de hell we fe know a who kmt foolish

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