1. Disgusting!

    Onu call har Iron balloon…she gone to submarine now. She need fi go get a trade cause…. :cd

  2. Lmaoooo ya’ll funny I actually like it. I don’t know a di “hit” dis wa she a look fah but da one yah can gwaan man…. Da 2dozen orange sumn deh has me rolling!!!

  3. If the music career dont work then she can sell because mi would pay dung pon it i swear !!!

  4. @Real, u come back wid di orange selling dung a town?? a Thursday iyah, sass chrise unu bad…*dead***.. The lyrics graphic,but di beat nice…

  5. lol…….d orange ting mek mi a pop-up……….u no easy attall………a kranium do ova … name nobady nah fi knw she mi an u wuk …………lol go sell d orange mn

  6. I have mixed feelings about it, I can see the song appealing to many people, but I do not like songs that sound like this, it just sounds like something I have heard before. Wish you well anyhow, everybody deserves success in their chosen art form.

  7. You could all come and hear her preform live at her mother (Jackie) party next month right here in Brooklyn.

    1. :sorry Sorry we can’t make it we are scheduled to watch paint dry but thanks for the invite :hoax2

  8. Am gonna start singing even a general conversation is a song sounds like a horrible horny Christmas coral. Home alone.smh where is good music

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