Ishawna ansa D.I and dis Carlene

Posted by Pinkwall on Tuesday, September 19, 2017

53 thoughts on “ISHAWNA ANSA DI

  1. Di shouldn’t have talk about the child mother or kid that pass limit…. I careless what ishawna said she deserve every it. Di a look a buss.

    1. Danielle D.I. Don’t need a buss. She known and she establish to where hungar nah visit har…and de lack of a cock or a song nah determine her present and future.

      1. Well why she feel di need to make a whole song about ishawna just because she a chat ar. Jus go page ar bout it an done…but if mi a danielle i beat ishawna ass from now till kingdom come for being so disrespectful

        1. After she a no de 1st. Me sure none a dem before har a collect royalty.

          Plus it work.

          Spice did quiet de swipper.

      2. Know and establish . when last di get a bit from rebel. Some chat f**kery. We can’t hear di pan radio. Ever. Kmt. A the most attention she ever get.

        1. So a music alone mek people known and financially establish off of?

          :ngakak :ngakak

          You gwan think D.I pocket empty because har music career isn’t up to your speed.

          De woman versatile! D.I. Don’t need buddy fi give har life.

          Again, she ESTABLISH.

          She nah fi go suck cocky pon studio floor and ben ova sound board fi bury har people. Since a dat unu wan fi see :hoax2

          Again, the girl establish and so is her mother :maho

          Yu friend can’t say dat bout har wash up puppa and broke shop mumma. War boat family never plan for tomorrows :alay

  2. ishawna is a soul less demon

    nothing about her

    no principles


    wishing death and preying on someones loved ones sickness



    hope they spit on your grave Ishawna

  3. Di a play wid da dead dog here, trust mi, from a gal a call my mother name and wishing death on her, the lyrical game over, it just turn physical, I wouldn’t answer again, bitch I only get one mother in my life time, so that’s off limits, Ishawna, trust me you dead to the world, this show me who you really is, nobody but an empty shell, you done dead.

    1. Bammy har followers dem a seh yay like she do something good but I know DI will grab har and beat har so Im waiting on that shellings to happen.

      1. Met let’s be honest I’m NOT a fan of Ishawna not even by a long strecth but in a WAR there is no manners morals or conscience simple u spoke on my mother then the gate open fi me tawk wateva come a mi mouth
        DI cannot go fi the girl madda n then ur gonna say she can’t speak on hers, me personally u cross mi n all call madda m pikney inna it ANYYYYYYYYYYTHING GOESSSSSS INNA WAR CAUSE AFTERALL A WAR IT NAME

        1. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Chuet..Ishawna went there first..She was the one who said DI live wid har mother and DI ansa har back is only har wicked fans dem a tell people seh DI bring up har mother first. If it was like that DI cudda bring it up from the first song . DI seh har mother a teef which is true but when she a go talk bout pull the plug is better she did seh go look bout u sick mother and she tek it further but dem fi go dive ina di mother like she a call down death on the mother? No man it wrong and is ishawna bring up di madda ting first cause she dont know anything bout di girl

          1. Same so foota did mek some statement bout mother but I dont think he was talking about her mother specifically and she go talk how foota madda neva like him. Mi nuh rememeber too good..har mouth need 4 brita filter

          2. Wtf? Ishawna saying
            still live with her
            is a dis
            DI and
            mother. She
            call the
            a pedophile
            fi have her big daughter still at home? Did I miss that part.

          3. U never miss no part o but people a gwaan like dem have amnesia ..thats how fans har das why m nuh run bakka people it mek u look stupid cause dem fool bad

    2. Mi seh Sketel!!! A dat mi seh from she drop dis bout mi madda di war dun lyrically cause anywey she deh mi find dat bitch mi mean anywey. mek she prove badness.

    3. same bloodclaat thing me say! me n her done the lyrical war from this drop! DI fi done the bitch she pass her place, because thats a very low blow! saying her mother is thief nothing no wrong with that cause a true, but being sick and dying is not a choice but thiefing is a choice.

  4. Ishawna yu violate!!!!! How yu fe go do a recording bout someone who is very ill – DI’s Madda? Ishawna, you a de one wey mentally sick to bloodclaat! Yu pass yu place, pussy! Even if you and DI inna disagreement,yu never did haffe tek da route dey! Cunt, yu stink and impertinent like wah! Oh, but remember bitch, da ting dey wey name Karma likes to visit, and don’t forget say dat yu still have a madda, don’t? Time will tell Bitch, time will tell!!!!!!!!

