1. Or maybe she need the money fi help with the bleaching? Dancehall people is some sorry bunch a folks. 3 and 4 party in one year, that means they use the party as their income. Unuh need fi tek unuh lazy self and go work like everybody else. All a you in a farrin turn me culture in a one rass poppy show.

  1. But how Tracey acting like she nuh keep nuff dance for the same ppl to pay her bills. And since when big big dancehall celebrity like you post these types of status Pon social media?Trac a best u bring back Zuli to nyc and try rerun the whole young blood ladies dance stuff BC back then when u used to keep big dance in Harlem it did nice.

  2. Tracey just vent because the pop dung Annie a cuss seh people nuh support har dance weh she kep wah day.The one day people nuh support har she start rail.Because of dat she would neva get my support.Mi nuh guh frousy rubup dance anyway Miss Baliey (inna mi terri ann voice)

  3. I can’t wait till illiterate Melissa kotch on har wig and duh a video fi Tracey.Prepare urself Tracey u have har pink…Friday tun wayyyy upppp

  4. she nuh betta dan di person whe kip di dance an a vex. If tings did a gwaan fi she Tracy she’d a up in deh a floss. Reality have a way of hitting dem straight in a dem face.

  5. Dancehall not the same again; u av one person ah keep all 3 n 4 dance a year an den dem twis up dem duncehall face :takut wen dem c u, tru dem scan d video an c ebrybaddie een deh
    , but U!!! Support!!! :bola Me party wen me feel like. A really some bill collecting a gwan, d weh ow suh much people tun “promoter”.
    So much party ah gwan dat u lucky if u ab a gud turnout!!! 9-5 works fine for me; a guaranteed paycheck EBRY week; do work, will get get paid, LOVELY!!!!

  6. It reach to a point where u affi ketch uself an realise dat dis “promoter” “just” keep a dance weh day!! :salahkamar

  7. I don’t know which is worst Dance or Baby Showers….I support none but my Husband cannot walk in the streets without them pushing a flyer on him! When since they start print flyer in the place of invitations for Baby Showers??
    Y’all love free ‘ish tuh much!

  8. Dance hall been turn into Rent parties since Anita and Trudi days
    My question is how they do it every night: Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx then get up and go tief. SMH

  9. Dis dance ting a get outta hand rasta…Is like everybody inna di dance a keep a dance, every rass minute smaddy a push on dem flya pon yuh……kmft

  10. Let me explain these dancehall bill collectors to who don’t know them Neva acknowledge u till dance keepin them make sure to tell video man fi tek everybody’s pic n make sure video lite catch all patrons. Afta da fuka them go home sit n guh tru video n count every head n face wit a screw face then wen them finish them logon pon da internet n guh tru all pics n count heads n face! Wen da pussy them notice u nuh Inna no pic video next thing them see u n u try hail them walk pass u wit them ugly screw face if u n them a fb fren u get block n delete

    1. Well factoring 90 percent a people who go dance is a set of DUNCEBAT SO it is not shocking of this kind of behavior. What a day when people wise up and leggo this dancehall party 24/7 and start stay a dem yard? I wonder how some a them go eat?

  11. Carl williams delete one of my cousin cause she never go to his dance the other night. Him dance was empty so mi know she dont miss a god damn ting

  12. I not even exchanging Christmas gifts wid friends this year, suh mi know where Tracey coming from. Everybody have the right fi live widdin dem budget, and if your source of livelihood is dependent on someone coming in to spend money then you salt.

  13. This dance thing gone bad so til the man dem all a pimp out dem hood to women to get ride from party to party . Mi no blame tracey. Yes you keep party, is support feh support but if you supporting everybody in reality you keeping a dance for nothing because at the end of the night, you spending back every dime going back to everybody dance. If you only keep one dance and the other person keeping 3-4 shit attend one anno mine you a mine the bitch .why dem feel you have to attend their 4 when you only keep 1? As someone up top seh get a f**king job so you will always sure a you income ,so if people no show up a you shindig you rent no short. Mi go most party but I don’t keep shit. Should I be mad because there goes my tax write off for my charity work for the year?? Unno lucky

  14. To all the bloggers, I could not said it better. Throughout the years you support these people 3 & 4 party that they keep, and the one time that you choose to pay your bill over the party expense they see you and screw up their face pass you. The new thing for them now is to be-friend you on Facebook, Instagram, an WhatApp just to flood your page and inbox with their fliers. Some of them you forget that they are on your friend list. It’s only when the flier pops up in your notification you remember them. SMRH. Sick, sick sick.

  15. DANCEHALL HAS GOTTEN FROM BAD TO WORST. PEOPLE ARENT KEEPING DANCE FOR MONEY. ITS FOR POPULARITY. ALL THE NOBODIES ARE KEEPING DANCE. MOST ARE JUST WANNA BEES SUPERSTARS. ALL RAT BATS, TELETUBIES, GREMLINS, UNCLE FESTER, ARE KEEPING DANCES. I remember when I use to go it was all about enjoyment. The people back then had real money. Dancehall was really set up with hustlers showing off and enjoying their money that they made for the week.

  16. “Ah suh di whole ah dem stay” They keep thee parties every year, you don’t go to one, so they see on the road and walk pass you. When the next party date is approaching they all of a sudden remember you.

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