  5. Is this woman serious???? Oh my goodness!! Met are you sure a ishawna? A don’t think mi ears working good, is what mi really just hear???

      1. yuh think Ishawna did christen when she was a baby, cah she need some holy water fi sprinkle pon har mouth. This is awful and I hope no radio disc jockey plays this or the clean version, what a gyal demon possess!!!!!
        Mi start all wonder if one a footah extraterrestrial frens di touch har.

  6. Met, I hope Di, beat her, not with her mouth, beat her up baddd, that’s why, I know certain things is not for me, cause all this mi couldn’t put up with, and talk about lyrics, wah kine a lyrics this? Fi you tek u mouth kill my dearly beloved mother, weh me only get one, trust mi, a gal just dead. Any where Ishawna deh, mi find her, and lick off her face hard, and is no chattingz a str8888 beating,

    1. Bammy she a go get it and when she seh seaview she forgot that Carlene tek di biggest badman in Jamaica which was Danhai willaims. No don neva bad like him ..she shudda do her homework

  7. All is fair in diss songs, D.I speak about her mom as well, di whole point of a diss song is to disgrace/shame di rival by any means, however shi spent too much time pon di madda ting an fail to counteract di tings dem weh D.I talk up, I tink shi did a guh more fi di shock value an controversy dan lyrics but it fail caa shi still lose dah roun yah

    1. For startes,we don’t know what shitpit said about D.I. for her to record the very first diss. So you are none of us not privy to de start can’t say DI wrong fi diss shitpit thieving mumma.

      It a no secret and wid de multitudes of apple and bobbette dem it obviously isn’t a heart felt diss…it normal to dem subculture. BUT FI A WOMAN ON HER SICK BED TO BE DRAWN INTO A FEUD AND TO HAVE ONE TELL YOU TO PULL THE SWITCH PON YOU SICK MUM IS CALL FI SOME WICKED REACTION.

      Chuet, me love you,but shitpit gone beyond lyrical banter. If D.I. Mother wasn’t in a weak state maybe…just maybe you would be correct (not! 😀 ) in your assessment.

  8. Dung tuh when kartel an mavado di a clash big big pan big stage nuh no likkle gyal trace war like dis…and when kartel talk bout mavado madda dem booooooo him big time and a neva death kartel wish.. him seh mi f**ka yuh mumma….. IT BLOODCLAAT WRANG! it betta she did tell har fi go suck har madda we use to dat but fi literally seh pull di plug pan smaddy madda yuh fi bloodclaat get wah coming tuh yuh yea…go fi show yuh di gyal nuh smart. War and seh anything yes tell har seh har madda puusy big or sumting but fi wish dead pan smaddy madda dog yuh wrang and if a mee har mumma get beat up and she nuh know wey dat rass come from str888888.

  9. have any of u ever been anywhere were DI is, she is on self centered itsh . i love me some ishawann . DI fi go tek care of her modda

  10. I suspect this likkle battyfly responsible for foota strange behavior and Boss lady passing . Obeah and this gal a friend.

  11. Even if D.I talk bout Ishawna madda first, Ishawna shoulda never ever call down death pon D.I’s mother… there should be a limit to everything and ma tell you se if i was D.i the lyrical war done right deh so , cause ishawna face woulda haffi get lick off fly high fly low! F**k do har? Kmt

  12. Mi neva see no male dancehall artist inna clash and no one a tell dem what dem fi sing or not sing, dis a history, why should the girl hold back her mouth. di talk bout she, her mother and her child so y the girl nuffi dip up back unda di whole a di and her family. Notin bout dancehall is classy. Only thing mi wron ishawna fa is the girl and her moms pic weh she put pon her page. Anybody talk derogatory bout my mother and kids whether truth or lie mi a dunnn dem back.

    1. When you hear one a the male artist dem fly a rival’s sick mother picture and wish har dead?!

      “Suck you mumma, or suck yu tinking hole mumma” is the max from the man dem. One thing sure though, D.I. is the bitch to do a buck up and treat that pit toilet as her male counterparts would dem rival if him do whey shitpit do DI.

  13. This is insane met!!! Ok I get it. We a war and we aguh throw words and thing, even involve family members, but nooooooo she gwaan to look farrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!! Where is the empathy? The whole sing is about the woman I’ll mother? Whom I assume is in really bad health??? No man, a desso mi would stop write music and take it physical.

  14. Ishawna know how to stir controversy, keeping her name in people’s mouth. Whats the saying, good press, bad press as long as people are talking. I’m not sure why Foota and her separate, they are one of kind. Her musical talent and her cute face will not keep her in the media so she took a page out of Foota book. War a war so if DI bust up her face it should be okay.

  15. I tell you bout displacement of anger. Danielle is an idiot. We already know Ishawana is a savage lkkle gyal with no boundaries or scruples. I hate Ishawna, she has dirty ways but she is who she is and I like when people show whom they are. Why…so I can avoid them if I chose to. Danielle, You really expose the fact that your mother is sick and then go trouble the girl. Make dancehall artists get dirtier Kmt. Ishawna kill DI.E. plain and simple not because unno hate the gal. War is flipping war and anything goes. In real life i would really find Ishawna and buss her head but look …the context was on a war tune and NOT an everyday interview or conversation. Lyrically…girl win. Morally…she forever a lose.

    1. Oh stfu! Cheaters never win.

      All of you ishawna fans should be told to pull the plug on your mother, father or kids. Don’t come defend the kids part………….It’s the same depth of wickedness.

      Hope when you girl moms stealing police or store security kill her or she dead in a holding cell. Now what bitch? Death while being arrested or in custody is a high frequency occurance.


      Go S.Y.M.

      1. I said what I said it nah go change. Nah bias nothing. I don’t really care for either of the girls a lyrics and delivery no a deal with so suck your whole lineage from your birther right back to the ape she descended from. Kmrt

  16. This is a no no, this girl have no boundaries, Ishawna somethings u just don’t do. U have a troubled spirit f**kery seems to follow u. I haven’t heard DI song, I don’t even know what she looks like but she was wrong for mentioning the girl motherhood and child. Ishawna have a arrogant attitude she don’t care what comes out of her mouth because she is pretty. I’ve said this before man a wife ugly gal wid good ways and good name, being pretty means nothing, pretty can buy now. Ishawna u r your worst enemy

  17. Lol daniah williams had to f uck run leff jamaica like a ra sss theif. Daniah a evil nuff man out a east now if dem see him he gets a bullet in him face. Milleniels nuh fraid a who was 70’s 0r 90’s or 20th century so call bad man. See daniah cant come back a jamaica a hide him dey a foreign a hide, fi a bad man, him own badness have him a hide out. Mi nuh like the fact ishawna sing about di mother but is who start it, both a dem lame, dem need to go run some pu ssy pon dj khalid n drake n see if dem so call career can be resurrected, if dem a lumber yard might as well drake n dj khalid drop dem lumber in a di n ishawna parking lot. Kmft 2 waste gal dem.

  18. Everybody blaming Ishawna!! People take in consideration Ishawna can’t write a tune to save her life…Scatter responsible for all the foolery Ishawna talking!! When Ishawna did live with footahype she wasn’t like that! Scatter f**k her and trick her by writing a bag a f**kery give her!! Ishawna and scatter round a Down sound a duh equal rights she a put fi her bumper to him forehead,when the freakie dread dun deal with Ishawna like a Pepsi him sit down and write pure f**kery!! Scatter for a man you have no morals!! Ishawna yu obeah TOYA and kill her leave her child,now you a call down dead on DI mother!! Likkle gal just know karma remembers everybody address!! Ishawna it pays to be humble. Mine you bury your mother before DI

  19. Nimi scatta a low life john crow, the boy nuff n disgusting fi a man u see. Das y every day scatta looking like a scavenger daily more n more. Scatta badmind a go get the best of u undercover gayyy.

  20. I am assuming the war between Di and Ishawna is about cock.I assuming Ishawna take Di man.Di upset with Ishawna and the man like what he get from Ishawna.I asked myself who is Di priority.I believed is Ishawna because no way my mother on sick bed fighting for her life .I arguing with girl about how many man she F.All I could say Di weak because she easily distracted.People on IG comment and say Ishawna have no class and heartless.I always remember growing and as a adult.Woman giving other Woman hurtful word .It definitely not nothing new .Sometimes some women ah skin out their ass in argument when it get heated.Remember this is dance hall artistes.This is not like Di and Ishawna having conversation with Queen Elizabeth ,Prince William and Dutchess Kate at the Buckingham Palace sipping tea,to keep it classy.We are Caribbean people we never have class when argruement get heated .We never have it back then and not now .Haters need to stop study Ishawna like if the girl need permission slip take man.Is her body she do what she please.Some the haters dem a tek more man than I Shawna and they acting like saints.Please!.Di body and face need to soften up .Her body look hard and masculine like she friend who say she redesign she body.Their face certainly not in proportion to body.They jealous IShawna because she look good and her legs look well tone.

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